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From: Sue & Evan Thomas <>
Subject: [nz] Can anyone please explain what this advertisement means?
Date: Mon, 7 Nov 2011 10:48:43 +1300

In the NZ Gazette of 3rd August 1872, there is a notice under the Land
Transfer Act 1870, dated 26 July 1872, from Samuel Kingdon, District
Land Registrar, Nelson.

In it, there are listed 10 properties, which are to be brought under
the provisions of the Land Transfer Act, unless caveat is lodged
within one month.

One of these properties is described as :

JOHN HENRY REARDON, of Gibsons Island, Pelorus Sound, Marlborough,
Sheep Farmer, Applicant- 20 perches, part of section 51 on the plan of
the city of Nelson. Bounded – North 53 ½ links by the Haven Road; East
225 links, South 53 ½ links, West 230 links, by other parts of same
section (W. Rout, broker).

Can anyone please help explain what this means? Was it just a
formality to get clear title to enable a property to be sold? Why was
it not under the Land Transfer Act in the first place?

All suggestions gratefully received and real knowledge welcomed!

Sue Thomas

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