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From: <>
Subject: [NFLD-LAB] Rumbolt Web site
Date: Sun, 11 Nov 2001 16:34:57 -0700

My Web site Rumbolt, Hann and associated families has been moved to

If anyone would like to share their information I would be more than
happy to host it on my site. I do limit personal data and have removed
birth dates from the gedcom available.

I have only just started the site so I will be making enhancements to it
in the future.

The following is my tiny tafel but I also followed the Payne, House,
Patey, Gould and other numerous lines as I found families to be so

N Gordon Lane
A 11035 Sacramento Drive SE
A Calgary, AB
A T2W 0J5
T (403)259-6344
F Brother's Keeper Windows 6.0
Z 36 Brother's Keeper MP
A200 1863:1863 ASHE\unknown/unknown
B453 1829:1829 BOLAND\St John's/St John's
C636 1818:1818 CARTER\unknown/unknown
C320 1867:1867 COATES\unknown/unknown
C460 1886:1886 COLLIER\Codroy/Codroy
C452 1728:1994 COLLINS\unknown/unknown
E140 1788:1825 EVELY\unknown/Trinity, Trinity Bay
E163 1855:1855 EVERETT\unknown/unknown
F143 1791:1924 FIFIELD\Trinity, Trinity Bay/Brooklyn, NY
F260 1835:1945 FISHER\Leeds/Harrogate, Yorkshire, Eng
F236 1802:1802 FOSTER\unknown/unknown
F320 1853:1853 FUDGE\Pass Island/Pass Island
F143 1740:1924 FYFIELD\unknown/Brooklyn, NY
G514 1816:1816 GAMBLING\Hampsthwaite/Hampsthwaite
H500 1847:1986 HANN\Rose Blanche/unknown
H620 1819:1819 HARRIS\Russels Cove/Russels Cove
H200 1829:1949 HAYES\Harbour Grace/Curling
H263 1832:1832 HOGART\unknown/unknown
H160 1831:1880 HOOPER\Linkinhorne, Cornwall/Eston, York, England
H260 1754:1792 HOSIER\unknown/Bonavista
H630 1775:1931 HOWARTH\Nidd/Harrogate, Yorkshire, Eng
L500 1882:1989 LANE\Islington, Middx/Calgary, AB
L162 1866:1866 LAVERS\Gagamelle/Gagamelle
L630 1813:1813 LEAROYD\Staveley, York, England/Staveley, York, England
N400 1771:1771 NEWELL\unknown/unknown
O640 1833:1833 O'REILLY\unknown/unknown
P625 1857:1920 PARSONS\Carbonear/Trout River
R514 1860:1988 RUMBOLDT\Ferrolle/Los Angeles, California, USA
R514 1819:1988 RUMBOLT\unknown/Los Angeles, California, USA
S530 1845:1845 SMITH\Bexworth, Northampton, England/Northampton, England
S363 1766:1766 STAWARD\unknown/unknown
S314 1789:1789 SWEETAPPLE\unknown/unknown
W123 1809:1849 WEBSTER\Danby, Wiske, York, England/Bilton
W300 1885:1885 WHITE\unknown/unknown
W436 1800:1800 WOOLDRIDGE\unknown/unknown
W 11 Nov 2001

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