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From: "Alfred Glynn" <>
Subject: Re: [NF-ROOTS] RE: Labrador genealogy
Date: Wed, 01 Aug 2001 21:51:40

unsubcribe me from the list please.

Alfred Glynn

>From: "John Cornick" <>
>Subject: [NF-ROOTS] RE: Labrador genealogy
>Date: Mon, 30 Jul 2001 10:25:17 -0700
>Hi Sharon et al:
>Sorry for the slow reply on your query. I just returned from my cottage to
>deluge of e-mails.
>There was no mention of the HUGGINS or GILL surnames in Greta Husseys
> Our Life on Lears Room Labrador. There was one reference to a Leon
>Roberts who was a transient at Batteau Harbour, Labrador, staying for the
>summer fishery only. There was no mention of his hometown in NF.
>The ROBERTS surname was also mentioned in Capt. Nicholas Smiths book,
>Fifty-Two Years at the Labrador Fishery. A Capt. Stephen Roberts was
>of a very large dwelling in Brigus, NF, commonly known as The Ark in the
>late 1800s. Mr. Percy Roberts, contractor, was listed as the owner in
>A Mr. G. B. Roberts was listed as a member of the Brigus Jubilee Club,
>serving on the Billiards Committee in 1936. A Capt. Alfred Roberts of
>was listed as skipper of the schooner Ruby, belonging to Mr. C.A.
>Jerrett, merchant of Brigus which was green-fish catching on the Labrador
>in the summer of 1908. The author and some of his chums who were members of
>the Jubilee Club, including Mr. George Roberts of Brigus, were on board for
>the trip to the Labrador fishery that year. Again there was no mention of
>the HUGGINS or GILL surnames in this book.
>John Cornick
>Bedford, Nova Scotia, Canada
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>From: Sharon Colbourne [mailto:]
>Sent: Wednesday, July 11, 2001 1:38 PM
>Subject: Labrador genealogy
>Hi, I see some posting you have made on roots web site, and was wondering
>you have ever come across the surname "Huggins" in Labrador, most likely
>Spotted Islands, Bolsters Rock area. My grandmother was a Huggins, but I
>cannot seem to find anything of her family. Any help would be much
>appreciated. I am also looking for Roberts and Gill from the same area.
>Could you please reply by e-mail if you have seen anything. Many thanks.
>Sharon Colbourne
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