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From: Olwyn Whitehouse <>
Subject: [nz] Herbet BELFIELD (1834-1917) - who where his parents? He is onthe 1841 census for England.
Date: Tue, 26 Jul 2011 13:58:38 -0500

Herbert BELFIELD was born in 1834 at Parson's Green, a hamlet in the
parish of Fulham, county Middlesex, 6 miles S.W. of St. Paul's. It is
situated near the bridge over the Thames. In 1841, age 7, in Totnes,
Paignton, south Devonshire. He settled in Timaru, early around 1865.
In Dec. 1882 he returned to England with his wife. Died at Dawlish,
Devon, on 10 July, 1917.  Mrs Belfield (Emma Leonora, d/o of the late
Wm. Mellish, of Guernsey) was the one who imported the humble bee to
NZ. She must have died in England.

Name: Herbert Belfield
Census 1841
Age: 7
Record Type: Household
Registration District: Totnes
Sub-district: Paington
County: Devonshire

Herbet Befield settled in Timaru, from c. 1858 -1882, was a cousin to
Belfield Woollcombe, (1816-1891) but I haven't worked out who his
parents were.
Samuel Befield was Vicar of the Paignton Parish Church, Devon, for 60
years (1732-92). Sam's daughter, Jacquetta Belfield, of Paignton, was
married in this church in early 1784 to Admiral Sir Thomas Louis, and
the couple had seven children.

Henry Woollcoombe b. 1784, 2nd s/o Rector of Ashbury, Highampton d. 16
Aug. 1861, married Jane Frances Louis 18 April 1812. She was the d/o
Rear Admiral Sir Thomas Louis, Bart. Jane died 14 April 1819. Their
son, Belfield Woolcoombe, b. 1st January 1816, in Pellerton (North
Tawton), on the borders of Devon and Cornwall, later Lieut. Belfield
Woollcombe, RN, was raised by Lady Louis, his grandmother. Sir Thomas
Louis, Admiral R.N. b 1758, Exeter, d. 1807, Alexandria, Egypt in
H.M.S. Canopus, bd. Malta. Losing his father when Belfield Woollcombe,
(1816-1891), was but two or three years old, the future naval officer
and colonist was brought up by his grandmother Lady Louis, until he
was thirteen, at which age he entered the Royal Navy, 26th Nov. 1829,
as a midshipman on board the H.M.S. Thunderer. Belfield Woollcombe
died in Timaru in 1891.

Herbert Belfield of Dorking, married Effie Caroline Fendall WOOLLCOMBE
 b. 11 June 1867 4th daughter of  Belfield Woollcombe on 23 August
1904 at St Mary's, Kilburn, London and she presented him with a
daughter on 3 October 1905. Herbert was b. c. 1834 so he had a child
when he was 70. Hope E. Belfield came out from Southampton to New
Zealand in 1931 arriving in Auckland. Hope Eversley Nolan 3 September
1905 died in New Zealand in 2000.
What was the relationship between Herbert Belfield and Effie
Woollcombe? ? ? first cousin once removed.
What was the relationship between Herbert Belfield and Belfield
Woollcombe? ? cousin

Evening Post, 16 February 1933, Page 15 London Personals
It is announced that the marriage arranged between James Gould,
youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. Nolan, of Gisborne, and Hope Eversley,
daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Belfield, of Dawlish, Devon, will
take place early in April in New Zealand.

Timaru Herald, 7 February 1881, Page 2
Humble Bees. —  The two queens the survivors of a shipment of eighteen
consigned to Mrs Belfield, were turned out on Mr Bristol's farm on
Saturday morning. They were, strong and healthy, and flew away briskly
against the wind. Being liberated amidst clover fields, there is every
chance of their doing well.  ...

Ashburton Guardian, 26 February 1887, Page 4
For humble as these insects are, in reality as well, as in name, they
are able to accomplish what man with all his ingenuity can devise no
plan to effect, viz., the fructification of the millions of fragrant
blossoms which render a red clover field such a delight to the sense
of smell as well as to the sense of sight, and there is no example in
the whole history of acclimatisation of a more pronounced and entirely
satisfactory success than that of the introduction and establishment
of the humble bee in New Zealand. The humble bees which have made red
clover a profitable crop in Canterbury.

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