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Subject: [Newspaper] Erie Morning Dispatch; Erie, Erie Co. PA; April 22, 1884
Date: Sat, 28 Oct 2000 15:31:43 -0800

The Erie Morning Dispatch
Erie, Erie Co. Pennsylvania
Tuesday, April 22, 1884.

The differences which have existed for some time between Sheriff STAPLES and
Warden RATHBUN have culminated in Mr. RATHBUN sending in his resignation for
immediate action.

Prof. J.M. MORRISON, at his own request, has been relieved from the further
continuance of the present school year. He has had the superintendence of
the Girard graded schools for the past five years. The Board of Directors
deeply regret this. O.D. Van CAMP, J.W. LOWE, C.J. HINDS, H.P. MALICK, I.N.

In the suit of J.M. GREGOR vs the new York Chicago & St. Louis Railway a
motion to strike it off the trial list owing to fact of suit being referred
to legal arbitrator, was refused and on affidavit and motion for a view of
the premises by the jury, the motion was granted, and the following jurors
were drawn and went out to Girard tp. to view: Jacob DAUB, Harry MARTIN, G.

Mr. Franklin WILLIS, of Fairview tp., is out as a candidate for Director of
the Poor. Mr. WILLIS is a well-known citizen and would make an excellent
official. It is but just to say that Mr. Willis does not seek the office,
but yields to the importunities of his friends in allowing his name to be

All contributions to the Erie County Bible Society may be given to Miss E.A.
HUBBELL, who is authorized to sign receipts.

An ice cream social will be given by the ladies of the First Universalist
Church tomorrow evening at the residence of Mrs. Wm. HAYES.

The Sons of St. George attended divine service at the Baptist Church in a
body on Sunday evening. Rev. Mr. GILKES, the pastor, delivered an able and
eloquent sermon.

John REED, a lad who ran away from the house of his stepfather, H. ERICKSON,
on 2nd Street, was locked up at the police station last night.

Last evening a fashionably attired yound lady called at the police stateion
and said she had lost her gold watch somewhere on Peach street. Officer
HILLER took a lantern and accompanied her. Opposite Mr. STRONG's residence
the watch was found on the sidewalk.

Mr. KRULL, living on 13th Street, cut his foot with a piece of glass two
years ago. Some of the glass penetrated the flesh so deep that it was found
impossible to get it out. For 2 years he has suffered severely, and
yesterday he submitted to an operation, performed by Dr. SILLIMAN. An
anaesthetic was administered, and the jagged peices of glass cut out from
the foot.

The Annual County Convention of the W.C.T.U. will be held in Park Chapel on
the 14th and 15th of May promises to be largely attended. Among those who
are to take a prominent part in the Convention are Mrs. Mary H. HUNT of
Boston, of whom Rev. L.L. CUYLER said: "She delivered a most earnest and
powerful address in my church upon the educational aspect of the temperance
reform;" Miss E.J. KILBOURNE, of the Chicago Union Signal, formerly a North
East girl; Miss Narcissa WHITE, of Grove City, who has just finished a
highly successful lecture course of 2 weeks in Philadelphia, and others.
Prof. S.M. WHITE, organist, and Secretary J.L. GORDON, leader of singing.

The twelfth soiree in Mr. HUNT's series, given at the residence of Mrs. J.D.
CLARK last evening, proved among the most thoroughly enjoyable of any yet
given. Rev. J.H. EDWARDS gave a paper upon the life of Beethoven. The
concert following the lecture was open by Mrs. CALLENDER playing the sonata
in E flat major, opus 7. Mrs. HENKLER sang "The Caplet" in her native German
and "Ah, Perfido!" in Italian. Mr. HOENIG and accompanist Mrs. RUSSELL
played two selections. Mrs. CALLENDER and Mr. HUNT played arrangements for
piano and harmonium. The next of these musical entertainments will
illustrate the music of Frederic Chopin.

There will be a meeting of the Ladies' Aid Society-Auxiliary of Post 67
G.A.R. April 22, at 3 o'clock p.m. at the Grand Army Hall. By order of the
President, Mrs. C.R. BEECHLING.

W.J. SELL has fixed up the Tenth street base ball park and will take charge
of it during the season.

E.A. WALLING, of Erie, will be a candidate for State Senator, subject to the
decision of the Republican primaries on June 28th.

To the Republican voters of the 2nd Assembly Dist. of Erie Co.: I hereby
announce myself a candidate for the Assembly from this district. Thos.

To the Republican voters of the 1st Assembly Dist. of Erie Co.: I hereby
announce myself a candidate for the Assembly from this district. Edward J.

Please announce me as a candidate for the Assembly from the 2nd Erie Co.
district. I.T. BEECHER.

To the Republican voters of the 2nd Legislative Dist. of Erie Co.: I hereby
announce my candidacy for renomination. I.B. BROWN.

Please announce my name as a candidate for the office of District Attorney.

Please announce my name as a candidate for the office of Regist'er and
Recorder. C.U. JOHNSON.

Please announce the name of J.O. SMITH, of Springfield, as a candidate for
County Commissioner.

Mr. Thos. OSBORN, Jr. of Elkcreek, drops in his announcement as a candidate
for the Assembly.
The funeral over the remains of Miss Ella WILLIS, held at Ripley yesterday,
was largely attended by friends from this city and North East. Miss WILLIS
was a resident of Plumb Creek, Meb., whither she removed but a few months
since with her parents. She was well known in Erie as a lady of refinement
and most excellent qualities. The manner in which she met her death was not
known until Saturday. It appears that while out horse-riding with a
gentleman friend she became suddenly faint and was seized with spasms with
which she died before her parents could be summoned, and only in the
presence of a few persons at the roadside by the house where she was taken

In Erie, Pa., at his residence 441 W. 7th street, Sunday evening, April
20th, 1884; D.C. ARMSTRONG, aged 50 years. Funeral from his residence this
afternoon at 3:30.
Judge SOUTHER left yesterday for Ridgeway.

Mr. J.C. MACKINTOSH has gone to New York.

MR. R.S. BATTLES, of Girard, was in the city yesterday.

Hon. James A. STRANAHAN, of Mercer, is visiting in Erie.

W.J. ROBINSON, Esq., of Millvillage, spent yesterday in Erie.

Mrs. Andrew LEE, of North East, is the guest of Mrs. Samuel H. BROWN.

Mr. George W. COLTON will return this week from Harrisburg and Washington.

Mrs. BURROUGHS, of Chicago, is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.J.

Mr. F.R. SPIER, of the Bradford National Bank, was a caller at the Dispatch
office yesterday.

Mr. Perry DEVORE, of Springfield, who has just recovered from a two weeks'
illness, was in Erie yesterday.

The Misses mary and Helen DAVENPORT left for Chicago yesterday. They will
visit Mrs. Dr. GILMORE, formerly of this city.

Mrs. Dr. J.T. CLARK and daughter, miss Nellie BRYANT, have returned home
from Cincinnati where they made a visit of 2 months.

Mr. A.L. LITTELL returned from Cleveland Saturday where he had been
attending the funeral of his brother-in-law, M. BALLEU, of Geneva, Ohio.

Mrs. Dr. SPENCER left yesterday for Philadelphia, where she will join F.F.
ADAMS and family and accompany them to Altantic City, Washington and New
York. Before returning Mrs. SPENCER will visit her daughter, mrs. Fred H
THOMPSON, in Providence.
COMMON PLEAS. Causes for trial this week.
S.M. GREGOR vs New York, Chicago & St. Louis Railway. No. 92.

B. HANNON vs New York, Chicago & St. Louis Railway. No. 138.

G.D. PRICE, administrator vs New York, Chicago & St. Louis Railway. No. 106.

Howe Machine Co. vs S.S.SLOAN. No. 133.

George B. CRAPSER vs A.M. KENT & Adams DAVIS, surviving partners of the late
firm of A.M. KENT & Co. No. 50.

Charles STERN & J.L. ROSE, partners vs John H. WELSH. No. 128.

J. Louis LINN, use C.H. WALBRIDGE vs Catharine O'BRIEN. No 129.


The Dingee & Conard Co., use Wm. H. GAPPETT vs P.B. CHAPIN, R.P. CHAPIN,
Johathan CHAPIN & W.N. HOWARD. No. 134.

Edward SANDERS vs Washington WILLIAMS & James STEWART. No. 175.

Jacob WEISS vs Mart MAUER. No. 177.

Erie Burial Case Co., use of J.C. SELDON vs J.W. WARD. No. 106.

Fletcher A. WILSON vs Geo. A. LYON. No. 24.

Mrs. Sarah LOOMIS vs A.T. LOOMIS. No. 99.

D.J. CROWELL & John CROWELL, adm's estate of James CROWELL, dec'ed vs George
YEAGER & Wm. B. PIER, surviving exe'rs of the last will of Daniel YEAGER,
dec'ed. No. 42.


Niles H. YAPLE vs C. RANDALL, Joseph PLILEY, Frank BARNEY, Charles ETTER,
Wm. WEED & Frank HART, school directors of Green twp., Erie Co. Pa. No. 7.

Alice R. CHASE, by her next friend Chauncey J. CHASE vs William T. McFAYDEN.
No. 73.

Samuel T. STERRETT vs Charles J. STERRETT, exe. of Rose STERRETT, dec'ed.
No. 33.

John WELSH & Ellen, his wife, in right of said Ellen WELSH vs the City of
Erie. No 89.
JURORS in attendence:

Girard twp.: ABBEY, Wm. E.; MUNSON, Maro; THOMPSON, James C.

Green twp.: BONNELL, George; CHURCH, Samuel

Conneaut twp.: BARNES, George

North East borough: BLINGHAM, Wesley S.

Fairview twp.: BLAIR, Samuel

Corry, 1st Ward: BAGBY, Clifford H.; HUMASON, Geo. H.; KELLHER, Patrick;
MILLER, William; SMITH, Milo W.

Corry, 2nd Ward: DRAKE, Frank; POWELL, Chas. R.; WASTON, Chas.

Erie, 1st Ward: BEASLEY, Wm. A.; GUIGNON, Ernest

Erie, 2nd Ward: DAUB, Jacob; HATCH, Ira G.; SHOTTEN, John P.

Erie, 3rd Ward: GRISWOLD, Matthew; HANLON, Thomas; JONES, David T.; MILLER,
Philip; SCHLOSSER, David

Erie, 4th Ward: DASH, John

Erie, 5th Ward: ROTH, Fred

Albion borough: STUNTZ, Edward

Elgin borough: MARTIN, Harry

Venango twp.: CARR, Thomas; LONGSTREET, Frank; TITUS, Wilbert

Springfield twp.: ELLIS, Joseph; HUBBART, Anderson

Washington twp.: GILLESPIE, Martin; McCLELLAN, Geo.

Wattsburg: McDONELL, Chas.P.

McKean twp.: PORTER, Ithamer

Wayne twp.: RAYMOND, Howard

Having refitted & remodeled the store formerly occupied by Jacob
GUCKENBIEHL; I have stocked it with a complete stock of shoes, boots, etc.
William McLAUGHLIN. Frederick SCHULTZ, salesman.

Prof. SEGADIO will reopen his school for dancing at Jarecki's Hall, on
Saturday afternoon.

Dr. H.F. GAREY, practice limited to the Eye, Ear & Throat

RIBLET Bros., undertakers.

Chas. A. SHAW. Etching, charcoal drawing, oils.

Chas. S. MARKS. Merchant tailor, clothier and furnisher.

Ernest E.W. SCHNEIDER. Architect and superintendent of buildings.

Sell's Bookstore. W.J. CALKINS. Wall paper & decorations.

J.F. JEFFERS. Wines, Liquors and Cigars.

F.W. MORGAN. Grocery store.

W.W.ROSS & Co. Practical paper hangers.

A.H. CAUGHEY & Sons. Books, dictionary holders, gold pens, birthday cards,
all newspapers and c.

Wm. P. HAYES. Real Estate agent and Notary Public.

DAVENPORT & GRIFFITH, attorneys-at-law.

Dr. M.C. BURGESS. Dentist.

S.M. BRAINERD. Attorney-and-Counsellor-at-Law.

S.L. GILSON. Attorney-at-Law.

CHURCHILL, CLARK & Co. Ready Made and Made to Order.

J.H. DAVIE. Dry Goods.

STRAUS BROS. & BECK. Clothing House.

S.SOBEL & Sons. Millinery, wraps, laces, gloves and hosiery.

J.S. TOWN. Popular Grocery.

W.M. ACKERMAN. Furniture.

P.A. MEYER. Clothier and Tailor.

Keystone National Bank, of Erie. Orange NOBLE, pres.; J.I. TOWN, cashier.
Jr., L.L. LAMB, Wm. E. MARVIN.

Second National Bank. Joseph McCARTER, pres., W.W.REED, vice pres., C.F.
ALLIS, cashier. Directors: R.W. RUSSELL, J.S. RICHARDS, Wm.S. BROWN, John W.
Two brick houses. Wm. C. KELSO.
Seven roomed house. J.J.HOGAN.
Two brick dwellings. Frank GUNNISON.
3-story brick. J.M. KUHN.
2-story brick. S.S. SPENCER.
2-story brick. Carroll BLOCK.
2-story brick. Ed MOORE.
2-story frame. Wm. P. HAYES.
Valuable building lot. For sale or lease. Mrs. F. WITTICH.

A good business, the Drug Store of M.B. ALLEN & Co. in the beautiful village
of Geneva, Ohio, is offered on account of the death of Mr. ALLEN. For
particulars address A.L. LITTELL, Erie, Pa.

For sale, cheap-my house and lot. S.E. BACON or John OLIVER.

25-horse engine & 35 horse bliler; used 2 years. Sellen & Poppie Dunkirk,
make. Price $550; cost $1200. W.A. GRIMSHAW, North East, Pa.

Refrigerator, well adapted for the use of grocers or dealers in vegetables.

submitted by:
Sharyl Ferrall
Coordinator, Allamakee Co. IA

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