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From: Wendy Howard <>
Subject: Re: [nz] sending family tree
Date: Mon, 21 Nov 2011 09:15:08 +1300
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Hi Jean,

> I have emailed my family tree in Gedcom form to a family member.
> Unfortunately she can't open it. Anyone able to pass on a few tips on
> how to go about this?

A GEDCOM file is a plain text file, which can be opened and read in any
text reader, such as Notepad, Word, etc. Not that that's the easiest
way to read such a file, but it can be done to confirm the file contains
what you expect it to.

What program are you using to create the GEDCOM file? If it is one that
has a free version (such as Legacy, Brother's Keeper, PAF...) then your
family member could get themselves the same program, and you would be
able to send the "native" file format and bypass the whole
creating-and-importing-a-GEDCOM saga.

Alternatively, is your family member already using a genealogy program?
If so, then they should be able to import the GEDCOM file into their
program. Note that I say "import", not open.

If none of the suggestions offered to you help, then perhaps you could
give us a little more information, such as the program you're using, the
program they're using (if any), and the steps along the way.

Hope this helps. :-)

Kind Regards,

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