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From: "Thomas R Cole" <>(by way of Sue O'Neill <>)
Subject: Fishermen, Mariners & Seamen of Poole PART 1 OF 2
Date: Tue, 01 Nov 2005 14:33:20 -0500

**Because of its length, this message is being sent in 2 parts

Fishermen, Mariners & Seamen of Poole, Dorset:
A partial list:

1589 Walter MERYET (m) coroner's inquest.
1589 William DRAKE (m) coroner's inquest.
1623 John LAMBERT (m).
1630 Thomas BAKER (m) of Arne (daug Alma Trewe).
1639 James TREWE (m).
1686 John TILSED (m) s/o John a cordwinder Wimborne Minster apprenticed to
George Wills of Poole.
1686 George WILLS (m).
1692 Robert WILLS (f)
1695 Thomas HENNING senior.
1695 Thomas HENNING (f)
1697 William BOSCOMBE (m).
1697 Edward RIDER (m) apprentice
1701 Peter CLARKE (m).
1701 John MILLER (m) &1743 &1745.
1701 Henry STRONG (m).
1704 Ambrose WESTON (m) apprentice to London
1704 John WESTON (m) of Shadthames Southwark, London.
1704 Thomas HANN (m) apprentice.
1704 John NICKLESON (m).
1704 Peter RANDALL (m) of Corfe Castle apprentice to Thos Gray, Poole.
1704 Thomas GRAY (m).
1704 Thomas WILLIS (m) (wife Rebecca).
1705 John LINTHERN (m) (wife Joane), 1719 Linthorne
1705 Thomas YOUNG Jr (m).
1705 John DURELL (m).
1705 Aaron DURELL (m).
1706 Hugh SLADE (m) of Wareham.
1707 Joseph RIDOUT (m).
1708 John & James WINSOR. (mentions Eleanor d/o Jacob).
1708 Thomas WILLS (m).
1708 Thomas NICLELSON (m).
1708 Thomas BRUMBY (m) apprentice.
1708 William PHIPARD (m) master of the ship 'William and Mary'.
1709 Robert WILLIAMS (m).
1709 John WHITROE (m) apprentice.
1709 Richard SUTTON (m).
1710 Daniel COURTIN (m).
1712 David DURELL (m).
1713 John MARTIN (m).
1713 John BUCKLER (m).
1714 William LOCK (m).
1714 Martine WADHAM (m).
1714 Richard PRYNS (m).
1714 Abraham WILLIAMS (m).
1714 Henry DEAN (m).
1715 John DEANE (m).
1716 Henry BLACKLER (m) apprenticed to John Weston in Southwark.
1717 Lawrence RAWLENS (m).
1717 Joseph WADHAM (m).
1717 Thomas GILLETT (m) from Parkstone.
1717 Peter JOLLIFF (m).
1719 Mathew MANGIR (m).
1719 George NICKLESON (m) &1734.
1719 John BENNETT (m).
1719 Isaac PINHORNE (m).
1719 Robert POTTER (m).
1719 John BOWDEN (m).
1719 John PHIPPARD Jr (m).
1719 John BAYLY (m).
1719 Joseph BAKER (m).
1719 Jacob POPE (m).
1719 Peter JOLLIFF Jr (m).
1720 John KING (m).
1721 James MOORES (m) apprenticed to Robert Rider.
1724 Walter SPURRIER (m) will made 1740, wife Ann prob her will 1772.
1721 Robert RIDER (m).
1725 Joseph VALLIS (m).
1729 Richard HURST (m) from Canford Magna apprenticed to William Pike.
1729 William PIKE (m).
1730 William WINDSOR (s) apprentice to Joshua Weston.
1730 Joshua WESTON (m).
1730 William RIDOUT (m) s/o William a buttonmaker of Sherborne to George
Ollive of Poole.
1730 George OLIVE (m).
1730 Henry BUDDEN (s) from Twyneham, Christchurch - bastardy bond Mary
Gilbert (Canford Magna).
1734 John BISHOP (m) (wife Bridget & son John) from Canford Magna.
1734 John PIKE (m).
1734 John SIBLEY (m) from Canford Magna.
1735 David MAJOR alias MANAGER (m).
1736 Duke BAYLY (f) apprenticed to John Durell 'art of fishery'.
1736 John DURELL (m).
1736 Joseph RIDOUT (m) (daughter Vine).
1736 William CLEEVES (m).
1737 Patrick BRADY (m) (wife Hannah in 1738).
1737 William SEYMOUR (m) (wife Elizabeth).
1737 Benjamin CUMMINS (f) apprenticed to John Durell 'art of fishery'.
1737 Francis PETERSON (m) (son Isaac to Revd Robert Killpatrick, minister of
Trinity Harbour, Newfoundland).
1734 Henry STRONG (m) bastardy bond Mary Jones.
1734 George STRONG (m) bastardy bond Mary Jones.
1738 George FRAMPTON (m).
1740 William TALBOT (m) apprentice.
1740 John ROBBENS (m).
1740 Bernard LINE (m) of Sherborne apprenticed to Joh Clark of Poole.
1740 Joseph JUSTINS (m) of Sherborne apprenticed to John Clark of Poole.
1740 John HIGGINS (m) of Sherborne apprenticed to John Clark of Poole.
1740 John CLARK (m).
1742 George GILLINGHAM (m) apprentice from Canford Magna..
1742 George SMITH (m).
1743 __ BLAKE (m), son-in-law of Isaac Hull of Canford Magna.
1743 Moses HOOPER (m).
1743 William MULLENDER (m) of Sherborne apprenticed to Benjamin Weston of
1743 Benjamin WESTON (m).
1743 James HIGGENS (m) of Sherborne apprenticed to Moses Hooper of Poole.
1743 James PENNY (m) of Sherborne apprenticed to Moses Hooper of Poole.
1744 George STRONG (m).
1745 Richard LOCK (f).
1745 John GRAY (m) (1761 of Parkstone).
1745 John BISHOP (m) from Canford Magna apprenticed to John White of West
Cowes, IOW.
1745 John WHITE (m) of West Cowes, IOW.
1745 Henry BUDDEN (m) (from Canford Magna) apprenticed to Moses Hooper.
1746 Roger SEAL alias SALE (m) (wife Mary, child Betty from St. Thomas
1746 John THOMSON (m).
1746 Thomas SULLEY (s) apprenticed to Edward wills of Hamworthy.
1746 Edward WILLS (m) of Hamworthy
1747 George WILLS (m).
1747 John CARTER (m).
1747 John WATTS (m) s/o Elizabeth Manfield of Sherborne to Moses Hooper of
1747 Edward PAYNE (m) of Sherborne apprenticed to George Smith of Poole.
1747 George SMITH (m).
1747 Leach KING (m) of Sherborne apprenticed to Robert ills of Poole.
1747 Robert MILLS (m).
1749 Thomas GIBBERD (m).
1749 James PINSON (m).
1749 William KNIGHT (m) (wife Mary).
1749 Cornelius DIAMOND (m) (had son James Diamond).
1749 Thomas SILLEY (s) apprenticed to Joseph Bowles, merchant.
1750 Thomas BURT (m) from Iwerne.
1750 Richard TURNER (m).
1750 William KNIGHT (m) of Southampton.
1750 Francis BUCKLY (m) of London.
1750 Henning BLAKE (m).
1750 John SLADE (m).
1750 Timothy SPURRIER (m) the younger.
1752 Benjamon GREEN (wife Mary) &1765 &1768 &1770 &1774 &1779.
1752 Edward GLYDE (m) of Sherborne apprenticed to Henry Brooks of Bay Bulls,
1752 Jasper ARNOLD (m) of Sherborne apprenticed to Henry Brooks of Bay
Bulls, Newfoundland.
1752 Henry BROOKS (m) of Poole and Newfoundland.
1754 John CAKE (m) (wife Elizabeth, children Matthew, John, Mary from
1756 George DURELL (m).
1756 John DIRHAM (m) apprenticed to John Tillsed.
1756 John TILLSED (m).
1756 John WILES (m).
1756 Benjamin BELBIN (m) (wife Sarah).
1756 Samuel GRAY (m) apprentice.
1756 John STEPHENS (m) of West Cowes, IOW.
1756 William HELMAN (m) apprentice.
1756 William DOVE (m) of Freshwater, IOW.
1756 Richard LAWS (m).
1757 William GEORGE (m) of Canford Magna.
1757 James STEPHEN Jr (m).
1758 John WHALES (m).
1758 Solomon TUCK (m)
1759 John CARTRIDGE.
1759 John HOOKEY (m).
1759 Francis BULL (m) (wife Elizabeth)
1759 William LAMBERT (m)
1759 Richard GRAVENER. (m) of Rye, Sussex.
1759 John STONE (m) of Longham
1759 Joseph MILLER (m) of Studland & 1763.
1759 Robert BONFIELD (m).
1759 John GEORGE (m) of Quinton.
1759 Benjamin SMITH (m).
1759 John ELINOR (m).
1759 John PEACEY (m).
1759 William LEWES (m) of Sherborne apprenticed to Capt James Brooks of Nay
Bulls, Newfoundland.
1759 Capt James BROOKS (m) of Poole and Newfoundland.
1759 Giles POOLLEY (s).
1760 Robert HASKELL (m) of Lyndhurst.
1760 Thomas BREWER (s) from Ringwood.
1761 Francis PIKE (f).
1761 William THOMPSON (m).
1761 William SLADE (m) &1774.
1761 Henry MITCHELL (m) of Canford Magna.
1761 Francis PINNEY (m) &1771.
1761 John HODDER (m) of Corfe Castle.
1761 Alexander CRANE (m).
1761 Duncan KENNETT (m).
1761 Egbert LAMBORN (m).
1761 Cornelius DIAMOND (m).
1761 James KEAY (m).
1761 James JARVIS (m) (child by Grace Sansum) of Fife, Scotland.
1761 Thomas SANSUM (m) (wife Grace Harding? has child by James Jarvis).
1762 William WHITE (m).
1762 Joseph HAYWARD (m) of Ringwood.
1762 Philip ROBBINS (m).
1762 Samuel LINTHORNE (m).
1762 Joseph MILLER (m) of Poole &1778.
1762 William HILL (m).
1762 Thomas GALTON (m).
1762 George BIRCH (m) from Canford Magna.
1763 George LOCKYER (m).
1763 John GRANT (m).
1763 William CROSS (m).
1763 John THOMPSON (m).
1763 Edward EDMONDS (s).
1763 Thomas SANSOM (m) of Wimborne Minster, of Poole 1766.
1763 William MOORS (m) of Beaminster.
1763 John TENNYEND (m).
1763 William POTTLE (m).
1763 John INKPEN (m) of Sturminster Newton.
1763 William WEST (m). & 1764, 1768.
1763 Thomas GLEED (m).
1763 Daniel FERGUSSON (m) of Topsham.
1763 William WILLIS (m).
1763 Phillip FRANCIS (m).
1763 William SENNETT (m) & 1769.
1763 Samuel DERHAM (m) (wife Eleanor).
1763 George DARBY (m) of Hamworthy.
1763 Benjamin WILLIAMS (m) of Chudleigh, Devon.
1764 Richard LOCK (f).
1764 Edward EDMONDS (m).
1764 John STAPLES (m).
1764 Henry STANDLEY (m).
1764 Lawrence BRIANT (m).
1764 Richard WALLIS (m). (wife Mary)
1764 Benjamin WILLS (m) &1765 & 1767.
1764 John WILLS (m).
1764 Robert SHERRENHAM (m).
1764 John SOMERTON (m) late of Swanage.
1764 Joseph BROOK (m) of Sherborne apprenticed to Nathaniel Brooks of Poole.
1764 Robert PARKER (m) of Sherborne apprenticed to Nathaniel Brooks of
1764 Sweet WALTERS (m) of Sherborne apprenticed to John LEMON of Poole.
1764 Thomas DAMPIER (m) of Sherborne apprenticed to John Lemon of Poole.
1764 James BOWNE (m) of Sherborne apprenticed to John Lemon of Poole.
1764 John LEMON (m) of Poole and Newfoundland.
1764 Nathaniel BROOKS (m).
1764 Henning BLAKE (s) wife Elizabeth.
1765 George BEDELL (m).
1765 Edward ANDREWS (m).

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