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Subject: Re: [nz] Daley Genealogy: Wellington
Date: Tue, 22 Nov 2011 23:58:05 +1300
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Hi Hayden

James DALEY (died 1942, aged 43 yrs) was in the Merchant Navy and is buried
in the Soldiers Area at Karori Cemetery, Wellington. A photo of his
headstone is on the Karori Cemetery website

According to the newspaper account of 13 Oct 1943, Catherine Ann DALEY was
aged 29 years at the time of her conviction. The BDM website has no deaths
for any Catherine Ann/Anne/Annie DALEY whose age at death was a match for
someone born around 1913 or 1914. But a likely remarriage...

Source: NZSG 1836-1956 Marriages CD
1947, Folio 6827 - DALEY, Catherine Anne & HAWKINS, Lionel Ainslie

The BDM website has two deaths of interest....
1984, Reg# 48827 - HAWKINS, Catherine Ann - DoB 08 Dec 1913
2004, Reg# 22413 - HAWKINS, Lionel Ainslie - DoB 17 Sept 1916

You'll need a printout of the death as proof - but it seems likely that
Catherine Ann HAWKINS, died 1984, was your gt-grandmother, Catherine Anne
DALEY, nee COLLINS. This woman was born on 8 Dec 1913 so at the time of the
court case in October 1943 she was 29 years old (her 30th birthday was on 8
Dec 1943) so this matches the newspaper account of the case. Catherine was
still only 33 or 34 at the time of her second marriage so she may easily
have had other children with Lionel HAWKINS - half-siblings to your

Source: NZSG Burial Locator Version 2 CD
1984 - HAWKINS, Catherine Ann, age 70, cremated at Whenua Tapu Cemetery &
Crematorium (at Plimmerton, near Wellington).
The Burial Locator CD does not include a record for Lionel Ainslie HAWKINS,
died in 2004.

Whenua Tapu is under the Porirua City Council and can be searched online at
However their cemetery search is down at present. You can get to the
webpage OK but nothing happens when you search. So you'll have to wait
until it's working again.

Looks like James and/or Catherine were probably Catholic. Their names and
the children's names hint at this and the death notice for James includes
the letters 'RIP' usually an indication of a Catholic in those days. If only
one parent was Catholic, the children were probably still baptised Catholics
and thus were probably placed in a Catholic orphanage. Although there may
be official records with Social Welfare/ Archives NZ - I'd suggest your
first port of call should be Catholic Archives for the Wellington
Archdiocese Their Archivist is very
helpful but to make her job easier please send her as much detail as poss.
Wellington has a number of inner-city parishes so best if you can find where
James & Catherine were living as that indicates the parish they were in.

I've used the Wellington Catholics Archives before but only to get marriage
& baptism records. However I'm guessing the Archivist might be able to
assist you with:
orphanage & school records
marriage records for both of Catherine's marriages
funeral records for James Daley
baptism records for the children

The 1943 newspaper account says Catherine DALEY was living in Adams Terrace
(off Aro Street). Te Aro School is close by - but this is a state school.
If they were Catholics, it's more likely the children attended the Aro
Valley Convent School - offhand I can't remember the official Saint's name
of this school. This school has long since closed but I do know it existed
up to, if not beyond, WW2 as both my parents played weekend tennis there in
the 1930s.

Lastly you asked about surname changes - I have examples of both widowed &
divorced women with children who remarried. There doesn't seem to be a hard
and fast rule - sometimes the children's surnames were changed and sometimes
they weren't. I haven't followed each case in detail but it looks as though
the name change was usually associated with the adoption of children by the
step-father. In the case of the DALEY family, it seems a large number of
young children to take into a second marriage, especially in the post-war
years when the ratio of men to women was skewed as a result of the war -
perhaps some children were placed with other families before or after the
remarriage. A printout of Catherine & James' marriage certificate should
show their birthplaces and parents' names which will help you to trace
siblings of James & Catherine, perhaps some of the children were placed with
their aunts & uncles. and may have taken their surnames. In other words
you'll need to look for the children under DALEY, HAWKINS and perhaps under
other surnames as well.

It's a big task you have ahead but not impossible
Good luck, Angela

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