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Submitted by: Anita Robinson Reid

Article Title: Union-Sun and Journal

Article Date: January 15 1919

Article Description: Slightly Wounded or Gassed
Niagara County Towns

Article Text:

Allen, Franklin, W.,Olcott,N.Y.
Boulton,Samuel, Chestnut Ridge
Bixler,Clayton, H.,Newfane,N.Y.
Clute, Harvey, Middleport,N.Y.
Donaldson,Geo.,Upper Mountain Rd.
Ertman, Clarence, Akron Road
Fairburn,Harry, J.,Wilson,N.Y.
Gale, Chester, Wilson, N.Y.
Garlock, Leo, South Transit Road
Gates, Reeve, Ransomville, N.Y.
Hall,Henry, T., Middleport, N.Y.
Hall, Lewis, Middleport, N.Y.
Parker, Ralph, Appleton,R.F.D.30.
Hawkes, Fred, J.,Middleport,N.Y.
Johnson, Albert, Wilson, N.Y.
LeBarre, Victor, B.,Cambria, N.Y.
Malenoski, John, Middleport, N.Y.
Mark, Lester, Wilson, N.Y.
May, John, H.,Lockport,N.Y.
Maynard, Ralph, Hartland,N.Y.
Mayne, Robert, Newfane, N.Y.
Moore, Albert, Wilson, N.Y.
Mudge, Benjamin, H., Barker, N.Y.
McClellan, Morton, Wilson, N.Y.
McIntyre, Arthur, Wilson, N.Y.
McKenna, Patrick, Middleport, N.Y.
Scarborough, Homer, Johnson Creek
Scheffler, Louis, Wilson, N.Y.
Seelow, Lewis, Olcott, N.Y.
Snell, Howard, Middleport,N.Y.
Stone, John, Y.,Ransomville, N.Y.
Taylor, Elwood, Warren's Corners
Thilkey, Ernest, C.,Lockport,N.Y.
Trude, Harold, Gasport No.40.
Waters, Frank, Middleport, N.Y.
Wayman, Alonzo, Olcott, N.Y.
Weaver, Herbert, Wilson, N.Y.
Wethy, Eugene, Sanborn,N.Y.
Wilson, Elwood, Olcott, N.Y.
Wolf, John, C.,Barker,N.Y.

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