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From: "Heather Mckinley" <>
Subject: RE: [NF-ROOTS] Re: [NFLD-LAB] Lots of Newfoundlanders
Date: Tue, 28 Oct 2003 13:26:15 -0700
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Can someone tell me what the best way to view these records? I saw a
mention of Rose's in Joanne's post and it got my immediate attention.

Heather McKinley

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From: Joanne [mailto:]
Sent: October 27, 2003 9:07 PM
Subject: [NF-ROOTS] Re: [NFLD-LAB] Lots of Newfoundlanders

Thanks Jeri...
I followed your instructions to a T....the tip on working up from page
48 was key...Thank you for the Tip....I will spend some time
there as you are right...lots of Newfoundlanders saw Rose, Clarke,
Mclean, Moore ,McKenzie, Ash,
thanks again for the detailed instructions as I was unsure where to look
when visiting that census site before...Joanne
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Sent: Monday, October 27, 2003 12:58 PM
Subject: [NFLD-LAB] Lots of Newfoundlanders

> Just had a quick look through the Canadian 1901 Census for Sydney,
> Cape
> Sydney changed from "a sleepy little village" to a town with a
> population
of about 25,000 when
> many came to work at the newly opened steel plant the opened at the
> turn
of the century. Many
> came for a few more years. My relatives didn't get to Sydney until
> 1913.
> In Sydney - specifically a section called the Pier - lived many
Newfoundlanders as well as many
> other new arrivals who came from around the world seeking employment
> at
the new plant.
> Places in the Pier are found in the census pages as noted below.
> There
are 48 pages. There may
> be a the odd page without Newfoundlanders but most pages contain quite

> a
> You find more people from Newfoundland if you start at the last page
> and
work up from page 48.
> If you do a search on the Canadian Archives site:
> click Nova Scotia and search using Sydney. The one you want should be
item # 18 or
> Province/Territory: Nova Scotia
> District Name: CAPE BRETON
> District Number: 28
> Sub-district Name: Sydney (Town/Ville)
> Sub-district Number: z-5
> Schedule: 1
> Reference: RG31 , Statistics Canada
> Microfilm Reel Number: T-6448
> Finding Aid Number: 31-40
> Jeri
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