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From: Ian Westergaard <>
Subject: Re: [nz] Errors !! at official NZ Births,Deaths and Marriages office (was Family trees online)
Date: Thu, 25 Aug 2011 07:53:18 +1200
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I assume that the certificate that you now have is a copy of the one
completed by the officiating minister/priest at the time of the marriage?

In which case there should be an entry in the church register. Have you
checked with the relevant church archives?

It could be interesting to see if any other records in that register are
not in the official BMD records.


Ian Westergaard

On Tue, 23 Aug 2011 08:48:03 +1200, "Somers" <> wrote:
> Hi Listers
> Yes, it does happen.
> About 12 years ago I was looking long and hard for my Grandfather's
> Marriage
> Certificate (1st Marriage - 1912). I even drove down to Hamilton to look
> in
> the beautifully bound registers at the Library for an Intent to Marry. I

> was perplexed as I found all his siblings Intent to Marry and some of the

> neighbours whose names I recognised, but NO GRANDFATHER, nor under
> I wrote to Births Deaths and Marriages in Wellington requesting a Fee
> Search. I received a letter back stating they could not find any record
> and
> had even researched two years either side of the date/year I had given
> them.
> About five years ago I was visiting an older cousin in Melbourne,
> and just happened to say that I couldn't find our Grandfather's Marriage
> details in the official records. She said "it must be there, I've got a
> copy of the Marriage Certificate that Mum gave me some time ago" She
> have been the ONLY cousin that I had not asked previously!
> With a copy of the official Marriage Certificate document in hand, I
> wrote to Dept of Births, Deaths and Marriages in Wellington, asking if
> were now able to locate this marriage in the Register. If not, could
> information be included in official records (remembering that I had spent

> many, many unsuccessful hours trying to find this Marriage and didn't
> other interested persons to suffer the same outcome). I enclosed a copy
> of
> the FULL Marriage Certificate. A letter duly arrived in response stating

> "they could not add this to any official records as there WAS NO ROOM for

> additions" ! Oh my goodness :-)) So there it is - official, but not
> the Intent to Marry or New Zealand BDM records!
> Regards
> Sandra
> Auckland New Zealand
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> Subject: Re: [nz] Family trees online
> Further, I have found errors in Family Search and Ancestry, have tried to
> contact the author, no reply. They have happily found what they thought
> was
> correct data and published it::::: and when found on their research the
> error/s and corrected them, just forgot to correct the published errors.
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