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From: "Vera Short" <>
Subject: [NFLD-LAB] "Death On the Ice" The Great Newfoundland Sealing Disaster of 1914 --Cassie Brown
Date: Sat, 18 Mar 2000 23:42:59 -0500

Having just finished reading this book finding it to be very painful and
heartrenching story, I recommend if given the opportunity please read it.

Below is a list of the ships, captains and crew (survivors and dead) from
this book.

On board the Stephano:

Captain Abram Kean, the "Old Man"
Navigator Captain William Martin
Second hand Frederick Yetman, brother-in-law to Kean
Cook George Yetman, his brother Doctor Wallace
Radio operator George Shecklin
Master watches John Kelloway, Abram Best, Garland Gaulton
Ice masters David Dove, James Morgan
Sealers Sam Horwood, Mark Sheppard, Dan Foley,
Ambrose Conway, Stan Samson

On board the Florizel:

Captain Joseph Kean, a son of the "Old Man"
Second hand Nathan Kean, one of Joe's brothers
Chief engineer John Reader
Master watches Bob Noseworthy, John Roberts
Radio operator Patrick Barkley

On board the Bellaventure:

Captain Robert Randall
Second hand Abram Parsons Doctor Harold Smith (a druggist)

On board the Nascopie:

Captain George Barbour
Observer William Coaker

On board the Newfoundland:

Captain Westbury Kean Navigator Captain Charles Green Second hand
George Tuff
Master watches Thomas Dawson, Arthur Mouland, Jacob Bungay, and
Sidney Jones
Bo'sun John Tizzard
James Evans, Eric Martin, William Lundrigan, Ariel Green, Joseph Francis,
Roland Critch, John Alpheus Harris, Edmund Short, Charles Evans, James
Donovan, Benjamin Piercey, William Pitts, John Conway, George
Pitts, Ed
Peddle, William J. White, Jacob Dalton, Frank Seward, Sam Street,
Woodfine, George Stagg, William Hickey, Frank Ryan, Tobias Cooper,
William Conway, Hubert Moores, H.C. Kelloway, John Cooper, James
Barrett, George Lenthorn, Richard Cooper, Richard McCarthy, Samuel
Russell, Hugh Mouland, Terrence Moore, Fred Marsh, Joseph Randell,
Thomas Ryan, Arthur Abbott, Lemuel Squires, Samuel Mouland, Elias
Mouland, George Tremblett, John Mouland, Alfred Hayward, Thomas
Mouland, Thomas Groves, Noah Greeley, Thomas Chard, Jerry Conway,
John Dooley, Thomas Ring, Stephen Jordan, John Hayward, Henry
Constantine, Thomas Doyle, John Antle, Azariah Mills, Joseph
George Adams, John Fisher, William Porter, James Porter, Simon
Charles Martin, Benjamin Leary, John Howlett, Mike Tobin, Patrick
Mike Sheehan, Hedley Payne, Philip Abbott, Robert Hicks, William
Robert Winter, Jesse Collins, Joshua Hollo-way, Cecil Mouland,
Mouland, Thomas Templeman and his brother Philip, Wesley Collins,
Tiller, Stanley Andrews, Levi Handcock, Fred Hunt, John Hiscock.

Patrick Gosse, John Butler, Valentine Butler, Alan Warren, Noah
Tucker, Edward Tippett and his sons Norman, Abel, and William, George
Carpenter, Robert Matthews, Peter Seward, John Keels, William Flemming,
Simon Cuff, Hez Seward, Albert Kelloway, Michael Joy, Joseph Hiscock,
Michael Murray, Charles Foley, James Porter, Fred Pearcey, Ambrose
Mullowney, Charles Davis, John Mercer, Raymond Bastow, Charles Olsen,
Thomas Jordan, Bernard Jordan, Peter Lamb, Pat Corbett, James Bradbury,
George Leewhiting, Joseph Williams, William J. Pear, Fred Carroll,
Martin, William Oldford, Benjamin Chalk, Reuben Crewe and his son,
Albert John, Benjamin March, Alex Goodland, Charles Cole, Robert Brown,
Thomas Hicks, John Taylor, John Brazil, James Ryan, Mike Downey, Job
Easton, William Lawlor, Nick Morey, John A. Ryan, Jonas Pickett, David
Cuff, David Abbott, Alfred Maidment and his brother, Robert, Fred
Mark Howell, Edgar Howell, Aldol-phus Howell, Theophiles Chaulk, Fred
Collins, Percy Kean, Alfred Dowden, Eli Kean, Stephen Donoran.

Died and never found:
Henry Jordan, David Locke, Michael Murray, Art Mouland, "Uncle Ezra"
Melendy, Henry Dowden, James Howell, Philip Holloway.

The Main Actors:
Captain Westbury Kean, twenty-nine-year-old son of Captain Abram Kean

Captain Abram Kean, the "Old Man," the greatest seal hunter ever

Captain Joseph Kean, another of the Old Man's sons
Bellaventure, Captain Robert Randell

Other Ships at The Front:
Beothic, Captain Billy Winsor
Nascopie, Captain George Barbour
Bonaventure, Captain John Parsons

Also mentioned:
Kite, Diana, Eagle

In the Gulf of St. Lawrence:
Southern Cross, Captain George Clarke

On the South Coast:
Portia, Captain Thomas Connors

In the Atlantic:
Eagle Point

There were 77 men from the "Newfoundland" who died on the ice and captain
and crew if the ship "Southern Cross" and one man from "Bonaventure" a total
of 253 Died during the seal hunt of 1914.

Vera Short-Cheeseman
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