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Subject: [NF-ROOTS] Names of Sealers in 1914 Newfoundland Disaster
Date: Thu, 3 Jul 2003 13:47:34 -0300

{ SEQ CHAPTER \h \r 1}Sending just in case a relative was involved.

Apr. 1
S.S. Newfoundland tragedy, 78 died and many permanently injured.
The deaths occurred between March 31st and April 2nd.
The names of the deceased are:

John A. RYAN, The Goulds.
Stephen DONOVAN, The Goulds.
Joseph WILLIAMS, Ferryland.
Nicholas MOREY, St. John's.
Michael JOY, Harbour Main.
George Lee WHITING, Harbour Grace, married.
Henry Thomas JORDAN, Pouch Cove, married.
Charles OLSEN, Signal Hill, City.
John BRAZIL, Prospect St., City, married.
Allan WARREN, Hant's Harbour.
Fred. PEARCEY, Winterton.
Ernest John TAYLOR, Long Pond.
Fred. CARROLL, Bonavista.
Simeon CUFF, Bonavista.
Thomas HICKS, Bonavista.
William FLEMING, Bonavista.
Reuben CREW, Elliston, married.
Albert J. CREW, Elliston.
Alexander GARLAND, Elliston.
Noah TUCKER, Elliston, married.
Benjamin CHAULK, Elliston.
Charles COLE, Elliston.
Samuel MARTIN, Elliston, married.
W. OLDFORD, Elliston.
Charles WARREN, New Perlican.
Hezekiah SEAWARD, New Perlican, married.
Robert MATTHEWS, New Perlican, married.
Peter SEAWARD, New Perlican, married.
John MERCER, Bay Roberts, married.
John BUTLER, Pouch Cove.
Valentine BUTLER, Pouch Cove.
Thomas JORDAN, Pouch Cove, married.
Bernard JORDAN, Pouch Cove.
Ambrose MULLOWNEY, Bay Bulls.
Abel TIPPETT, Little Catalina.
W. J. TIPPETT, Little Catalina.
George CARPENTER, Little Catalina.
Theophilis CHAULK, Jr., Little Catalina.
Edward TIPPETT, Little Catalina.
Norman TIPPETT, Little Catalina.
Benjamin MARCH, Deer Harbour, T. B.
John KEEL, Bonavista, married. Died in hospital April 18th.
Charles FOLEY, St. Bride's.
Patrick CORBETT, Clarke's Beach.
J. BRADBURY, Shearstown.
C. DAVIS, St. John's, married.
William PEAR, Thorburn Road.
James RYAN, Fermeuse.
Joseph HISCOCK, Carbonear.
Job EASTON, Greenspond.
Robert MAIDMENT, Shambler's Cove, married.
Albert MAIDMENT, Shambler's Cove, married.
Percy KEAN, Valleyfield, married.
Philip HOLLOWAY, Newport, B.B., married.
Fred. COLLINS, Newport, married.
Daniel DOWNEY, St. John's.
David LOCKE, St. John's, married.
James PORTER, Manuels, married.
Arthur KELLOWAY, Perry's Cove.
M. MURRAY, Carbonear.
Patrick GOSSE, Torbay.
Robert BROWN, Fair Islands, B.B.
Joseph PICKETT, Fair Islands, B.B.
Henry DOWDING, Templeman, B.B.
Alphaeus DOWDING, Newtown.
Eli KING, Pound Cove, B.B.
Raymond BASTOW, St. John's.
David ABBOTT, Doting Cove.
Daniel CUFF, Doting Cove.
Peter LAMB, Red Island.
Adolphus HOWELL, Newtown.
Mark HOWELL, Newtown.
Edgar HOWELL, Newtown.
Fred. HATCHER, Cat Harbour.
Ezra MELINDY, Cat Harbour, married.
James HOWELL, Templeman.
William LAWTON, Horse Cove.
William CUFF, Doting Cove.

List of Survivors from "S.S Newfoundland"

Name Hometown Injury

* Stanley Andrews Newtown Frost burn feet and face
* Hedley Pain Greenspond Frost Burn toes and snow blindness
*Cecil Mouland Doting Cove Slight frost burn feet
*Henry Kelloway Perry's Cove Slight frost burn feet, toe
*Joshua Holloway New Harbor Slight Frost burn feet and
Snow blindness
*George Tremlett Bonavista Slight frost burn toes and Snow blindness
*William Cuff Doting Cove Slight frost burn on big toe
*Hugh Mouland Bonavista Slight frost burn toes
*Samuel Russell Bonavista Severe frost burn feet
*Michael Sheeham Bonavista Severe frost burn feet
*Simeon Trask Elliston Severe frost burn feet and hands
*James Evans Pouch Cove Severe frost burn fee
*Charles Martin Elliston Feet moderately burned and hands badly burned
*Ralph Mouland Doting Cove Severe frost burn feet
*John Hoylett Goulds Severe frost burn feet, hands and bronchitis

*Thomas Dawson Bay Roberts Severe frost burn feet and hands

*John Kell Bonavista Severe frost burn feet and hands Pneumonia
*Michael Tobin Paradise Severe frost burn hand

* This is a list of the men that had to be hospitalized out of the fifty-five survivors from the crew of the
Newfoundland. The total number of sealers killed that year including the captain and the crew of the Southern Cross
and the man killed on the Bonaventure was 253.

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