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Subject: [News] !!Hollister Newspaper Vitals -- Oct-Dec 1897
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Births, Marriages & Deaths -- Oct-Dec 1897
>From ‘The Free Lance’
Hollister, San Benito Co., CA

**1 Oct issue --
Born -- YOUNG -- at Santa Ana, Sept. 26, to the wife of Jas. YOUNG, a

Married -- CANNON-COLE -- at Emmett, Sept. 25, by Rev. John UNDERWOOD;
James CANNON to Mrs. P.J. COLE.

Married -- COLE-PARKS -- at Hollister, Sept. 25, by Rev. R. BIRDWELL;
Lewis COLE to Laura Ann PARKS.

Married -- WRIGHT-MATTHIS -- at Salinas, Sept. 29, Edmund C. WRIGHT to
Mrs. Josie B. MATTHIS. [Both these young people are residents of this
place…The charming bride is the daughter of Mr.&Mrs. M.A. WYTHE, of
Salinas, and the groom is the son of “Uncle” John WRIGHT, of this place.
Ed is one of the best boys in the county…]

Died -- JOLLY -- at Salinas, Sept. 23, M. JOLLY, father of Mrs. Joel F.
HAWKINS, of Hollister, a native of Dearborn Co., Indiana, aged 73 years.
[The death of Franics Marion JOLLY, who in early times was a resident of
Salinas, occurred unexpectedly about 6 o’clock last evening at the
Jeffrey House, where a few days ago he had arrived from his home near
Paraiso Springs and had taken quarters. He was only confined to his bed
for 2 days, the cause of his death being kidney trouble. His daughter
Lou, who arrived from Hollister, where the family is living, was at his
bed-side when death came to the aged pioneer. The deceased was a civil
engineer by profession…His son, Mark, and daughter, Miss Kate JOLLY,
arrived in Salinas last evening but not in time to see their father
alive. A married daughter, Mrs. Joel HAWKINS, lives in Hollister, where
the remains will be taken for burial. -- Salinas ‘Journal’]

Died -- HOLMES -- at New Idria, Sept. 28, Edward HOLMES, a native of
Colorado, aged 15 years. […a bright and promising lad…born on Dec. 17,
1882, at Breckinridge, Colo., and died of typhoid fever…The remains were
brought down here and interred in the IOOF on Wednesday morning.]

Died -- TAYLOR -- at San Francisco, Sept. 27, Orlin A. TAYLOR, a native
of Illinois, aged 44 years. […years ago was a miller in the Victor Mills,
an old resident of this place…The remains were brought from the
metropolis and interred in the IOOF Cemetery last Wednesday afternoon…]

**8 Oct issue --
Born -- BRISBINE -- in Gilroy, Sept. 24, to the wife of Sam BRISBINE, a

The aftermath of the recent divorce of Mrs. Sarah E. BAILEY from Jos. D.
BAILEY, comes in the intelligence that Mrs. BAILEY in company with Frank
WARD, well-known hereabouts, hied out on the waters of Monterey bay and
were married. The couple are now living at Corralitos, where WARD has a
position with the paper mill company.

**15 Oct issue --
Died -- JOSEPH -- at San Leandro, Oct. 7, Manuel JOSEPH, a native of
Azores Islands, aged 61 years, 7 months, 7 days. […father of Mrs. M.T.
FREITAS, of this place…highly esteemed resident of San Leandro and a
pioneer in that section. The funeral last Saturday…]

**22 Oct issue --
Born -- DAVEGGIO -- at Mulberry, Oct. 18, to the wife of C. DAVEGGIO, a

Born -- BUCKLEY -- at Hollister, Oct. 16, to the wife of Wm. BUCKLEY, a

Born -- MACHADO -- near Hollister, Oct. 18, to the wife of Antone
MACHADO, a daughter.

Born -- SCHULTZ -- near Hollister, Oct. 1, to the wife of Herman SCHULTZ,
a daughter.

Married -- STEPHENSON-JOHNSON -- at the residence of the bride’s parents,
Santa Ana, Oct. 20, by Rev. W.P. ANDREWS; Robert P. STEPHENSON to Miss
Annie JOHNSON. […the happy pair left by the noon train for San Francisco,
where they will spend the honeymoon. On their return they will occupy a
cottage on Monterey street now being prepared for them by Mr. JOHNSON…]
[on another page -- list of guests & presents]

GALLAGHER -- In Hollister, Oct. 15, 1897, Julia, beloved wife of Patrick
GALLAGHER, a native of Ireland, aged 58 years, 9 months, and 11 days.
(Deceased was a resident of Emmett…She was an invalid, for some time
past, from a painful disease which she bore with true Christian
resignation. The funeral took place from the Catholic Church, last Sunday

Died -- KEMP -- at New Idria, Oct. 15, John H. KEMP, a native of
Cornwall, Eng., aged 48 years. […another victim of the deadly typhoid
fever…a short time ago his daughter fell victim to the dread disease.
Deceased was one of the men in charge of the mine and was highly
respected. He was a member of the Kings City IOOF. The funeral was held
at this place last Saturday morning.]

Died -- KEMP -- at New Idria, Oct. 18, Mrs. Elizabeth Ann KEMP, a native
of Cornwall. […wife of the late John KEMP, whose death is noted above.
This make 3 members of the KEMP family -- father, mother and eldest
daughter -- who have died from typhoid fever within a short time.
Deceased leaves a family of 4 children, 3 of them quite small. The
remains were interred in the IOOF Cemetery, at this place, last Tuesday

Died -- PALMER -- at Saratoga, Santa Clara county, Oct. 15, Rev. A.B.
PALMER, aged 67 years, 8 months, 20 days. […formerly pastor of the
Congregational Church at San Juan…]

Died -- COOK -- at San Francisco, Oct. 21, Michael Stinson COOK, father
of Mrs. Jas. PIRATSKY, a native of Ireland, aged about 60 years. […one of
the pioneers of San Francisco. He settled out on Geary street, opposite
the IOOF cemetery, in 1853 and lived there uninterruptedly for 44
years…(lists his close friends)…a prominent contractor in S.F…was
stricken down by pneumonia…]

Hilda EDWARDS was granted a divorce from Wm. EDWARDS last Monday on the
grounds of desertion…Mr. EDWARDS will be remembered as the sweet-voiced
singer of the Salvation Army some time back. One day he disappeared and
nothing has been heard from him since…]

DEATH OF AN AGED COUPLE -- The many friends in this county of the
well-known and popular McCARTHY Brothers, of San Francisco, will regret
to learn that they have suffered a great bereavement in the death of
their 2 aged parents within 10 days. The longevity of the couple was
remarkable. Charles McCARTHY died on the 5th inst., at the age of 91, and
Mrs. Mary McCARTHY died Friday, the 15th inst., at the age of 78. The
death of the husband undoubtedly hastened that of the wife. They leave 5
children, viz: John, Edward, Thomas and William McCARTHY, and Mrs. Mary

**29 Oct issue --
Died -- GREEN -- near Hollister, Oct. 25, Harriet A. GREEN, beloved wife
of John W. GREEN, a native of New York, aged 67 years, 1 month, 27 days.
[…an old and highly respected citizen of this county having lived here
for over a quarter of a century. She leaves several grown up children and
numerous grand children…The remains were interred in the IOOF Cemetery
last Tuesday…]

Died -- CORROTTO -- near Hollister, Oct. 21, Angelo CORROTTO, a native of
Italy, aged 55 years.

PEARCE-ABBE -- A very pretty home wedding took place at the residence of
Mr. Andrew ABBE, of San Juan, last Friday evening, when Mr. Edward A.
PEARCE and Miss Eleanor F. ABBE were united in marriage by the Rev. Mr.
CHEADLE…(description of decorations, etc.)…Mr. Arthur PIERCE as best man
and Miss Clara ABBE as bridesmaid led the way, while Master Joe WILSON
and Little Miss Muriel WATERS strewed flower petals…the bride threw her
bouquet among her guests and it was caught by Miss Susie ABBE.] […have
set up house keeping in the MEADE cottage on Third street…]

**5 Nov issue --
Married -- HARDIN-BLACK -- at the residence of the bride’s parents,
Monterey street, Nov. 3, by Rev. F.S. LAWRENCE, of San Jose; R.O. HARDIN
to Miss Irma BLACK. […The charming bride is the daughter of Mr.&Mrs. Geo.
BLACK and the groom is the son of Mr.&Mrs. A.M. HARDIN…will take up
residence in a cottage on the Santa Ana road…]

Died -- HART -- at the Taylor Mine, near Placerville, Eldorado county,
Oct. 31, R.W. HART, a native of Pennsylvania, aged 30 years. […the son of
Mr. Thos. HART, of Emmett, and nephew of Mrs. W.W. MINOR, of this
place…met his death last Sunday by being crushed to death in a cave in
the above mine…lived for some time in this county…About a year ago he got
married, but kept his marriage secret from friends and relatives as he
intended to give the latter a glad surprise when he made his annual
Christmas visit home next month. About 6 weeks ago he entered the employ
of the Taylor Mining Co. and sent his wife to Sacramento to await him…The
remains were brought here last Tuesday and interred in the IOOF

Died -- CORROTTO -- at San Juan, Oct. 30, G.B. CORROTTO, a native of
Italy, aged 57 years.

**12 Nov issue --
Born -- WILDS -- at Hollister, Oct. 28, to the wife of Harry WILDS, a

Married -- KING-JACOBS -- at San Jose, Nov. 3, by Rev. J.E. SQUIRES; J.E.
KING of Calaveras county to Miss Ethel JACOBS of Hollister.

Married -- COOK-HATCH -- at San Jose, Nov. 4, by Justice of the Peace
WALLACE; Charles Hamlet COOK, of Hollister, to Rose M. HATCH, of
McMinnville, Ore.

Married -- DENNISON-WILSON -- at West Point, Calaveras county, Nov. 2, by
Rev. GOFF; Mr. Minor DENNISON to Mrs. Mary WILSON.

Married -- HARKER-HICKEY -- at Hollister, Nov. 10, by Rev. W.P. ANDREWS;
Lola HICKEY to Richard HARKER. […The charming bride is the daughter of
Mr.&Mrs. C. HICKEY, of this place, and the groom is the senior member of
the firm of AGNEW & HARKER, the well-known painters…]

**19 Nov issue --
Born -- WRIGHT -- near Hollister, Nov. 14, to the wife of George WRIGHT,
a son.

Married -- LANE-GILBERT -- at New Pacific Hotel, Nov. 13, by Rev. W.P.

Died -- ROUNDS -- near San Jose, Nov. 11, Frank A. ROUNDS, a native of
Ohio, aged 52 years.

Died -- ZOELLIN -- at Watsonville, Nov. 10, Chas. ZOELLIN, a native of
Germany, aged 64 years. [from the ‘Pajaronian’ -- …at his home on Fourth
St. (Watsonville) and his funeral will take place at 2pm this afternoon.
Charles ZOELLIN was one of the “old guard” residents of Pajaro valley. He
came here in the fifties and for 40 years made this his home. He was
engaged in blacksmithing for a time…was stricken with kidney trouble…A
brother, Fred ZOELLIN, of Bitterwater, survives him. He also leaves a
nephew, John KALTENBRUNN, of Watsonville, and Mrs. McKENZIE of Oakland
and nephews and nieces at Bitterwater.]

Died -- MURPHY -- at the Cienega, Nov. 17, Edward Bernard MURPHY, a
native of Kilmaine, County Mayo, Ireland, aged 52 years. [Funeral will
take place this morning, Nov. 19th, at 10 o’clock, from the San Benito
House, Hollister; thence to the Catholic Church…About 2 weeks ago he was
taken down with a bowel complaint. Assiduous care and attention cured
this disorder, but on last Saturday…he caught a cold which speedily
turned into pneumonia…Deceased came to California in 1868 and located in
this county, where he has resided continuously ever since…leaves a widow
and 6 children…]

Died -- FALLON -- at Hollister, Nov. 12, Daniel Joseph FALLON, a native
of San Francisco, aged 26 years, 14 days, beloved brother of Edward and
Richard FALLON. […from quick consumption…The funeral took place last
Sunday afternoon from the Catholic Church. His brother Richard, being in
Arizona at the present time, was unable to attend…]

**26 Nov 1897 --
Born -- CALERI -- at Tres Pinos, Nov. 18, to the wife of J. CALERI, a

Married -- MURPHY-PIRATSKY -- at the Church of the Sacred Heart,
Hollister, Nov. 24, by Rev. Fr. SITH; Thos. E. MURPHY to Miss Genevieve
PIRATSKY. [long list of guests & presents]

Married -- AMBROSIO-BENNETT -- in Hollister, Nov. 2_[damaged -- might be
20], by Gilmore AGNEW, J.P.; Frank AMBROSIO to Emma BENNETT.

Married -- McALEER-SULLIVAN -- at the Church of the Sacred Heart, Nov.
23, by Rev. Fr. SMYTH; Joseph McALEER to Miss Lizzie SULLIVAN.
[…adjourned after the wedding to the residence of the bride’s mother,
Mrs. SULLIVAN, and partook of an elegant breadkfast…] [long list of
guests & presents in 3 Dec issue]

Miss Mary BUFFARENA, sister of Mrs. J.A. CHARGIN, will be married next
Sunday, Nov. 28th, at Cosumnes, Sacramento county, to William STRICKLING,
a well-to-do business man of Amador county…

**3 Dec issue --
Born -- HOOVER -- near Paicines, Nov. 25, to the wife of George HOOVER, a

Born -- YOUNGER -- in Hollister, Nov. 23, to the wife of J.M. YOUNGER, a

Married -- REINHART-ASHCRAFT -- in Hollister, Nov. 21, Miss Laura M.
ASHURST [spelled 2 very different ways] and James A. REINHART.

Married -- DEHAY-LILE -- in Hollister, Nov. 29, by Rev. W.P. ANDREWS;
Miss Mary E. LILE and Paul L. DEHAY.

Married -- HORN-MOORE -- at Hollister, Nov. 29, by Rev. J.D. WILLMOTT;
Frank HORN of Hollister to Salinda MOORE, of Emmett.

Died -- SMITH -- at Jamestown, Tuolumne Co., Nov. 22, Samuel Worsley
SMITH, a native of Kentucky, aged 61 years. […one of the pioneer
surveyors of Santa Clara county…He was County surveyor of that county
(Tuolumne) and had his residence at Sonora. Business called him to
Jamestown…cause of death was consumption…was born in Kentucky 61 years
ago. In 1858 he came to San Jose…in 1869 he removed to San Juan…Between
1875 & 1893 he was engaged in surveying in Arizona, Mexico and different
parts of California…A widow and 5 children are left… (from San Jose
‘Mercury’)] [from 24 Dec issue -- …brother-in-law of Mr. Joseph BOWIE and
father of Miss Lizzie SMITH…]

Died -- PYLER -- at Emmett, Nov. 28, E.F. PYLER, a native of California,
aged 28 years. […during his principalship of the Emmet school made many
friends…The cause of his death was typhoid pneumonia. The remains were
taken to San Jose for interment.]

T. CUNNAN…died at his home on COOPER’s ranch, near Castroville, on
Thanksgiving day, aged 61 years. Mr. CUNAN [spelled 2 ways] had lived in
Monterey county about 6 years…leaves 2 married daughters. The remains
were taken to Castroville last Sunday and from there to San Jose by
train, where the funeral was held.

**10 Dec 1897 --
Died -- MYLAR -- at Hollister, Dec. 3, James I. MYLAR, a native of
Kentucky, aged 72 years, 7 mos., 16 days. […one of the old pioneers of
the State, coming to California in 1850. After mining for a time he
returned to Missouri and in 1854 brought his family out here. He first
settled in San Juan in 1855 and lived there most of the time since,
except when engaged in mining in Mariposa and Tuolumne counties. He was a
man of strong convictions, sterling honesty and kindness of heart. He
leaves a widow, 2 sons and 4 daughters, all grown, to mourn his departure

Died -- THOMPSON -- at Hollister, Dec. 7, Alvin, infant son of Mr.&Mrs.
Frank L. THOMPSON, aged 3 months, 8 days.

**17 Dec issue--
Born -- SMITH -- near Hollister, Dec. 11, to the wife of H.C. SMITH, a

Born -- TOWLE -- in Hollister, Nov. 26, to the wife of W.A. TOWLE, a

Died -- QUINN -- at San Juan, Dec. 10, Rosanna QUINN, aged 80 years.
[…has been in the employ of the CANFIELD family over 30 years and in her
declining years was faithfully taken care of by them. The funeral took
place from the CANFIELD residence, thence to the catholic Church where
services for the dead was rendered by Rev. Fr. CLOSA. All the members of
the CANFIELD family…escorted the remains to their final resting-place in
the cemetery.]

HODGES -- In Hollister, Dec. 15, 1897, James I. HODGES, a native of
Tennessee, aged 67 years, 2 months, and 15 days.
(Deceased was one of the best-known pioneers of this section of
California, having settled in this county in 1868. He was a native of
Tennessee, and at an early age left home and started out in life for
himself. In 1846 he enlisted in the army for the war between the United
States and Mexico but was rejected on account of his age. He then went to
Arkansas and worked for a man by the name of WOOD, with whom he remained
until May, 1849. During that time he was employed on a pony express route
from Rockwood to Morrow, Louisiana, a distance of 150 miles. It was the
intention of deceased to make the journey to California via water that
spring, but circumstances prevented him from doing so. Still, however,
determined to come to this Coast, in the spring of 1852 he left
Clarksville, Arkansas, with Capt. JAMISON’s Company, April 14th being the
day on which they started. Their company consisted of about 380 persons.
They crossed the plains with ox teams, and their experiences were similar
to those of many other emigrants. When they reached the North Platte Mr.
HODGES was taken down with mountain fever, and remained sick for some 2
weeks. After he had sufficiently recovered to take charge of his team, he
had a runaway and was thrown into a creek. Getting wet caused a relapse
of his illness which came near being fatal. Sept. 18, 1852, was the date
of their arrival in Stockton, California. Mr. HODGES turned his team out,
took his pack, and left for Sonora, Tuolumne county, where he engaged in
chopping down timber for building purposes. He remained at this place one
month, receiving $4.00 a day and board, after which he returned to
Stockton. He then began hauling goods from Stockton to the mines, and the
last load he took stuck fast in the mud. He sold flour at $1.00 a pound.
In 1853 he and 5 others took up a claim. After they had opened it up and
began to work it, a man came along and wanted to buy out Mr. HODGE’s
interest. He sold to the stranger for $500. He was next engaged in
hauling lumber from the mines to Stockton for about 3 months. After that
he went back to the mines and was engaged in mining until 1865, when he
sold out for the sum of $70,000. Returning again to Stockton he remained
there until 1866, thence to Santa Rosa, and from there, in 1867, to
Watsonville. In the fall of 1868 he went to Soquel, and the following
fall located at Hollister. On November 28, 1860, deceased was united in
marriage with Miss Mary J. SHIRLEY, by whom he had 7 children, 5 sons and
2 daughters. 1 daughter is deceased. The funeral will take place this
(Friday) afternoon from his late residence on Fourth street, at 2
o’clock. The obsequies will be under the auspices of the local Masonic
and Workman lodges. Friends and acquaintances are respectfully invited to

Born -- DUNNING -- at Paicines, Dec. 19, to the wife of H. DUNNING, a

Married -- WILSON-TOTTEN -- at Aromas, Dec. 15, by Rev. C.E. PETTIS; H.C.
WILSON, of Fresno, to Mrs. Annie TOTTEN, of Aromas.

Married -- FANTRY-VARGAS -- at Hollister, Dec. 18, by Gilmore AGNEW,
J.P.; George FANTRY to Miss Matilda VARGAS.

Died -- HERNERT -- near Hollister, Dec. 21, Mrs. Bridget HERBERT, beloved
mother of Joseph and Mary HERBERT, a native of Ireland, aged about 60
years. […followed her remains to their final resting place last Wednesday
morning from the Catholic Church…a patient sufferer for a long time past
from a stroke of paralysis, but the shock of the death of her husband a
short time ago, it is thought, hastened the end.]

Died -- ETCHEVERRY -- at Tres Pinos, Dec. 22, Juan ETCHEVERRY, a native
of Spain. [from 31 Dec issue -- The death of Juan ETCHEVERRY at Tres
Pinos last Friday was a severe loss to this county where he has been a
successful business man and an extensive rancher for more than a quarter
of a century past. The deceased was a native of France where he was born
Oct. 26, 1830. He left his native country at an early age going to South
America where he lived for a short time, coming to California in 1851. He
located at Murphy’s camp where he remained for 3 years when he engaged in
the stock business in Southern California driving the stock north and
disposing of them in the mining districts at a large profit. For many
years he was a resident of the San Joaquin valley, engaged in stock
raising and extending his business operations in San Benito county where
he was associated with Juan INDART for 30 years. During his partnership
with INDART he purchased a large tract of land near Tres Pinos where he
finally located and where he has for many years resided. At the time of
his death he was the owner of 1400 acres of fine farming and grazing land
near Tres Pinos besides several pieces of town property, including the
Southern Pacific hotel. Mr. ETCHEVERRY was married in Visalia to Miss
Mary AMESTORY, an accomplished young lady of French birth. The issue of
the marriage is a son, John Felix. The deceased had a large number of
friends and acquaintances throughout the State who extend their
sympathies to the bereaved widow and son in their sad loss. The funeral
took place Sunday from the Catholic church of this place where a requiem
mass was celebrated and the remains were interred in the cemetery,
followed to their last resting place by a large number of sorrowing

**31 Dec issue --
Born -- BORRELL -- in Alameda, Dec. 14, to the wife of Wm. BORRELL, a
daughter. [Mrs. BORRELL was formerly Miss Edith INGELS.]

Married -- JONES-HILL -- at Bear Valley, Dec. 25, by Rev. J.C.
PENDERGAST; Samuel A. JONES to Miss Mabel B. HILL. [The residence of
Mr.&Mrs. G.M. BUTTERFIELD, Bear Valley, was the scene of a charming
wedding last Saturday evening, Dec. 25th, the contracting parties being
Samuel A. JONES and Miss Mabel B. HILL…Mr. Fred PREWETT acted as best man
and Miss Cora MILLER as bridesmaid…(long list of guests & presents)]

Died -- O’BRIEN -- in San Jose, Dec. 24, Jeremiah A. O’BRIEN, beloved son
of Margaret and John O’BRIEN and brother of Mrs. P. BOYLE, William,
Annie, and Michael O’BRIEN; a native of Ireland, aged 38 years. [Last
Friday afternoon a fire broke out in the Standard Oil Company‘s storage
plant, at San Jose…Jerry O‘BRIEN, a volunteer fireman and brother to Wm.
O’BRIEN, of this place, was burned to death…(long descriptive
story)…O’BRIEN was 38 years of age and unmarried. Of late he had been in
the employ of J.P. JARMAN as a hostler.]

Died -- GOFF -- in Hollister, Dec. 26, Herbert Ray, son of W.K. and Ella
I. GOFF, aged 10 years, 17 days.

DEATH OF A NOTED WOMAN -- Mrs. Josefa ESTRADA-ABREGO, a lady who was
intimately associated with some of the most prominent characters in early
California history and a witness of many stirring events, died last
Monday morning at 3 o’clock at her residence in Monterey. Deceased was
nearly 85 years of age, having been born in the old capital by the sea in
the year 1812. She was highly connected and was a half-sister to Governor
ALVARADO. Her husband, Don Jose ABREGO, to whom she was married in 1836,
was very prominent in the affairs of this State while it was still under
Mexican domination. According to BANCROFT’s history of California, he
came to Monterey from Mexico in 1814, and was a hatter and trader. By
intelligence, capability and good repute he held office almost
continuously from that time until 1846. He was commissary of the police,
Administrator of the San Antonio Mission, customs officer, member of the
Assembly, sub-member of the Superior Tribunal and its treasurer. As such
official he had charge of the territorial finances from 1839 to 1846, and
was noted for his integrity and ability. In 1844 he was the grantee of
the Point Pinos rancho, where now stands Pacific Grove. He died in 1878,
at the age of 65. His wife and 6 children survived him. Judge W.H. WEBB
had married one daughter, who died, after which he married a second one,
his present wife and the sole surviving daughter of Mrs. ABREGO. The
third daughter married Joaquin BOLADO, now deceased. -- Salinas ‘Index’
Deceased was the grandmother of Mrs. Gaston ASHE, of Santa Anita.

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