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Subject: [nz] On Service those who are at present on service with theBritish Army and Navy and Auxiliary Forces. Up to Feb. 1915
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The list includes
320 names
15 women
8 from South Canterbury

Reference Papers past.
Press, 20 February 1915, Page 13
LONDON, January 5. That New Zealanders abroad have not been slow to tender
their services in defence of the Empire will be
evident from the following list of those who are at present on service with
the British Army and Navy and Auxiliary Forces.
Abraham, L. M. (Palmerston North); student at Cambridge; Corporal King
Edward's Horse; now 2nd Lieutenant Royal Field Artillery
Adam J. A. (Dunedin); Trooper Strathcona's Horse, Canadian Expeditionary
Aitken, Miss (Wellington), Red Cross
Alexander, Major Dudley, C.M.G. (formerly A.D.C. to Lord Ranfurly). Press
Allen, John (son of Hon. James Allen, 2nd Lieutenant 13th (Service)
Battalion, Worcestershire Regiment, training in Cornwall
Allen. Dr. W. Guy (Wellington), staff surgeon with the Grand Fleet
Andrew, Colonel A. W. (Canterbury), commanding the 114th Mahrattas in India
Arden, Captain J. H. (Cape Runaway), Worcestershire Regiment
Armstrong, Miss L. E. (Dunedin) attached to nursing staff, Dorchester House,
Anderson, Hugh B. (Christchurch), Sub-Lieutenant H.M.S. New Zealand
Arthur, B., Sergeant Ist King Edward's Horse.

Babington, Major-General J. M., formerly Comandant in New Zealand,
commanding 23rd Division Kitchener's Army.
Bailey, Gerald Deighton, from 2nd Canterbury Regiment, now 2nd Lieutenant
Leinster Regiment
Balcombe-Brown, Bainsford (Wellington), student Oxford, O.T.C.; 2nd
Lieutenant Royal Field Artillery
Balcombe-Brown, W. E. (Wellington). student Oxford; 2nd Lieutenant Royal
Field Artillery
Barclay, Dr. H. C. (Waimate), Lieutenant- Colonel 2nd South Canterbury
Regiment; serving with the Russian Army Medical Service
Barcroft, Penrose L. (Hawke's Bay), Sub- Lieutenant H.M.S. New Zealand
Barker, Harold Studholme (Canterbury), Sub-Lieutenant H.M.S. Forward
Barker, Richard Ernest (Canterbury), Lieutenant 1st Canterbury Regiment; now
in South Lancashire Regiment
Barnes, Ormsby G. K. (Christchurch), Lieutenant Royal West Kent Regiment
Barry, A. V., Trooper 1st King Edward's Horse
Beasley, Miss, Base Hospital, Dieppe
Bell, Cheviot W. D. (son Hon. F. H.D. Bell), student Cambridge; King
Edward's Horse, Lieutenant.
Berryman, W. O. (Oxford, Canterbury), formerly Acting-Lieutenant C.Y.C.;
Lieutenant 2nd Dragoon Guards, York; transferred to Ist

Royal Dragoons, 3rd Cavalry Division, at the Front.
Bevan-Brown, F. V. (Christchurch), student Guy's Hospital; Lieutenant
Bevan-Brown, R. E. (Christchurch), student Cambridge; 2nd Lieutenant
Infantry Regiment, Kitchener's Army.
Birch, Jack M. (Wanganui), 2nd Lieutenant Sixth Battalion Fifth Lancashire
Birch, W. R. (Wanganui), 2nd Lieutenant Ist Dragoons
Blackman, R. (Christchurch), Private Royal Fusiliers
Blair, Lieutenant A. D., Royal Navy
Bless, J., Chief Petty Officer, H.M.S. Cornwallis
Blythe, A. D. (formerly of Ruahine Battalion), Captain 5th Battalion
Gloucestershire Regiment
Bogle, G. Stafford (Whangarei), formerly of Public Works Department, N.Z.;
Sapper 1st Field Company Canadian Expeditionary Force
Boyle, Alexander D. (Christchurch), Lieutenant H.M.S. New Zealand
Bradley, Frederick G., driver Royal Artillery; won V.C. at Itala in Boer
War; rejoined R.A. as Sergeant-Major
Bridger, William Bell (Dunedin), joined Essex Territorials; now with. A.S.C.
in France
Bristed, G. F., Corporal 1st King Edward's Horse
Bromfield, Trooper King Edward's Horse
Browning, Rev. F. M. (Selwyn College), student Leeds Clergy School (for
Melanesian Mission); serving with R.A.M.C.
Buddle, R (Auckland), temporary surgeon H.M.S. Actaeon
Buddle, ____ (Auckland), Royal Engineers
Butler, Miss Theresa (Wellington), St. John Ambulance in Belgium; returned
to New Zealand.
Butler. W. E. (Wellington), 6th Battalion Seaforth Highlanders.

Callender, George W. (Wellington, joined 28th County of London (Artists
Kites); 2nd Lieutenant Infantry, Kitchener's Army,

Worcester Regiment
Campbell, Alan le Grande (Wellington), Royal Milltary College, Camberley
Campbell, Major C. L. K. formerly A.D.C. to General Babington), 16th
Lancers; wounded in November, returned to front, mentioned
in despatches.
Campbell, Ian P. (son of Mr Patrick Campbell, Christchurch), entered
Sandhurst from Cheltenham; 2nd Lieutenant 1st Battalion

Cameron Highlanders
Campbell, Patrick Kinloch (son of Mr Patrick Campbell, Christchurch),
entered 3rd Battalion Special Reserve of Black Watch, 1913;

commanded a platoon in Ist Battalion at front, wounded at Aisne, now
returned to duty.
Campbell, Thomas (Wellington), Lieutenant Royal Artillery
Carbery, Dr. A. D. (Stratford), Surgeon- Major N.Z.M.C. at front with
R.A.M.C. since, beginning of war
Carew, Alexander, late Captain N.Z. 55. Garrison Artillery; Captain Royal
Garrison Artillery.
Carlyon, E. T. R. (Wanganui), student Cambridge: 2nd Lieutenant Kitchener's
Challis, C. (Wellington), dental surgeon; with Expeditionary Force
Chapman, G. M. (son of Mr Justice Chapman), student at Cambridge and London
Hospital; serving R.A.M.C.
Chappie, Dr. W. A., M.P. (Wellington); Major R.A.M.C. (service within
Chaytor, Lieutenant-Colonel D'Arcy (Blenheim), formerly commanding 10th
Nelson Mounted Rifles; was Supply Commandant at Dunkirk

for operations of R.N. Division in North Belgium; now commanding A.S.C. of
R.N. Division.
Chennells, (Masterton) Trooper King Edward's Horse; transferred to N.Z.
Expeditionary force (British section)
Chesney, Captain R. O, Zealand Staff Corps), on Staff Division Kitchener's
Army at Chelmsford; transferred to Warwick.
Chilton, Frank (Christchurch), training at Woolwich; 2nd Lieutenant Argyll
and Sutherland Highlanders
Ching, W. T. (Auckland), Kings Edward's Horse: 2nd Lieutenant Royal Field
Choyce, Dr. Charles Coley (Auckland), resident surgeon Seamen's Hospital,
Greenwich; surgeon Australian Voluntary Hospital,

Christie, Dr. ___. (Wanganui). Lieutenant R.A.M.C., 1 General Hospital,
Clemiston, R. H., Staff-Sergeant Durham Light Infantry; training: at
Cochrane. Captain J.K. formerly director of Operations in N.Z.; Leinster
Regiment; on General Staff 12th Division Kitchener's

Cohen, Louis (Palmerston North), student London Hospital; serving with
Collins, Captain R. H., Berkshire Regiment; A.G. in N.Z. 1913-14.
Cooke, G. A. (Timaru), Assistant Paymaster, H.M.S. Latona
Corkill, T. F., student Edinburgh; serving with R.A.M.C.
Cox, ____Q.M.G.. 2nd King Edward's Horse
Cradock, Lieutenant- Colonel M. commanded a New Zealand Contingent in South
Africa; commanding 2nd King Edward's Horse
Currie, D., N.Z. Expeditionary Force (British Section); 2nd Lieutenant

Dalrymple, Mrs (Palmerston North), with Red Cross.
Davidson, Major S.R., formerly N.Z. Forces; Indian Army.
Davies, Lieutenant H. A. (Wanganui) training in England; went to front in
August with 31st Brigade until Battle of Aisne,

invalided Home, promoted Major-General and given command of division of new
army at Aldershot.
Dean, Harland H. (Wellington), from N.Z. Forces; Lieutenant in Dorset
Denniston, J. D. (Canterbury), student at Cambridge; Trooper King Edward's
Dixon Dr. Joseph F. formerly Captain 2nd North Mounted Rifles; Captain 2nd
North Midland Field Ambulance.
Dolby, Lieutenant E.B., R.N.R. s.s. Carmania
Donald, Walter Allen (Auckland), student Oxford; Trooper King Edward's Horse
Donovan, R. H. (Christchurch), Scots Guards.
Dormor-Maunder, Miss Beatrice H. (Rangitikei), Red Cross nurse in France
Drube, F. P., Trooper 1st King Edward's Horse
Duff, Hugh (Hawke's Bay), Lieutenant Lovat's Scouts
Duguid, William, with R.A.M.C.
Dunn. A. E., Commander R.N.R., formerly Chief Officer, s.s. Rotorua;
mine-sweeping duty

Ellaby, G. H. (Dunedin), 7th Batt., 2nd Brigade, Canadian Expeditionary
Emerson, Mrs Lilian (Christchurch), nursing, R.A.M.C.
Endean, Dr. (Auckland), serving with R.A.M.C.
Euataoe, Fred (Auckland), 2nd Lieutenant West Kent Regiment

Fair, Arthur (Wellington), 2nd Lieutenant 8th Batt. Suffolk Regiment
Fairchild, Miss Edith (Wellington), served in South Africa, now at Royal
Military Hospital Woolwich; gone, to a base hospital at
Fell, David N. (son of Mr A. Fell, M.P.), Lieutenant Commanding Submarine
Ferrier, Colin, (Timaru), formerly Lieutenant 2nd South Canterbury Regiment;
now 4th Royal Fusiliers
Fetherston, Guy (Auckland), served with New Zealand Contingent in South
Africa: Farrier-Sergeant King Edward's Horse; now 2nd

Lieutenant R.F.A.
Findlay, Ian (third son of Sir J. G. Findlay), O.T.C.
Findlay, Lloyd (second son of Sir J. G. Findlay). 2nd Lieutenant Infantry,
Kitchener's Army
Findlay, Wilfred (eldest son of Sir J. G. Findlay) joined 2Sth Battalion
County of London Regiment (Artiste Rifles); 2nd

Lieutenant Infantry, Kitchener's Army
Fisher, Miss Gertrude (Christchurch), Red Cross, Paris
Fisher, Mr and Mrs W. B. (Wellington), working with St. John Ambulance
Association in London.
FitzHerbert, Norman, served in South Africa; Lieutenant New Zealand
Expeditionary Force (British section)
FitzHerbert, H. L. (Wellington), 2nd Lieutenant Infantry
Florance, D. C. II. (Auckland), 2nd Lieutenant R.F.A.
Foden, F. Watson (Timaru), Officer Cunard Line; Lieutenant R.N.R.
Forrester, Rev. E. E. S. (Auckland), temporary Chaplain to the Forces
Freyberg, Bernard C. (Wellington, formerly Lieutenant Hauraki Regiment:
appointed Lieutenant R.N. Division; served in Antwerp

Expedition; promoted Lieutenant- Commander.
Freyberg, Oscar (Wellington), Lieutenant R.N. Division.
Friedlander, Hugo R. (student St. Thomas's Hospital); serving with R.A.M.C.

Gardiner, Ma__ M.M. (R.N.Z.A.), temporary Lieutenant-Colonel on Headquarters
Staff, South Coast Defences, Portsmouth.
Garsia, Rupert C. (Christchurch), Lieutenant H.M.S. New Zealand
Gatenby, James B. (Wellington), student Oxford; 2nd Lieutenant Infantry
Geddes, Captain Guy W., Royal Munster Fusiliers
Gibb, W.H., formerly 16th Waikato Regiment: joined 3rd Battalion Royal
Highlanders (Black Watch); transferred to Gordon

Highlanders as Lieutenant.
Giles, G. D. (Canterbury), Lieutenant Suffolk Regiment; now Captain 10th
Battalion Norfolk Regiment
Glasgow, Major A. E. (Nelson), Sussex Regiment; Brigade-Major in, India
Glover, J. (Wellington), Royal Engineers
Goodfellow, Eric H. (Auckland), student Edinburgh; served with Australian
Field Hospital in France; now 2nd Lioutenant R.F.A.
Gould, Roger (Christchurch), student Cambridge 2nd Lieutenant Cavalry.
Goring, E. Y., 2nd Lieutenant Suesex Regiment (wounded in November).
Grace, Captain H. G. (Blenheim), joined Manchester Regiment; Indian Army
since 1905; now at Staff College.
Gracie, T. S., Trooper Ist King Edward's Horse
Gray, Ronald (Wellington), engineering student South Kensington; Corporal
King Edward's Horse
Green, A. R. (Otago), student London Hospital; with R.A.M.C.
Greening, R. J., able-seaman H.M.S New Zealand
Griffin, Dr. C. J. A. (Auckland), Graduate University Collage Hospital;
Field Officer 4th Dragoon Guards, 2nd Cavalry Brigade; at
front since August.
Griffin, Dr. Watson (Christchurch and Dunedin), Surgeon Brighton and Hove
Territorials; attached to 2nd Base Hospital R.A.M.C.
Gundry, W. L. D. (Christchurch, late Lieutenant Ist Canterbury Regiment;
Lieutenant 5th Devon Regiment
Guy, W. E. M. (New Plymouth), 2nd London Scottish.

Hamilton, Captain Archibald F., Indian Army.
Hannay. J., Trooper King Edward's Horse
Hare, Edgar (Southland), South African Mounted Police, Rhodesia.
Harper, Commander J. E. T. (Canterbury), King's Harbourmaster, Portsmouth
Harper, R. Tristram (Christchurch), Major Remount Department, Avonmouth
Harrison,, C. F. (Wanganui), student Cambridge; Sergeant King Edward's Horse
Harrison, J. V., 2nd Lieutenant, Cavalry Reserve.
Hartgill, W. C. (Otago University), student London Hospital; with R.A.M.C.
Haskins. Basil (Palmerston North), student St. Bart's; temporary surgeon
Royal Navy.
Hayter, F., Trooper King Edward's Hosp.
Hellaby, F. A. (Auckland), formerly 3rd Auckland Regiment; New Zealand
Expeditionary Force (British Section); 2nd Lieutenant
Suffolk Regiment.
Hellaby, J. (Auckland), Trooper King Edward's Horse.
Hellaby, R. S. (Auckland), Trooper King Edward's Horse.
Hellaby, J. A. B (Auckland), New Zealand Expeditionary Force Section); 2nd
Lieutenant Royal Engineers
Henderson, G.D., son of Mr A. D. Henderson, Christchurch; Hon. Artillery
Herepath, C. A., Corporal Ist King Edward's Horse
Hewitt, Captain Dudley R. Indian Army
Hinde, W. H. R., (Wellington), student Oxford; 2nd Lieutenant Army Service
Hindle, H. D. (Auckland), Trooper King Edward's Horse; 2nd Lieutenant R.H.A.
Hindlesmith, A.. Trooper Ist King Edward's Horse.
Hislop, Lieutenant J. F. G. (Canterbury), formerly 8th South Canterbury
Mounted Rifles,; 1st Battalion South Lancashire Regiment.
Hobbs, C. R. (Hawke's Bay), student Cambridge; Trooper King Edward's Horse;
2nd Lieutenant R.F.A.
Hodgson, Miss G. A., Red Cross, at front.
Holderness, Captain Hardwicke, Indian Army
Holderness, 2nd Lieutenant, William, formerly Zealand Forces; Royal Sussex
Holmes, Frank (Timaru), Captain R.N.V.R.; Antwerp Expedition.
Hunter-Blair, Alister, 2nd Lieutenant, Cameron Highlanders.
Hunter-Blair, Lieutenant D. W. Gordon Highlanders. A prisoner of war.
Hunter-Blair, Ronald, Midshipman H.M.S. Queen
Hunter, Miss C. A. Christchurch Red Cross
Hutton, Major Gilbert M. (son of the late Captain P. W. Hutton,
Christchurch), Royal Engineers
Hyams,Jack, 7th Batt. Royal Dublin Fusiliers

Izard, Keith H. (Wellington), New Zealand Expeditionary Force (British
Izard, T. A. (Bay cf Islands), Trooper King Edward's Horse; Lieutenant same

Jacob, A. C. (Feilding), student Cambridge; Trooper King Edward's Horse.
Jardire, Dr. E. B. (Napier), serving with R.A.M.C.; Field Ambulance
Jennings, H. W. (New Plymouth), 2nd Batt. London Scottish
Johnson, C. J. (Picton) with British Red Cross
Johnson, P. R. (Wellington). 2nd Lieutenant 6th Batt. Devonshire Regiment
Johnston, Major F. E. (Wellington), North Staffordshire Regiment.
Johnston, O. R. F. (wellington), formerly 5th Wellington Regiment; 2nd
Lieutenant 6th Middlesex Regiment
Johnston, Midshipman S. N. (Wellington), H.M.S. Colliniswood.
Johnston, Dr. W. H. (Otago and Wellington). Lieutenant R.A.M.C.. General
Hospital No. 1.
Jones, F., Trooper Ist King Edward's Horse.
Jones, Nurse, R.M.C.

Kay, Rev. T. G. B. (Wellington), Chaplain to the Forces, Fourth Class
Kelly, (Wellington), footballer, Trooper King Edward's Horse.
Kinder, T. H. (Wanganui), student Cambridge 2nd Lieutenant 7th. Batt.
Suffolk Regiment
Kingsford, ___ Sergeant, 2nd King Edward's Horse

Laecelles, Major E. ff W., 3rd Dragoon Guards; Brigade Major S.W. Mounted
Lightbound, A., Trooper Ist King Edward's Horse.
Lindsay, Dr, A.B., serving with R.A.M.C.
Lindsay, Captain Michael E. (Canterbury), formerly C.Y.C.; 7th Dragoon
Guards; Adjutant Territorial Force.
Litttejohn, Dr. C. W. B. (Nelson), Lieutenant R.A.M.C., wounded
Lucena, Captain L., New Zealand Expeditionary Force (British, Section);
transferred to R.A.

Mandel, Dr. Leopold (Wellington), Temp. Surgeon R.N., H.M.S. Donegal.
Martin, Dr. A. A. (Palmerston North), 15th Field Ambulance: Second Army
Massey, J. H (Invercargill), law student, awaiting commission.
Matson, Captain John (Canterbury) formerly New Zealand Contingent South
Africa; Indian Army.
Matthews, Dr. N., R.A.M.C., Northern Command
Maxwell-Scott, Lieutenant-Commander R. J. N.. R.N.; H.M.S. Snipe, China
Melvill, Captain C. W., Worcester Regiment wounded.
Miles, P. F. (Otago), Rhodes scholar; 2nd Lieutenant 19th Gloucester
Miller, Captain George R,, New Zealand Contingent South Africa; 44th Brigade
Royal Artillery
Mills, J. F.M. (Dunedin), student Cambridge: 2nd Lieutenant King's Royal
Mitchison. Gilbert R. (son of Mr A. M. Mitchison), Lieutenant 2nd Dragoon
Mitchison, W. A. (son of Mr A. M. Mitchison), motor-cycle despatch rider;
wounded. Returned to duty; 2nd Lieutenant Royal

Monro, David Carmichael, Lieutenant R.A.M.C.
Mousley, E. O. (Auckland), student Cambridge; 2nd Lieutenant R.F.A.
Muir, McLean, Trooper 2nd King Edward's Horse.
Munro, Roy (Westport), 1st King's Liverpool Regiment
McConnol, Trooper 2nd King Edward's Horse.
McDonald, Lieutenant Reginald H., formerly 3rd Auckland Regiment; South
Lancashire Regiment
Macdougall, ____, Trooper 2nd King Edward's Horse
MacDougall, Alan (Wellington). Rhodes scholar; 2nd Lieutenant Royal
Fusiliers, Kitchener's Army.
MacGibbon, Dr. F. O. (Southland), awaiting commission
MacGibbon, K. G., student at Glasgow; O.T.C.
McKean, A., Trooper Ist King Edward's Horse.
Mackenzie. Dr. K. F. W. (Wellington), Lieutenant R.A.M.C.
McLean, Lieutenant A. D. D. (Hawke's Bay) Cameron Highlanders; wounded at
the Aisne; convalescent
Maclean, Rev. Cuthbert T. (Auckland), at front with 4th Fusiliers; promoted
Company Officer; wounded; convalescent.
Maclean, F. S. (Wanganui) student Cambridge ; Trooper King Edward's Horse;
2nd Lieutenant R.F.A.
McLeod, N., Public Schools' Battalion, Middlesex Regiment
McLeod, Miss T. (Southland), Red Cross work in Belgium.
McMaster, Dr. A. C. (Auckland). Lieutenant R.A.M.C., 3rd Lowland Field
McNab, Dr. Angus, Captain R.M.A.C., London Scottish; wounded at Messine and
McQuarrie, Hector (Auckland), Theological student, Cambridge; 2nd Lieutenant
Macrcady, W.A., Private Royal Fusiliers (Sportsmen's Battalion).

Nathan, Harold L. (Auckland), Trooper King Edward's Horse; 2nd Lieutenant
Niccol, George (Auckland), Trooper King Edward's Horse
Northcote, T. F., student Cambridge; Corporal King Edward's Horse.

Oldham, Sergeant H. E.; 13th Hussars
Orbell, Lieutenant Ivan S. (Dunedin); 7th Royal Fusiliers, wounded and
O'Rorke, D. C. (Auckland), student Oxford and Sandhurst; 2nd Lieutenant
King's Royal Rifles
O'Rorke, M. H. (Auckland), student Oxford; 2nd Lieutenant 12th Lancers.

Pain, K. W.; Trooper 1st King Edward's Horse.
Palmer, Dr. A. C. (Dunedin): Lieutenant R.A.M.C.
Parsons, Dr. Harry C, formerly New Zealand Medical Corpe; Temporary Major
2nd Wessex Field Ambulance.
Pentreath, Dr. C, H. R. (Blenheim); temporary Captain R.A.M.C. Perceval,
Lieutenant C. P. W. (son Sir Westby Perceval), Royal

Artillery; mentioned in despatches.
Perry, C M. (Masterton), formerly Lieutenant 9th Mounted Rifles; Trooper
King Edward's Horse.
Pinckney, J. W. (Canterbury); Trooper King Edward's Horse.
Pitman, Lieutenant L. C. (Christchurch), Royal Engineered Temporary Captain
and Adjutant, Lowland Divisional Engineers
Pownall, N. (Wellington); 28th County of London Regiment.
Prideaux, W. R. B. (Auckland); 7th Battalion Wiltshire Regiment.
Pryce, E. O. (Halcombe), student Cambridge; Trooper King Edward's Horse; 2nd
Lieutenant R.F.A.
Pemberton, T. J. (Dunedin); Red Cross work in France.

Rawson. Dr. H. F. (Wellington), Lieutenant R.A.M.C.
Raymond, Wynne D. (Invercargill); 2nd Lieutenant Westmoreland and Cumberland
Renaut, Miss (Wellington); Red Cross.
Rhodes, Lieutenant Eric G., (Christchurch), RN,; H.M.S. Venus.
Rhodes, Moorhouse, W.B.R. (Wellington); 2nd Lieutenant Royal Flying Corps.
Richards,, John F. G. (Wellington), medical student; with R.A.M.C.
Richardson, Arthur (Auckland); R..N. Division; interned in Holland (Antwerp
Richardson, Lieutenant-Colonel G. S., New Zealand Staff Corps; D.A.A.G and
Q.M.G., Royal Naval Division; Antwerp Expedition;
mentioned in despatches; promoted.
Ritchie, Lieutenant-Commander, J. S. M. (Dunedin); H.M.S. St. Vincent.
Robbie, ____, Trooper King Edward's Horse
Roberton, J. A. W. (Auckland); Trooper King Edward's Horse
Roberton, J. B. W. (Auckland); Trooper King Edward's Horse.
Roberteon, R. (Tuapeka); Marine engineer, s.s. Guildford Castle, hospital
Rooney, R. (Dunedin); Private C. Company 9th Suffolk Regiment.
Rose, Captain A. B. (Wellington), Manchester Regiment; wounded.
Rout, Dr. C. M. (Nelson) R.A.M.C.
Rout, W.O.N. (Nelson), student Edinburgh 2nd Lieutenant 8th Battalion Royal
Russell, Captain G. G.; King Edward's Horse
Ruesell, H. B. R. (Wellington), Lieutenant R.A.M.C.; Field Ambulance.
Ryan, M. (Dunedin), late Otago Hussars; Lance-Corporal King's Liverpool
Regiment; wounded at Menz; convalescent; promoted Staff-Sergeant.

Salmond, Wm. G. (Wellington); 2nd Lieutenant 21st Lancers.
Scott, Leonard; 9th Royal Sussex Regiment.
Seager, Dr. E. A. (Wellington) at front with R.A.M.C.; invalided; returned
to New Zealand.
Shennan, W. D. (Dunedin), student Cambridge; Trooper King Edward's Horse.
Simson, Donald (Auckland); Captain King Edward's Horse; transferred to new
Zealand Expeditionary Force British Section.
Simeon, H. Ian (Napier); 2nd Lieutenant Cavalry
Smeeton, W. J. (Auckland); Trooper King Edward's Horse
Smith, Dr. Sydney (Wellington); R.A.M.C.
Smyth, Lieutenant-Colonel V. S.; Staff duties in England.
Smythe, Captain R. B. (Dunedin), R.N Z.A.; General Staff Officer, 3rd Grade
Tyne Coast Defences
Sprout, G. M.; Army Corps.
Stanley, Captain Norman L.(Otago) R.N. H.M.S. Europa
Steele, Hector (Waikato); Gunner R.F.A.
Stewart, Dr. W. J. (Balclutha); R.A.M.C.
Stringer, Dr. L. B. (Christchurch); Lieutenant R.A.M.C.
Stronach, Donald (Stratford); Private; Field Ambulance, R.A.M.C.
Sunderland, G.; Trooper 1st King Edward's Horse.
Sunderland, M. L. (Napier)
Symons, Midshipmam. O. J. L.; H.M.S. New Zealand

Tate, Lieutenant A. E. W. (Wellington); formerly 5th Wellington Regiment;
now Liverpool Regiment
Thomas, Alban (Christchurch), Legion of Frontiersmen
Thomson, Lieutenant Colin S. (Dunedin): R.N., H.M.S.A., Buscade
Tigar, the Very Rev. Father Gilbert (Auckland); C____ain Highland Division.
Todd, Lancelot B. (Auckland), footballer; Sergeant New Zealand
Expeditionary Force, British Section.
Todd. Dr. W. A.: R.A.M.C.
Tomlinson, ______, Corporal 2nd King Edward's Horse
Trewby, C.M.; Private 4th Battalion King's Royal Rifles
Turnbull, Lieutenant Alan; expert in explosives; Canadian Expeditionary
Turrer, Lieutenant J. L.H. (Wellington); R.N.Z.A.; 43rd Brigade R.F.A.
Tweed, Dr. Martin (Christchurch); O.T.C. London University.
Twigg, Dr. Garnet W. (Hawke's Bay); R.A.M.C.

Vickerman, Dr. P. S.; Lieutenant R.A.M.C.

Wagstaff, T.R. (Timaru); 8th Battalion Black Watch.
Walker, Lieutenant H. J. I. (Auckland); Royal Warwickshire Regiment;
reported missing.
Ward, H. E. V. (Auckland); Coldstream Guards.
Ware, S. (Auckland); West Kent Yeomanry.
Watson, Dr. Donald; R.A.M.C.
Watson, J.H. Sergeant RN. Air Services, Gosport,
Watson, W. E.; Trooper Ist Kings Edward's Horse
Weber, G. K. (Auckland): Royal Fulsiliers
Welsby, Dr. Claude B.(Wellington); with Red cross
Wethered, Arnold H. (Gisborne); formerly E.C, Hussara; Lieutenant Infantry
Whitcombe, E. A. H. (Christchurch), Trooper Kings Edward's Horse; 2nd
Lieutenant R.A.F.
White, Dr. H. P. W. (Blenheim) R.M.C.
Wilding, A. F. (Christchurch); 2nd Lieutenant Royal Marines
Willcox, Lieutenant H. D.D., (Canterbury); formerly 1st, Canterbury
Regiment; Sherwood Foresters, 18th Infantry Brigade
Willes, Hubert, __athoon's Horse, Canada
Williams, Captain Harold S.; New Zealand Contingent South Africa;
Dorestshire Regiment.
Williams, Captain Reginald N.; New Zealand Contingent South Africa; York and
Lancaster Regiment; Adjutant Territorial Force
Williams, S. C. (Wanganui); 2nd Lieutenant R.F.A.
Williams, S.C., (Wanganui), Trooper King Edward's Horse
Wilson, Colonel A. E., D.S.0.;, R.F.A.
Wilson, Dr. Ivan S. (Napier); 9th Field Ambulance, 3rd Division.
Wilson, Kirkby H. (Auckland); 2nd Lieutenant Royal Engineers.
Wren, Lieutenant Strathcona's Horse; Canadian Expeditionary Force.
Wright, Captain Walter C. (Dunedin); Northumberland Fusiliers:
Superintendent of Gymnasia, Southern Command
Wigley, Edgar, footballer; New Zealand Expeditionary Force (British

Young, Dr. A.M. (Auckland); Lieutenant R.A.M.C., Lowland Mountod Brigade.
Younghusband, L.N. (Wanganui), student Cambridge; Trooper King Edward's
Horse; 2nd Lieutenant R.F.A.

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