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Subject: Re: [nz] Herbert Belfield, late of the "Queen's," formerly of Timaru. How was he related to Belfield Woollcombe?What was the "Queen's"?
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Queen's was an English magazine, founded in 1862

It seems they were cousins

Rowan Gibbs

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Subject: [nz] Herbert Belfield, late of the "Queen's, " formerly of
Timaru. How was he related to Belfield Woollcombe? What was the

How was Herbert Belfield (b. c.1834) related to Belfield Woollcombe?

The Times
Thursday, Jul 12, 1917
Belfield - On the 10th July, at 17, Barton-crescent, Dawlish, Herbert
Belfield, late of the "Queen's," formerly of Timaru New Zealand, aged

Evening Post, 12 September 1917, Page 8
Mr. Herbert Belfield, at one time proprietor and editor of the Timaru
Herald, died recently at Dawlish, Devon, at the age of 83.

Commander Belfield Woollcombe b. 24 March 1816, in Pellerton, on the
borders of Devon and Cornwall, of which his father, the Rev. Henry
Woollcombe, was Rector. The family presently moved to High Hampton and
Ashbury, after which latter place the deceased named his residence
near Timaru. Losing his father when he was but two or three years old,
the future naval officer and colonist was brought up by his
grandmother Lady Louis, until he was thirteen, at which age he entered
the Royal Navy as a midshipman on board the H.M.S. Thunderer...
Father: Rev Henry Woollcombe 1781 - 1861
Mother: Jane Frances Louis - d. 1819

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