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Subject: [NF-ROOTS] KELLY a la Seary (And lots of variants!)
Date: Sun, 02 Sep 2001 23:19:21 -0300
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Hullo Folks!

Seary has a huge listing for Kelly!

Ngaire Genge

(O) KELLY, with a rare variant KELLEY, surnames of England, Ireland and Scotland; in England from the English place name Kelly (Devon), Cornish celli - wood, grove; in Ireland and Scotland for (Mac). Kelly, Mac Ceallaigh or O'KELLY, O Ceallaigh, ? Ir. ceallach - strife; also in Scotland from the Scots place names Kelly (Angus, Renfrewshire) or Kellie (Fife). (Reaney, MacLysaght, Black).

MacLysaght remarks that MacKelly and O'Kelly and indistinguishable now that the Mac and O have been widely dropped, though he notes that O is being to some extent resumed.

Traced by Guppy in Cornwall and Devon and the Scots Border countries, and by MacLysaght from MacKelly in east Connacht and from O'Kelly throughout Ireland where it is the second commonest name.

In NF:

Family Traditions: Michael Kelly, from Ireland, settled at Daniel's Cove (Trinity Bay), about 1810 (MUN Folklore). Edward, ( -1816), from County Kilkenny, settled at Coley's Point before 1799 (MUN Folklore).

Early Instances: John Kelly, of Harbour Main, murdered 1750 (CO 194.12); Patrick, of St. John's, 1751 (CO 194.13); Nicholas, of Harbour Grace, 1787 (CO 199.18); Martin, from Old Court (County Wicklow), Thomas from Rathcoole (County Dublin) and John, from Athlone (County Roscommon), Irish convicts landed at Petty Harbour or Bay Bulls, 1789 (CO 194.38); James, of Bay de Verde, 1789 (CO 199.18); Edmond Kelley, of St. Mary's, 1797 (D'Alberti 7); Edmond Kelly, from Ballybrack (unidentified) (County Wexford), married at St. John's, 1798 (NF Archives BRC); Morris, of Bonavista, 1803 (NF Archives BRC); John, of Salmon Cove, Northern Arm (now Avondale),
1805 (CO 199.18); James, of Green Head (Spaniard's Bay), 1805 (CO 199.18); John, of Broad Cove (now Duntara), 1805 (Bonavista Register 1806); Pat and J., of Burin, 1805 (D'Alberti 15); Elenor, of Tilton Harbour (now Tilting), 1808 (NF Archives BRC); Joseph, of Brigus, 1809 (DPHW 34); JUames of Great St. Julian's, 1810 (D'Alberti 20); Mary, of Fogo Island, 1812 (NF Archives BRC); Margaret, of Petty Harbour, 1813 (NF Archives BRC); Owen, of Bell Island, 1814 (D'Alberti 24); Maurice, of King's Cove, 1815 (NF Archives KCRC); George, of Cupids, 1816 (NF Archives L165); Robert, from Garuavella (County Tipperary), fisherman of St. John's, died 1815
(Royal Gazette 15 Jun 1815); Miles, from County Wexford, planter of St. John's, died 1817 (Nfld. Mercantile Jour. 9 May 1817); Philip, of Heart's Content, 1819 (NF Archive KCRC); Honora, of Plate Cove (Bonavista Bay), 1820 (NF Archives KCRC); Mary, of Tickle Cove (Bonavista Bay), 1820 (NF Archives KCRC); Bridget, of Bay Bulls, 1820 (NF Archives BRC); Maurice, of Catalina, 1822 (NF Archives KCRC); Mary, of Ragged Harbour (now Melrose), 1824 (NF Archives KCRC); Garrett, of Keels, 1824 (NF Archives KCRC); James, of New Harbour (Trinity Bay), 1825 (NF Archives KCRC); Patrick, of Job's Cove, 1828 (NF Archives BRC); Mary, of Open Hole (now Open Hall),
1829 (NF Archives KCRC); Charles, of Greenspond, 1829 (NF Archives KCRC); Nicholas, of Fortune Harbour, 1830 (NF Archives KCRC); Michael, of Turks Cove (Trinity Bay), 1830 (NF Archives KCRC); John, of Cape Cove (Bonavista Bay), 1831 (NF Archives KCRC); John, of Cobbler's Island (Bonavista Bay), 1832 (NF Archives KCRC); Mahala, of Grand Bank, 1834 (DPHW 106); Mahala, of Bull Cove (Conception Bay), 1837 (MUN Hist.); John, granted land at Middle Cove (St. John's district), 1837 (NF Archives, Registry Crown Lands); Patrick, ? of Northern Bay, 1838 (DPHW 54); Patrick, schoolteacher of Cape Broyle, 1845 (Nfld. Quarterly Dec 1811); Margaret, of Pinckers
(for Pinchards) Island (Bonavista Bay) 1845 (NF Archives KCRC); George, of Rogue's Harbour, 1846 (DPHW 86); George, of Nippers Harbour, 1847 (DPHW 86); James, granted land in Ferryland0Caplin Bay area, 1847 (NF Archives, Registry Crown Lands); William Phillip O'Kelly alias William Francis Naughton, from London, arrested for larceny and counterfeiting in Newfoundland, 1848 (Royal Gazette 8 Aug, 1848); Philip, of St. John's, 1848 (Newfoundlander 3 Aug 1848); David Kelly, of Ireland's Eye, 1851(DPHW 64B); Thomas, granted land at Great Placentia, 1851 (NF Archives, Registry Crown Lands); John, granted land at Coley's Point, 1855 (NF Archives, Registry
Crown Lands); Maurice, of Burn(t) Island (Bonavista Bay), 1855 (NF Archives KCRC); Bridget, of Indian Arm (Bonavista Bay), 1855 (NF Archives KCRC); Catherine, of Hayward's Cove (Bonavista Bay), 1859 (NF Archives KCRC); Samuel, of Cat Harbour (now Lumsden), 1861 (NF Archives KCRC); Maurice, of Shoels [sic] Cove (? Bonavista Bay), 1863 (NF Archives KCRC); Samuel, of Gooseberry Island (Bonavista Bay), 1864 (NF Archives KCRC); Maurice, of Bloody Bay, 1869 (NF Archives KCRC); Kelly, widespread in Lovell 1871.

Modern status: Kelley, scattered; Kelly, widespread, especially at Freshwater (Placentia), Gambo and St. John's; O'Kelly, rare, at Avondale.

WILLIAMS, a surname of England, Wales, Ireland and the Channel Islands, - son of William, a baptismal name from the Old German personal name Willahelm containing the elements "vilja" - will and "helma" - helmet, which became Guihielm and later Guillaume in French and was introduced into England by the Normans. Surnames derived from William and its diminutives include: WILLIAMS, WILLIAMSON, WILLS, WILSON, WILCOX, WILLMOTT, WILLETT, WILKINS, GILL(I)AM. (Withycombe, Reaney, Cottle, MacLysaght, Turk). See also PARSONS.

Found widespread by Guppy in the Midlands and southwest, especially in Monmouthshire, and in North and South Wales, and by MacLysaght numerous in all provinces of Ireland.

In NF:

Family Traditions: The Williams family of Bay Bulls is thought to have descended from Vaughan's Welsh colonists (Dillon). George, from Silverdale near Swansea, Wales, chief magistrate and judge in Newfoundland about 1763 (NF Archives Z42). Two Williams brothers, from England, settled at Woody Island (Placentia Bay) about 1845; one of the brothers, Samuel, moved to Pools Cove (Fortune Bay) (MUN Hist.) Williams, from Wales, settled at Pouch Cove in the early 1800s (MUN Hist.). Mary Williams Pike (1827-1918), of Carbonear (MUN Geog.). Mary, from the west coast of England, a deserter from the Royal Navy, settled at Diamond Cove and changed his
name to Parsons (MUN Folklore).

Early Instances: Richard, of Fermeuse, 1676, of Renews, 1681 (CO 1); Benjamin, of St. John's Harbour, 1703 (CO 194.3); James William, of Newfoundland, 1704 (CO 194.3); Thomas Williams, of Conception Bay, (1706), (CO 194.4); Thomas, of Carbonear, 1708-9 (CO 194.4); Thomas, constable of Trinity district, ? 1730, 1732 (CO 194.9); Thomas, of Bay de Verde, 1730 (CO 194.23); George, of Placentia ? district), 1744 (CO 194.24); John, in possession of property in fishery at Petty Harbour, 1794-5, "38 years in Newfoundland," that is, 1756-7 (Census 1794-5); John, of Trinity Bay, 1769 (DPHW 64); Thomas, of Bay Bulls, 1786 (CO 194.36); Thomas, from Beminster
(Dorset), of Aquaforte, 1797, aged 28 (D'Alberti 6); Eliza and Ann, of Woolwich (Kent), owners of house at King's Road, St. John's, 1798 (D'Alberti 8); Sara, from Crumarden, married at St. John's, 1798 (NF Archives BRC); John, proprietor and occupier of fishing room, Old Perlican, Winter 1800-01 (Census Trinity Bay); William, of Manuels, 1803 (CO 199.18); Stephen, from Anaglin (County Waterford), planter of Ferryland, deceased 1810 (Royal Gazette 6 Sep 1810); George, established ? Sunday school at Bay Roberts, 1810 (Anspach); John, of Harbour Grace, 1811 (NF Archives HGRC); George, of Bay Roberts, appointed coroner within Conception Bay, 1813
(D'Alberti 23); John, from Cloyne (County Cork), tailor and planter of Harbour Grace, deceased 1815 (Royal Gazette 24 August 1815); Mathias, English adventurer from Great Britian, planter of Trinity (unspecified), 1815 (D'Alberti 25); William, from Cornwall, England, deserted from the employ of George Allen, St. John's, 1818 (Nfld. Mercantile Journal 26 Jun 1818); Martin, married at Bauline, 1818 (NF Archives BRC); Elizabeth, daughter of John, from Newton Abbot (Devon), married at St. John's, 1819 (Nfld. Mercantile Journal 9 May 1819); William, of Pouch Cove, 1823 (DPHW 26B); Thomas William(s), planter of New Harbour (Trinity Bay), 1823 (DPHW 64);
George Williams, planter of Mosquitto (Bristol's Hope), 1832 (DPHW 48); John, of Woody Island (Placentia Bay), 1835 (DPHW 30); Nicholas, of Great Codroy River, 1835 (DPHW 30); William, from Broadhempston (Devon), resident of St. John's for many years, deceased 1845, aged 62 (Newfoundlander 23 October 1845, Royal Gazette 28 October 1845); Martin, of Placentia Bay, 1856 (Newfoundlander 14 February 1856); George William, son of John of Holyhead (Anglesey), North Wales, married at St. John's, 1857 (Newfoundlander 13 August 1857); Charles Williams (1830-98), of Woody Island (Placentia Bay), married 1859, of Grand Bank, 1860 (MUN Hist., DPHW 106);
widespread in Lovell 1871.

Modern Status: Widespread, especially at Woody Island (Placentia Bay) (Electors 1955), St. John's, Bay Bulls, New Harbour (Trinity Bay), Pouch Cove, Pools Cove (Fortune Bay) and Corner Brook.


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