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From: Brenda Young <>
Subject: [NFLD-ROOTS] World War 1 Honours -from 1919 Daily News PT 1LIST OF HONOURS
Date: Sun, 13 Aug 2000 20:16:24 -0230

I found the following list in the December 31, 1919 Daily News-listing
all the Newfoundland Soldiers who received honours during the war.
I will send it in several parts.
I found when looking for information about the soldiers of WW1 that the
bulk of information was about those who died. This may be of help to
those related to soldiers who survived the war.

Daily News- December 31, 1919
Year end summary
Transcribed by Brenda Young, Gander

Please advise of any errors or omissions you may notice.
***This list appears to reflect honours given throughout the First
World War.

*(Those marked with an asterisk are Newfoundlanders in other
Regiments or Services)

The title of Royal has been conferred upon the Newfoundland
Regiment by His Majesty King George).

Victoria Cross
Lieutenant-Col James Forbes-Robertson, V.C., D.B.O., M.C.
Private R T Ricketts, V C, D S M, Croix de Guerre

Distinguished Service Order

*Lieutenant-Col Wm Hodgson Franklin
*Major Wighton
Lieutenant-Colonel Forbes Robertson
*Lieutenant-Col Charles A Peters, MRCS, LRCP, DSO
Capt B Butler, MC and Bar
*Lieutenant-Col Henry Shea, R A M C
Lieutenant-Col Woodruffe

Military Cross

Captain James John Donnelly
Captain Bertram Butler and Bar
Surgeon-Captain William H Parsons, RAMC
Major Adolph Ernest Bernard
Captain John Brine Mitchell
Major Weston March
Captain Arthur Raley
Captain Reginald S Rowsell
Second Lieutenant Gerald Guy Byrne
*Major Alexander M Jackson
Captain James W Tacher, RAMC
Captain Rupert Wilfred Bartlett and Bar
(note-the Bar is an additional honour-I think)
Lieutenant Kevin Joseph Keegan and Bar
Lieutenant-Col. Forbes Robertson
Captain Jack Turner
*Private Michael Harvey
Captain R Grant Paterson and Bar

*Lieutenant John A McGrath (British)
Captain Ronald Ayre, RFC
Captain Bert Tait
Captain Joseph Nunns
Capt G Hicks
Second Lieutenant Chafe
*Lieutenant A R Batson
Lieutenant. Stanley Goodyear,(Postumous)
*Capt Charles Fenwick, C A M C
Second Lieutenant G Whitty
Captain Herbert Rendell
Lieutenant James Mifflin
Captain John Cliff
*Capt H R Oke, Royal Scots, two bars
*Lieutenant Gerald Coughlan, M M
Captain Charles Frost
Second Lieutenant Harry Williamson
Second Lieutenant Albert Taylor, D C M and bar
Lieutenant A S Newman
Major N S Windeller
*Lieutenant J S P Guy
Lieutenant F Hopson

Distinguished Service Cross

*Lieutenant Commander John T Rendell RNR
*Lieutenant A G Dodman, RNR
Arthur Somerton, Bell Island

Distinguished Service Medal

Leander Green, RNR
Albert Gregory, RNR
Martin Pottle, RNR

Distinguished Conduct Medal

Sergeant William Martin Greene
Private Richard Hynes
*Sergeant Albert George Dufett
Private William J Gladney
Sergeant Peter Samson
Sergeant Cyril Gardner and Bar
(Second Lieutenant)
Lance Corporal William Benoit
*Company Sergt. Major Arthur Handcock
Private Martin Picco
*Sergeant William Lewis
Sergeant T J Dunphy
Corporal H R Raynes
Sergeant Murphy
Sergeant Spurrell
Sergeant Purcell
Corporal Hollett
Private Sutton
Company Sergeant Major Albert E Janes
Sergeant Albert Davis
Sergeant Leo J Fitzpatrick
Pte. Thomas Pittman
Sergt. Ernest Gullicksen
*Pte. William J Russell
Sergt. Major Albert Taylor, MC and Bar
Sergt. Albert Rose, M M
Sergt. Reginald Stanford
Private Richard Powers
Private James O’Quinn
Corporal C S Carter
Private Wm Anthony
Private R T Ricketts, V C, Croix de Guerre
Lance Corp M Brazill
Pte. D Greenslade
Pte T Corbin
Q M S (2nd Lieutenant) W Haynes
Corporal Arthur S Whalen

-to be continued -pt 2

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