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Subject: RE: [TRINITYBAY] John Green murdered
Date: Sun, 3 Jul 2005 14:27:29 -0500
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Oh, actually I saw 2 entries for John Greens in Trinity Sept 12,
1764 and one in Sep 20, 1766, like you said....murdered by his fellow

I don't think the John Green who married Agnes Malone is the one who was Agnes remarried to Thomas Clifford in Dec 1764, so my john
Green had to have died bef Dec 1764. This is the one who died Sept 12, 1764.

I wonder if John Green who was murdered was John Green SR...father of John
Green who married Agnes Malone. John Green Jr. was from Kilkenny, so it is
likely it may be his father.
1764 Sept 12th - Interred JOHN GREEN (Clerk of this church)

1766 Septr 20th - Interred JOHN GREEN of Kilkenny in Ireland, Servt to Mr
Hector at Riders Harbour.
He was murdered by his fellow servt.


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John Green from Kilkenny, Ireland murdered in Rider's Harbour 1766.

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