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Subject: [NEWBERRY-L] John Josiah Newberry
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With the risk of repeating already published info, some may find the
following of some interest.The text below comes from a photocopy of what
appears to be a newspaper article with a photograph of John Josiah Newberry
and a photo of a store-front with a 1950-ish car parked in front. The store
is named "J.J. Newberry Co. 5-10-25c Store":

"Born in Sunbury, PA, September 26, 1877, Newberry was educated in the public
schools. His first job was as a messenger for the Pennsylvania Railroad in
Wilkes-Barre, Pa. In 1894 he went to work for a department store, Fowler,
Dick and Walker.

In 1899 he joined S. H. Kress and Company and, after twelve years with the
company, occupied a buyer's desk.

He resigned due to illness, and on December 26, 1911, opened the first J.J.
Newberry Store in Stroudsburg, Pa.

J.J. Newberry served as buyer, manager, floor-walker, salesclerk, and
stockman in his first store, a single-minded dedication to duty that produced
profits to finance the opening of a second store after just a year and a half
of operation. By 1918, he was operating seven stores.

During the same period his brother, C.T. Newberry, was superindendent of
buyers with F.W. Woolworth Company.

In 1919 the brothers joined forces in the Newberry stores. A third brother,
Edgar A. Newberry joined the company as a stock clerk in Shamokin, Pa. in the
same year, following his discharge from the U.S. Army. By the end of 1919
there were 17 stores in the chain with annual sales of $500,000.

The company was incorporated in 1923. Acquisitions included the Hested stores
in Wyoming, North Dakota, Colorado, and Nebraska, and Lee Stores in South
Dakota, Minnesota and Iowa. On the death of C.T. Newberry in 1939, J.J.
Newberry became chairman of the board and his younger brother Edgar assumed
the presidency, a post he retained until 1953 when he, in turn, advanced to
the chairmanship.

By 1961 the company was operating 565 stores with annual sales of

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