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Subject: UpFront Vol. 3, No. 24, 15 December 2004
Date: Thu, 16 Dec 2004 02:41:19 -0800

UpFront with NGS
The Online Newsletter of the National Genealogical Society
Volume 3, Number 24 --15 December 2004

Quote of the Day -- 15 December 2004
"I would like to take this time to thank Carla for her tireless
efforts to get the genealogy community news out to the genealogy
community. I would like to personally thank her for all the things
that I learned as her co-editor."
~ Dennis Ridenour

Today In UpFront

Carla and Dennis: Thanks from NGS
NGS Britain and Ireland Forum
--Now New Benefits for NGS Forum Members
Genetics and Genealogy
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Holiday Baking
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To learn more about the goals, publications, conferences, services and
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Carla and Dennis: Thanks from NGS

Carla and Dennis Ridenour have served NGS in many capacities for more
than a dozen years now, but they have decided it is time to move on.
It has been my privilege to work with them on UpFront during the past
two and a half years. The bi-weekly chats and e-mails with Carla
became a fun routine as each issue of UpFront was prepared. Along with
all of you I enjoyed reading Dennis' regular articles on digital
imaging. UpFront would never have been a success without the hard work
and expertise of both the Ridenours. Thanks for everything--I will
miss working with you both!

Cyndi Howells
UpFront Admin & NGS Board Member

Some 60 issues ago (at twice a month that’s two and a half years!)
Carla and Dennis Ridenour volunteered to edit UpFront, the new NGS
online ezine. Neither were new to the genealogical community or to
NGS. In 1991, Carla became the editor of the NGS Computer Interest
Group Digest. This evolved overtime into the computer interest section
in the NGS NewsMagazine which continued through January 2004. Their
efforts didn’t stop here. The 1995 Conference in the States brochure
(held in San Deigo) notes that among the presentations would be a
computer lab focusing on graphic techniques. An immensely popular
course, frequently offered in multiple sessions through the years,
this too evolved and at Pittsburgh in 2002, the Ridenours began
scanning family papers. Following the conference they took the family
papers project on the road and today the Society is working hard to
post the results of the overwhelming response to their road show on
the NGS Web site. It is with regret that we announce their retirement.
Their willingness to contribute to the betterment of NGS and to the
genealogical community is evident, but like all good things, it must
come to an end. NGS would like to join the genealogical community in
thanking them for their numerous services over the years and wish them
well in their future endeavors. They will be missed. We hope their
retirement will allow them time to continue to contribute occasional
articles to our publications and look forward to hearing about their
continued genealogical adventures.

Barbara Vines Little, CG
NGS President


Don't Forget to Warm Up Your Research with NGS!
20-22 January 2005
Phoenix, Arizona

NGS Britain and Ireland Forum
Now New Benefits for NGS Forum Members

The announcement below describes new data available to NGS Britain and
Ireland Forum members through the Origins Network featured benefit. To
learn more about joining the Forum see:

New British & Irish Genealogy Records Available!

The Origins Network announces new exclusive online access to Irish
Militia Records at, plus recent English
and Irish genealogy dataset additions including London Census, Dublin
City Census, Essex Militia Records & an Irish Image Gallery, all
available at

The Origins Network, specialists in British and Irish genealogy, are
proud to announce the exclusive online availability of an index to
Irish Militia Attestations, available via subscription to, plus Essex Militia Attestations available
to English genealogy researchers at
Additional new genealogy search collections added to the Origins
Network this month include over 3 million new London/Kent and
Middlesex census records from 1871, exclusive access to the 1851
Dublin City Census, plus the new Irish Origins Image Gallery,
featuring rare vintage photos and other publications from the 19th
century. All new collections are available to genealogy researchers at

"We're proud to offer these new collections;" said founder Ian
Galbraith, "The Origins Network is committed to offering the highest
quality material to British and Irish genealogy researchers, and the
new additions offer significant value to our subscribers."

New Irish Genealogy Collections (
-- Ireland's Royal Garrison Artillery Militia Attestations (1872-
1915). Index to attestations made by Irish militia recruits.. The
original documents, which can be ordered online, are a particularly
fruitful source with data such as name, age, birthplace, employer,
occupation, marital status & more. Provided by Jennifer Edmonds, and
available as of December 2. Exclusive online access at
-- 1851 Dublin City Census. Over 60,000 names accompanied by the 1847
Town Plans. With the destruction of the 19th Irish census, this
remaining collection is essential to Irish genealogy research.
Exclusive to Irish Origins, added November 15, compiled by Dr D.A.
Chart and provided in partnership with Eneclann Ltd.
-- Irish Origins Image Gallery. (6 collections; 19th Century).
Includes vintage photos, maps and other publications. Images and
descriptions of Ireland prior to the 20th century are very scarce, and
these collections offer a rare glimpse of daily life throughout the
country. Online as of December 2, 2004 at

New British Genealogy Collections (
-- Essex Regiment Militia Attestations Index (1886-1910). The
original documents, which can be ordered online, feature data such as
name, age, birthplace, employer, occupation, marital status & more.
Provided by Jennifer Edmonds. Exclusive access to English genealogy
researchers at as of December 2.
-- London/Kent & Middlesex Census Records (1871). 2 datasets with
over 3 million names, searchable by name, age, parish and county.
Include source record references. Added November 15, 2004 at

In addition to the new collections described above, The Origins
Network will be adding more exclusive British and Irish genealogy
datasets over the course of the next few months: more 1871 England &
Wales census records, Irish Passenger lists, more Militia Attestation
index records, indexes to 17th century Chancery cases and to
Inheritance disputes, Surrey Feet of Fines & Surrey Wills Extracts,
and a British Origins Image Gallery.

About The Origins Network (

Submitted by Jane Hewitt, Origins Network


Genetics and Genealogy

By Connie Lenzen, CGRS

Matt, my thirteen-year-old grandson, hadn't finished picking up some
of his things in the family room. I was baby-sitting the children, and
I wanted things to be tidy when their parents returned home. I went to
Matt's room and knocked on the closed door. He didn't respond, so I
knocked again - somewhat louder. By this time, I was feeling
irritable, and I yelled at him to come out and finish his cleaning. He
opened the door, and with a smile, offered the perfect squelch,
"Grandma, now I know where I inherited my impatience."

One of the side benefits of doing genealogy is that we learn about the
ancestors from whom we inherited our traits. We can also see some of
those traits in ourselves.

Tracing your genetic heritage is a type of research that many
genealogists try.

Some do this by researching their genetic medical history. Dr. Thomas
H. Shawker has written a book called Unlocking Your Genetic History.
He starts out by saying that more than 80 percent of the patients that
he sees have a genetic disease.

Dr. Shawker explains DNA and how it is used, and he does it in a way
that most laymen can understand. For me, the best of this book is in
the other portions where he talks about genetic diseases and how to
prepare a medical pedigree. Doctor Shawker says, "If a disease has a
genetic basis, it will occur in family members, it will 'run in the
family,' or be a 'family trait.'" Looks like this is what Matt and I
have, a family trait towards impatience.

There are sections in the book with explanations of different types of
genetic diseases. There's everything from anemia to young-adult

The book is so new that it isn't in libraries, but copies can be
ordered from the NGS Bookstore, online at


Holiday Baking

By Cyndi Howells

I come from a long line of farmers and the steadfast farm wives who
spent their entire lives cooking and baking for large families. I
learned how to cook and bake from my mother, who learned from her
mother, who learned from her mother, etc. My recipe box is stuffed
full of recipes that came from my ancestors, some of which were
handwritten by my grandparents and great-grandmother. I covet the
ancient black, leather-bound cookbook in my mother's cupboard, because
it once belonged to my grandmother. It is loaded with comments that
Grandma scrawled in the margins of each recipe. These things are
precious treasures to me.

Each time I make a dish or bake a cookie from one of the old recipes I
think of the person in my family who it once belonged to. I remember
all the times that I have tasted it and recall the reasons that my
family continues the tradition of making it. During the holidays the
memories come flooding back to me. They are bittersweet because my
grandparents are all gone now, as are some of my aunts and uncles.

I have spent the last few days in my kitchen baking up holiday
memories. The smell of the caramel corn makes me cry because my Aunt
Viola can no longer remember how to make it. She can't remember my
name or her own any more. But I can remember for her. And I can think
of her every time I continue making one of her favorites that she
always shared with me as I grew up. The homemade hot buttered rum
batter is decadent and loaded with calories. But the warm, cozy
feeling I get when I hold a cup in my hand makes me feel the way it
always did when Uncle Reggie made some and handed it to me with his
warm, friendly smile. My Grandma's chocolate fudge recipe is a
standard at this time of year. I have had to alter the ingredients for
the recipe a few times as sizes and packaging has changed. The "25
cent Hershey bar" she included in the recipe is now $1.99, weighing
two ounces less than it did back when it was 25 cents.

I just made some candied pretzels with red and green sprinkles, a
treat from my husband Mark's childhood that is now one of our son
Evan's favorites. Tomorrow my parents are making popcorn balls, a
tradition that goes back to before I was born. They are my Uncle
David's favorite, and they never fail to invoke one of my earliest
Christmas memories--me sitting on Uncle David's lap and sharing this
holiday treat, surrounded by grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins.
This week my niece and nephew will be painting a batch of Great-
Grandma Johnson's sour cream sugar cookies. Five generations have now
made these cookies. I can only hope that five more generations will
continue this in the future.

The holiday baking and treats certainly don't help our diets much.
Thankfully there aren't any calories in the memories that wash over me
when I see, smell, or taste all these goodies. It occurred to me this
week that all this baking isn't really about the eating. For me it is
about remembering the holidays in the past and our family as it used
to be. It is about the continuity of life as we pass our traditions
from generation to generation. Having the same fudge and cookies on my
Christmas table that my Grandma had on her Christmas table means that
many things are the same, no matter how much they change. And a little
bit of Grandma is still here with me this month.

I hope you enjoy baking your own holiday memories with your family
this season. Happy holidays!

(Some of the recipes I mentioned are online from a few years ago:


Bookmarks from NGS Members

Vital Record Guide

Joe Beine has created several websites that genealogists should
bookmark. One is the 'Online Searchable Death Indexes & Records,"
online at Joe's website is a directory of
online death indexes. He has listed them by state and by county. The
information on the sites ranges from death indexes to probate indexes
to cemetery and burial records to death notices. He includes free
sites and subscription sites.

Submitted by Connie Lenzen, CGRS

Antique Books

A website for European antique book dealers search - if you REALLY
want to find that book -

Submitted by Ken Craft


News Item

The Southwest Oklahoma Genealogical Society (SWOGS, has published, for 2 years in
a row, an 8-1/2 x 11 desk calendar. Each page displays one week. A
third of the page is devoted to genealogy. In 2004, the calendar
listed a genealogy tip for each day and some humorous genealogy
sayings. For 2005, the calendar highlighted a "Tour of the Family
History Room" of the Lawton Public Library, which houses the largest
collection of genealogical materials in the State of Oklahoma. Each
week lists a few of the books in the room on various states or
subjects (Native American, African American, land records, family
histories, wars, etc). Listed also are many of the Federal census
records on microfilm with a brief description of why it is important.
And there is a week where "Look-Ups" are described. At the end of the
calendar are the forms that family historians use as they do their
research. These blank forms can be duplicated as needed. Because this
calendar is a product of SWOGS, the date and time is filled in on the
appropriate day for each of the society's meetings throughout the

Submitted by Phyllis Young, SWOGS Vice President / Program Chairman


News Item

Recognizing Excellence in Family History Writing

December 1, 2004 ­ The International Society of Family History Writers
and Editors (ISFHWE) is sponsoring its annual “Excellence in Writing”
competition to recognize excellence in genealogical columns and
articles. The contest is open to all members of ISFHWE, both published
and unpublished authors. Entrants may join ISFHWE at the time of their
contest submission.

Contest entrants must be members of ISFHWE. The contest is judged by
professionals in the fields of genealogy and journalism. The contest
has four categories:

-- Newspaper Columns (published in 2004)
-- Articles (published in 2004)
-- Genealogy Research Story (original, unpublished article)
-- Want-to-be Writer/Columnist (original, unpublished material)

Winners in each category will be awarded a cash prize and a
The awards presentation will take place at the Gala ISFHWE Awards
Banquet to be held at the National Genealogical Society conference in
Nashville, Tennessee, 1-4 June 2005. (Those unable to attend will
receive their awards after the conference.)

Rules, information and entry form are available at:

Entries must be RECEIVED by the coordinator no earlier than 9 February
and no later than 23 February 2005. Entries must be mailed in time to
make this deadline. Send entries (along with your check for the
appropriate entry fee(s) and membership dues) to:

6584 Red Fox Rd.
Reynoldsburg, OH 43068-1631

Open to columnists, writers (published and unpublished), editors, and
anyone interested in family history writing and publication, this
organization was founded in 1987 and originally was named the Council
of Genealogy Columnists. In May 2000 the name was formally changed to
International Society of Family History Writers and Editors, Inc.
(ISFHWE). Its primary objective is to encourage high standards in
genealogical journalism.

Submitted by Amy Johnson Crow


News Item

Auditions For A New Television Series!
Seeking Host & Regulars For A Family History Sleuthing Show

Looking for ENTHUSIASTIC GENEALOGISTS (amateur and professional) and
ACTORS (non-union). Auditions will be held in three locations to find
a host and on-camera regulars for a new family history sleuthing
television series. Interest and/or experience in genealogy a definite

Are you one of those people who loves digging into history's
mysteries? Do you sometimes wish you had been born a century (or two
or three) earlier? Do you get excited at the prospect of a cemetery
visit or learning the real truth about mysterious great-aunt Tillie?
Do your special talents include the ability to read a foreign language
or old-style handwriting, find just about anything on the Internet, or
explain why you should always be a little suspicious of details found
on a death certificate? Or are you a professional actor (non-union,
please) who can "play nice" with obsessed roots-seekers?

If so, we want to hear from you - especially if you've ever been
described as charismatic, flamboyant, quirky, opinionated, or
eccentric! This is a joint US-Canadian venture, and the series
producers will be holding auditions by appointment in January and
February 2005 in the following areas:
-- Provo and Salt Lake City, Utah
-- Toronto, Ontario
-- Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Preliminary applications may be completed at
(attachment of .jpg headshots and/or resumes encouraged, but not
required; no phone calls, please). If selected, applicants must be
willing to travel (at their own expense) to one of the audition
locations. All submissions must be received no later than January 6,

Submitted by Megan Smolenyak


NGS Events and Activities

20-22 January 2005
Warm Up Your Research
Phoenix, Arizona

If you are putting together your “what I want for Christmas list” let
us provide several suggestions. The Phoenix Conference January 20-22,
2005 will offer a great genealogical program for all and for some, a
winter warm up. Thursday's one-day workshops will polish up your
genealogical software skills, your professional skills and your
general genealogical knowledge. Topics include website design,
scanning, writing, and a BCG Education Fund workshop: "How to
Communicate With Yourself and Others." There will be daily luncheons
and a banquet. Speakers include Cyndi Howells; Thomas Jones, CG, CGL;
Helen Leary, CG, CGL, FNGS, FASG; J. Mark Lowe, CG; and Elizabeth
Shown Mills, CG, CGL, FNGS, FASG. As usually we’ll have vendors from
whom you can purchase books, CDs and other genealogical materials.

If your spouse is not interested in genealogy there will be plenty to
do in Phoenix. The Wyndham Phoenix is located in the city's core -
the best of all Phoenix is just outside its front door. The Phoenix is
only a short walk away from the Convention Center, the shops and
restaurants of Arizona Center, America West Arena, Bank One Ballpark,
Herberger and Orpheum Theaters, Symphony Hall, and the Dodge Theater.
Guest rooms are comfortable, peaceful and spacious. The hotel also
features an outdoor pool, fully-equipped fitness center, and a Rascals
Comedy Club.

23-30 January 2005
2005 Salt Lake City Research Trip

We still have a few seats available on the NGS Research Trip to Salt
Lake January 23-30, 2005. Dereka Smith, MLS, and Shirley Langdon
Wilcox, CG, FNGS, will lead this trip as they have in previous years.
Both Dereka and Shirley are experienced researchers familiar with the
extensive resources available at the Family History Library in Salt
Lake City.

Dereka is the former librarian of the National Genealogical Society
where she worked from 1994 until 2004. She obtained her Master of
Library Science from Catholic University. Her mother's ancestry is
completely New England and her father's ancestry completely "old"
England, so she has experience working in both areas. In addition, she
has done some work on the German ancestry of her husband and children.

Shirley served two terms as NGS President and has been a Certified
Genealogist since 1973. As a native Californian, she has experience
tracing her own lines from New England and the South across the
country to Northern California in the 1850s­1870s. As a professional
genealogist she has compiled lineages for clients whose ancestors
lived in many geographic regions. Shirley was president of the
Association of Professional Genealogists from 1991­1993.

1-4 June 2005
NGS Conference in the States and GENTECH Conference,
Tennessee Crossroads, Nashville, Tennessee

Now for more exciting news! Your NGS Board recently met in Nashville
and we are excited about our conference facilities. In addition to
the great program we have planned, you will find a number of research
facilities within easy walking distance including church archives and
the Tennessee State Library and Archives which houses one of the
foremost genealogical collections in the nation. It’s also the
official repository for state and local Tennessee records. Look for an
article on these and other research facilities in the January issue of
the NGS NewsMagazine that should be back on schedule and mailed to
members in January. While you are in Nashville, we also suggest you
visit the Hermitage, home of Andrew Jackson, the Parthenon, Music Row,
and Carnton Plantation and Carter House. For those of you who like to
sample the local night life, Broadway is just two blocks from the
convention hotel where you can enjoy a night cap and a choice of
venues for some of the best country and western music Nashville has to


Other Events

To add your event to this calendar, please send an
announcement to

24 March 2005
5th Annual Workshop on Technology for Family History and
Genealogical Research
Hosted by the Brigham Young University Computer Science Department and
Computer Science Alumni Association

This workshop provides a forum for presenting and discussing current
and emerging research work on technology that supports family history
and genealogy. Results should address technology problems whose
solutions have the potential to improve family history and
genealogical research work. The format of the conference will include
a keynote speaker, panel discussions and technical presentations.

We invite all who enjoy presenting and learning about emerging
technological research, as it applies to genealogy. We especially
invite those who do research and publish in the areas of informatics
and computer science. Early Bird Registration: December 31, 2004.

The workshop focuses on research issues in technology that support
family history and genealogy. We solicit submission of original
research, as well as experience papers that address these themes.
Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
--Digitized Images of Historical Data
--Information Integration
--Human Interfaces/Delivery Systems
--Expert and Intelligent Systems
--Digital Historical Data Sources

Authors should submit extended abstracts to the workshop website at, there is also more detailed information
available at the workshop website. If you need assistance, contact the
workshop Webmaster at .

Submitted by Toria McMullin, BYU Computer Science Department


Family Reunions

To add your family reunion to this calendar, please send an
announcement to

Planning your own family reunion? Read the popular book in the NGS
Guide Series by Sandra McLean Clunies, CG: "A Family Affair"

4-6 March 2005
The 2005 African American Family Reunion Conference
Presented by The Family Reunion Institute of the School of Social
Administration at Temple University in partnership with The Atlanta
Convention and Visitors Bureau. Theme: "African American Family
Reunions: Reconnecting." Conference Goal: To enhance the strengths
of the African American extended family. Location: Hilton Atlanta
Hotel 255 Courtland Street, NE Atlanta, Georgia, 1-877-667-7210. Who
Should Attend: Family reunion organizers, committee members, family
members or anyone contemplating starting a reunion or wanting to renew
or gain new ideas; everyone who likes learning about history, culture
and/or social issues as they relate to the family; everyone and who
just loves the family! To receive final brochure contact Sylvia Ford-
George, Portfolio Associates, Inc., 215-627-3660 or
. For updates and printed
registration form go to

27-30 May 2005
Hauser Family Reunion - The Hauser/Hooser/Houser/Hoosier family
will hold its second national-scale gathering 27-30 May 2005 at the Shaker
Village at Pleasant Hill, between Lexington and Harrodsburg, Kentucky.
Family members descend from Martin, Sr. and Maria Margaretha (Schäfer)
Haúßer who emigrated from Alsace to Philadelphia in 1727. Friends,
namesakes, and other interested parties are welcome to attend.
Thousands of descendants have relocated from the family's 1750s
settlements near Winston-Salem, NC, and live today throughout the U.
S. and Canada. At least 13 descendants lived in this beautiful Shaker
community between 1807 and 1884. For pre-registration materials, write
Hauser/Hooser Reunion, P. O. Box 5405, Huntsville, AL 35814; or send
an e-mail to .

5-7 June 2005
The Dugger Reunion 2005 will be held on June 5-7 in Franklin,
Tennessee. Baymont Inn will serve as registration headquarters.
For more information, contact Carol V. Dugger -
or Margaret Hougland -

16-18 June 2005
Owsley Annual Meeting
Bledsoe - Middleton -Owsley - Housley - Ousley - Ouseley -
Howsley - Poyntz

Meeting at the Ramada Conference Center Thursday, June 16, thru
Saturday, June 18, The Conference Center is well located at 2143 North
Broadway in Lexington, Kentucky 40505. Thursday, the 16th: early
registration and optional visit to the Shaker Village at Pleasant Hill
to see people dressed in period costume performing Shaker tasks and
crafts--like soap making, furniture making, weaving, etc. On Thursday
evening there will be a gathering of cousins for dessert and coffee in
our hospitality room back at the hotel. On Friday morning we'll have
our annual Business Meeting and then carpool to Pleasant Retreat, home
of former Kentucky Governor William Owsley. Alternatively, attendees
may choose to do genealogical research in area libraries, or visit
some of the outstanding Lexington sites. The hospitality room will be
open so that and cousins may gather there after dinner to share
photos, stories, and genealogical information. You'll have a full day
on Saturday--with speakers on such diverse topics as the lives of
Byzantine Emperors who were our ancestors through Dorothea Poyntz by
Sheila Patterson; Ronny Bodine's adventures coming to the U.S. and
beginning kindergarten without speaking a word of English; Jane and
Ray Hanson's humorous telling about their adventures applying to
attend the Knights of the Garter ceremony at Windsor Castle: the
procedures, the ceremony, plus advice for other Owsleys who might want
to attend a future ceremony; and James Griffin will recount an
historical Owsley adventure in his retelling of "The Long Night", by
Andrew Lytle and noted Auburn Professor Emeritus, Dr. Frank Lawrence
Owsley., Jr. We end the conference Saturday evening with our
traditional banquet and social--games, entertainment, and visiting.
You do not have to be a member to attend. Contact: Homer "Andy"
Anderson, 220 West Glenwood Ave., Knoxville, TN 37917,
or Shelia Patterson, P. O. Box 10959, Eugene,
OR 97440,

28-30 July 2005
Pennington Research Association, Inc.
The 2005 PRA Reunion and Meeting will be held in Portland,
Oregon, July 28-30, 2005 at the Shilo Inns Suites Hotel,
Portland Airport. For more information, go to
Contact: Alice Sanders (),
(360) 423-6844.


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