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Subject: UpFront Vol. 4, No. 1, 1 January 2005
Date: Sun, 02 Jan 2005 02:20:13 -0800

UpFront with NGS
The Online Newsletter of the National Genealogical Society
Volume 4, Number 1 -- 1 January 2005

Tip of the Day -- 1 January 2005
--Make a New Year's Resolution to routinely tune-up your computer:
1. Run your anti-virus checker at least once a week.
2. Run your spyware checker at least once a week.
3. Make archived and backup copies of your important files weekly.
4. Clean up old files on the hard drive monthly.
5. Run other system tune-ups (such as a disk defrag) monthly.

Today In UpFront

NGS in Phoenix
--Additions for the NGS Phoenix Winter Warm-Up
A New Year, A New Calendar
--by Connie Lenzen, CGRS
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Additions for the NGS Phoenix Winter Warm-Up

NGS is pleased to announce some additional features for the NGS
Phoenix Winter Warm-Up Conference

A lunch will be offered on Thursday for those attending the workshops.
Tom Kemp from Godfrey Library will be the speaker. By adding this
luncheon to your activities, everyone will be assured a timely lunch
between the workshops and avoid the backup in the small hotel
restaurant. Lunch is $22 for a croissant club of ham, cheese, salad,
and turtle cheesecake.

In the evening the attendees will have the opportunity to meet the
speakers and NGS board members from 7:00 to 9:00. Bring your
individual questions and let the speakers help you with new research
ideas and techniques.

BCG will offer a free certification workshop on Thursday evening
starting at 7:00 pm. If you have thought about becoming certified,
here is an opportunity to ask questions and learn more about the


Don't Forget to Warm Up Your Research with NGS!
20-22 January 2005
Phoenix, Arizona


A New Year, A New Calendar

By Connie Lenzen, CGRS

I sat down with the 2005 calendar and jotted down the work events, the
family events, and the meetings that at least one person in the family
is expected to attend. The calendar is getting pretty full already.

There are interesting genealogical events coming up in the next couple
of months. The NGS "Winter Warmup" conference in Phoenix is looking
real good. Today has been a gray and cold day. A little warmth from
the sun would help. Of course, every time genealogists get together,
the cheerful sounds of people as they meet other folks with the
genealogy passion makes the day feel warmer.

I ran across a new-to-me calendar website at You can request a calendar for
any year. For instance, if you want to know on what day you were born,
you would ask for the year of your birth. has a nice assortment of birthdate calculators in the
"Calendars and Dates" section. These allow me to figure out the exact
date of birth from tombstone inscriptions. For instance, the tombstone
of one of my ancestors says, "Niesz, Mary (w/o Rev John), d. Oct 28,
1868, age 70 y, 6 m, 9 da." I selected one of the birthdate
calculators, filled in the date of death and the age, and clicked on
"compute." Mary was born on April 19, 1798. Switching back to the time
and website, I asked for a calendar for 1798. April 19th was
a Thursday. Then I asked for a calendar for 1868. October 28th was a


NGS BookStore

NGS Bookstore Specials: New York State

---Marriages and Deaths from the New Yorker - 1836-1841, $7.00
By Dr. Kenneth Scott, FNGS. Approximately 5,000 deaths and 3,000
marriages excerpted. Events occurred not only in New York City and
State, but throughout the U.S. and abroad. Indexed. 1980. 310 pp.
Hardbound. NGS.

---Genealogical Data from NY Post Boy 1743-1773, $6.00
By Dr. Kenneth Scott, FNGS. Abstracts covering N.Y. and other
colonies. 1970. 2nd printing 1980. Indexed. 188 pp. Hardbound. NGS.

---Petitions for Name Changes in NY City, 1848-1899, $6.00
Compiled by Dr. Kenneth Scott, FNGS. All genealogical data pertaining
to legal name changes in New York City between 1848 and 1899. Indexed.
1984. 144 pp. Hardbound. NGS.

---Long Island Genealogical Source Material, $5.00
By Herbert F. Seversmith and Dr. Kenn Stryker-Rodda, FNGS. Definitive
work containing over 800 items. 1962. 3rd printing 1987. 121 pp.
Hardbound. NGS.

---Nineteenth Century Apprentices in NY City, $7.00
By Dr. Kenneth Scott, FNGS. Abstracts of 35 volumes of N.Y.
apprenticeship registers. 474 pp. Hardbound. NGS


Bookmarks from NGS Members
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lists for genealogy. The mailing lists are all free for you to
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ethnic groups, genealogy software and much more. Explore the types of
lists here: There are two versions of each
mailing list: individual "mail" mode or "digest" mode. Mail mode
delivers messages to you one at a time as they are posted by other
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mailing list at RootsWeb, you haven't missed anything. You can search
or browse archived messages from the past. Use the links at the bottom
of each mailing list page to access those archives.

Submitted by Cyndi Howells


News Item

Three Events at the Newberry Library

Newberry Library's Friends of Genealogy
The Newberry Library, 60 W. Walton St.
Chicago, Illinois 60610-7324, 312-943-9090

Thursday, January 27, 2005
"Genealogy Research in Sweden and Norway" with Marilynn Jeglum
Free demonstration of Genline Swedish Research Website - 4:00 p.m. to
6:00 p.m. Lecture with Marilynn Jeglum from 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.
Newberry Library.

Learn how to research Swedish and Norwegian ancestors at two events.
Marilynn Jeglum will lecture on naming traditions, social geography,
and other issues in Swedish and Norwegian genealogy research. She is
an accomplished genealogist, a consultant to the Swedish-American
Museum in Chicago, a founder of Nordic Family Researchers. From 4:00-
6:00 p.m., a representative of the Swedish genealogy company, Genline,
will demonstrate their Swedish research database.

Admission is $10, or free to FOG members. For more information, call

Saturday, March 19, 2005
"A Day of African-American History and Genealogy" with Ronne
Hartfield, Roma Stewart and Jack Simpson Program from 9:30 a.m. to
3:00 p.m. (doors open at 9:00 a.m.) Newberry Library, Ruggles Hall

Join us to celebrate the award from the State of Illinois to the
Newberry Library to enhance its African-American family history
reference collection and to increase public knowledge of its existing
collections in this field.

Speakers include Ronne Hartfield, author of Another Way Home: The
Tangled Roots of Race in One Chicago Family, genealogy expert and
author Roma Stewart, and Jack Simpson, Curator of Local and Family
History at the Newberry Library.

Admission is free. For more information, call 312-255-3671.

Saturday, April 9, 2005
Program from 9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Newberry Library, Ruggles Hall
Friends of Genealogy's Seventh Annual Workshop in Memory of Barbara
Stenger Burditt "A Day with the Szucs: Lou and Juliana Share
Strategies for Genealogical Success"

Learn from a family of genealogical experts! Loretto (Dennis) "Lou"
Szucs and her daughter, Juliana (Szucs) Smith, lead an all day
workshop on genealogy research methods. They will present new
developments in family history, advice for urban research, use of
unusual sources, and tips for online research. Lou is co-editor of
"The Source," the major reference work in American genealogy, and
author of "Chicago and Cook County: A Guide to Research" and several
other books. Currently, she is Vice President of Publications at Juliana is a weekly columnist for's free e-
newsletter, "Ancestry Daily News" and is an author whose books include
"Quick Tips for Genealogists." (A vast selection of genealogical
guides and references works will be available for purchase in
Newberry's McClurg Bookstore.)

Admission to all four lectures, a detailed syllabus, and a box lunch
is $75; $50 for FOG members. Inquire about our new FOG member workshop
discount! Reservations are required; call 312-255-3574.


News Item

The Newberry Library's Genealogy Adult Education Seminars
Winter/ Spring 2005

Newberry Library's Friends of Genealogy
The Newberry Library, 60 W. Walton St.
Chicago, Illinois 60610-7324, 312-943-9090

All classes are open to the public and held at the Newberry Library.

Come to the Newberry Library and take a genealogy seminar during the
Winter/ Spring 2005 term. Chicago experts offer classes at a level
and in an area that is sure to interest you and contribute to your
genealogy project. FOG members receive a 10% discount on tuition for
genealogy classes.

Take an introductory crash course in genealogy research or delve more
deeply into the subject; research the history of your Chicago house or
track down biographical information on family members in and around
Chicago; use the internet as a research tool; or get a grip on
organizing and utilizing your genealogical research. It's all here at
the Newberry this spring.

"Analyzing, Recording and Organizing Your Genealogical Research
Results" -Saturdays, 1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m., February 19 and 26 --Two
sessions ($90) Tired of those piles of paper? Interested in learning
accredited methods for analyzing a body of information? What about
properly citing your sources? Learn all this plus what and where to
record research results, create and maintain a research log, how to
deal with conflicting information, and much, much more! ---Marsha
Peterson-Maass is a member of the Association of Professional
Genealogists and a founding member of Newberry's Friends of Genealogy.

"Biographical Research - Chicago Focus" -Thursdays, 6:00 p.m.-7:30
p.m., February 24 through March 31 --Six sessions ($130) This hands-on
seminar will improve your research skills in locating biographical
information in printed and Internet sources. We will examine the
Newberry's biographical reference sources that document the lives of
obscure and well-known Chicagoans and we will confront the challenges
of locating biographical records for women and African Americans. ---
Christina A. Reynen, M.L.S., was the biographer of "The Encyclopedia
of Chicago" and has contributed to the "Local and Community Fact Book

"Internet Techniques for the Genealogist" -Saturdays, Noon - 4:00 pm,
March 5 and 12 ---Two sessions ($100) This fast-paced seminar is for
any genealogist who would like to incorporate Internet research and
networking techniques into their ancestral search. We will discuss
proven strategies for research (like finding Vital, Military, Census,
Land Records, etc.) and networking (like how to use eBulletin Boards,
eQueries, eMailing Lists, etc.). Learn how the Internet can enhance
your genealogical search. ---Marsha Peterson-Maass is a member of the
Association of Professional Genealogists and a founding member of
Newberry's Friends of Genealogy.

"Every Building Tells a Story" -Wednesdays, 5:45 p.m. - 7:45 p.m.,
March 16 through April 13 ---Five sessions ($120) With each session of
this hands-on seminar, you will discover fascinating facts about your
Chicago home or one in which your ancestors lived. Build a solid
foundation of knowledge about your house's history and learn where to
go for further information. Participants should come to the first
session with the current Chicago address of the house or houses they
would like to research. ---Grace Dumelle, principal of an historical
research firm, has investigated houses and their often-surprising
stories since 1995.

"Getting Started in American Genealogy: A Crash Course" -Saturday,
1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m., April 2 ---One session ($65) The Newberry
Library has one of the strongest collections for genealogy research in
the nation. If you have considered tracing your family's history in
America this one-session course will provide ideas about where to
start and what resources to use. Begin learning how to organize your
research and how to find information through sources that can be found
in your home, courthouses, libraries, and on the Internet. Feel free
to stay after class to jump into the collections! --- Marsha Peterson-
Maass is a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists and
a founding member of Newberry's Friends of Genealogy.

"Chicago Genealogy" -Saturdays, 1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m., April 16 and 23
--Two sessions ($80) Are you searching for ancestors who lived in
Chicago? This course will cover both basic and advanced methods for
researching Chicago genealogy. We will explain how to use the census,
city directories, newspapers, property records, court documents and
other sources to uncover ancestors. --- Grace Dumelle, is the author
of "Finding Your Chicago Ancestors" (forthcoming) and is the Local and
Family History Assistant at the Newberry Library. Jack Simpson is
Curator of Local and Family History at the Newberry Library.


News Item

Two Courses at Sierra College, Community Education
Rocklin, California

An Introduction to Family History and Genealogy

This class is designed for those new to family history research, or
those with some experience who may wish to refresh their basic research
skills. The six-session class includes five, three-hour classroom
sessions plus a field trip to the Sacramento Family History Center, a
local genealogical research facility. The field trip is scheduled in
consultation with students early in the class sessions.

This introductory class will explore the fascinating world of genealogy
and family history research, America's second most popular hobby. In
this class, you will learn how to begin researching your family history;
how to organize and record data on charts and forms; the types of
records to research; successful research strategies including
identifying, locating, and searching sources; and how to evaluate data
that is discovered. Many examples are used throughout the class. The use
of computers, the Internet, and genealogical and other software programs
in your research will also be discussed.

Sierra College, Community Education (Rocklin Campus) To register,
call: (916) 781-0590 or (800) 242-4004, extension 2590, or online at: (directions are posted) (Class code #8517)
Wednesdays, March 2, 9, 16, 23, and 30, 2005 + the Family History
Center tour (to be scheduled in class)
The class will meet near the Community Education offices across
from the main campus at the Campus Plaza Shopping Center, 5050
Rocklin Road, Suite A-17. Class meets from 1:00 - 4:00 p.m.
Fee: $79 (+ $5 fee to the instructor to cover handout materials)



This class is designed for beginner and intermediate family history
researchers. A basic understanding of computers and the Internet is
highly recommended as this class focuses on family history research
strategies on the Internet and not basic Internet skills. This is a
three hour, one session class, offered in the computer lab of each

Genealogy on the Internet is more than "surfing." It is researching,
sharing, and learning to utilize new tools that were never available
before! The advent of the personal computer and the Internet have made
genealogical research possible on a global scale. Researchers can
communicate across town or around the world, in record-breaking time.
Learn what genealogical resources are available on the Internet and
how to use them. We will discuss the World Wide Web, e-mail, mailing
lists and newsgroups, commercial online services, tutorials, online
library catalogs, and research databases (free and subscription-

Sierra College, Community Education (Rocklin Campus) To register,
call: (916) 781-0590 or (800) 242-4004, extension 2590, or online at: (directions are posted) (Class code #8489)
Tuesday, April 5, 2005 (One session) The class will meet in Room RG-
112 at the Roseville Gateway (the old Roseville Hospital site), 333
Sunrise Avenue, Roseville from 1:00 - 4:00 p.m. Fee: $34 (+ $1 fee to
the instructor to cover handout materials)

The instructor for both classes is Chuck Knuthson. If you have
questions or wish additional information, please call Chuck
in Roseville at (916) 782-5704, or you may e-mail him at:


NGS Events and Activities

20-22 January 2005
Warm Up Your Research
Phoenix, Arizona

If you are putting together your “what I want for Christmas list” let
us provide several suggestions. The Phoenix Conference January 20-22,
2005 will offer a great genealogical program for all and for some, a
winter warm up. Thursday's one-day workshops will polish up your
genealogical software skills, your professional skills and your
general genealogical knowledge. Topics include website design,
scanning, writing, and a BCG Education Fund workshop: "How to
Communicate With Yourself and Others." There will be daily luncheons
and a banquet. Speakers include Cyndi Howells; Thomas Jones, CG, CGL;
Helen Leary, CG, CGL, FNGS, FASG; J. Mark Lowe, CG; and Elizabeth
Shown Mills, CG, CGL, FNGS, FASG. As usually we’ll have vendors from
whom you can purchase books, CDs and other genealogical materials.

If your spouse is not interested in genealogy there will be plenty to
do in Phoenix. The Wyndham Phoenix is located in the city's core -
the best of all Phoenix is just outside its front door. The Phoenix is
only a short walk away from the Convention Center, the shops and
restaurants of Arizona Center, America West Arena, Bank One Ballpark,
Herberger and Orpheum Theaters, Symphony Hall, and the Dodge Theater.
Guest rooms are comfortable, peaceful and spacious. The hotel also
features an outdoor pool, fully-equipped fitness center, and a Rascals
Comedy Club.

23-30 January 2005
2005 Salt Lake City Research Trip

We still have a few seats available on the NGS Research Trip to Salt
Lake January 23-30, 2005. Dereka Smith, MLS, and Shirley Langdon
Wilcox, CG, FNGS, will lead this trip as they have in previous years.
Both Dereka and Shirley are experienced researchers familiar with the
extensive resources available at the Family History Library in Salt
Lake City.

Dereka is the former librarian of the National Genealogical Society
where she worked from 1994 until 2004. She obtained her Master of
Library Science from Catholic University. Her mother's ancestry is
completely New England and her father's ancestry completely "old"
England, so she has experience working in both areas. In addition, she
has done some work on the German ancestry of her husband and children.

Shirley served two terms as NGS President and has been a Certified
Genealogist since 1973. As a native Californian, she has experience
tracing her own lines from New England and the South across the
country to Northern California in the 1850s­1870s. As a professional
genealogist she has compiled lineages for clients whose ancestors
lived in many geographic regions. Shirley was president of the
Association of Professional Genealogists from 1991­1993.

1-4 June 2005
NGS Conference in the States and GENTECH Conference,
Tennessee Crossroads, Nashville, Tennessee

Now for more exciting news! Your NGS Board recently met in Nashville
and we are excited about our conference facilities. In addition to
the great program we have planned, you will find a number of research
facilities within easy walking distance including church archives and
the Tennessee State Library and Archives which houses one of the
foremost genealogical collections in the nation. It’s also the
official repository for state and local Tennessee records. Look for an
article on these and other research facilities in the January issue of
the NGS NewsMagazine that should be back on schedule and mailed to
members in January. While you are in Nashville, we also suggest you
visit the Hermitage, home of Andrew Jackson, the Parthenon, Music Row,
and Carnton Plantation and Carter House. For those of you who like to
sample the local night life, Broadway is just two blocks from the
convention hotel where you can enjoy a night cap and a choice of
venues for some of the best country and western music Nashville has to


Other Events

To add your event to this calendar, please send an
announcement to

15 January 2005
The Education Committee of the Monmouth County Genealogy Society
announces: "Tracing Your Immigrant Ancestors"
WHERE: Eatontown Community Center, 68 Broad Street, Eatontown, NJ
WHEN: Saturday, January 15, 2005 -- 9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
SUBJECT: Immigration Records (including Ellis Island and Ship
Passenger Lists) & Naturalization Records
Registration form:
For more information contact Michelle Chubenko ()
or PO Box 5, Lincroft, NJ 07738-0005.

24 March 2005
5th Annual Workshop on Technology for Family History and
Genealogical Research
Hosted by the Brigham Young University Computer Science Department and
Computer Science Alumni Association

This workshop provides a forum for presenting and discussing current
and emerging research work on technology that supports family history
and genealogy. Results should address technology problems whose
solutions have the potential to improve family history and
genealogical research work. The format of the conference will include
a keynote speaker, panel discussions and technical presentations.

The workshop focuses on research issues in technology that support
family history and genealogy. We solicit submission of original
research, as well as experience papers that address these themes.
Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
--Digitized Images of Historical Data
--Information Integration
--Human Interfaces/Delivery Systems
--Expert and Intelligent Systems
--Digital Historical Data Sources

31 March-3 April 2005
As every New Englander knows, you go "down" to get to Maine.
Genealogists looking for new directions in their research will be
going "down to Maine" to attend the 8th New England Regional
Genealogical Conference which will be held from March 31-April 3, 2005
at the Holiday Inn By The Bay in Portland Maine. The theme of the
Conference is "New England Crossroads 2005". Four of the country's
best known genealogists will be the lead speakers for this program:
Tony Burroughs will speak on "The Six Phases of African American
Genealogy" and "The Digital Office." Cyndi Howells will discuss
"Evaluating Web Sites" and "Planting Family: Your Family Tree Online."
Elizabeth Shown Mills' topics are "The Identity Crisis: "Right Name,
Wrong Man? Wrong Name, Right Man?" and "Finding Females: Wives,
Mothers, Daughters, Sisters & Paramours." Craig Scott will discuss
"Settled Accounts: The New England Experience in Federal Records" and
"Putting Ink on Paper: Getting Your Genealogical Material Published."
More than 40 additional speakers at this three day Conference a will
discuss a wide range of topics in tracks devoted to New England
Research, Ethnic Genealogy, Federal Records, Libraries and Records,
Writing and Publishing, Skills and Methodology, DNA Research and
Computers the Internet and other technical topics. Complete program
details can be found at:

23 April 2005
The Mid-Atlantic Germanic Society is pleased to announce its Spring
2005 meeting Saturday, April 23, 2005 at the Ramada Inn,
Fredericksburg, Virginia. Topics and Presenters: "Doing Research in
Virginia: Ten Things You Often Learn the Hard Way," by Dorothy Boyd-
Bragg, PhD. "It's All in the Details: Basics of German Research" by
Susannah Brooks. "Colonial Probate and Inheritance: Don't Let It Drive
You Crazy" by Dorothy Boyd-Bragg, PhD. "Developing the Skills to
Become a Genealogist" by John T. Humphrey. There will be a reception
Friday Evening, hosted by the Virginia Genealogical Society in honor
of their 45th Anniversary and Barbara Vines Little. Barbara is a past
president of VGS, past editor of Der Kurier, and current president of
NGS. For details, and more info: or
email: or

30 April 2005
The St. Louis Genealogical Society holds its 35th Annual Fair,
“Migration: Trails Across America,” on 30 April 2005. Lloyd deWitt
Bockstruck will be the featured speaker. For additional information
visit the St. Louis Genealogy Society Web site or
call 314-647-8547.


Family Reunions

To add your family reunion to this calendar, please send an
announcement to

Planning your own family reunion? Read the popular book in the NGS
Guide Series by Sandra McLean Clunies, CG: "A Family Affair"

4-6 March 2005
The 2005 African American Family Reunion Conference
Presented by The Family Reunion Institute of the School of Social
Administration at Temple University in partnership with The Atlanta
Convention and Visitors Bureau. Theme: "African American Family
Reunions: Reconnecting." Conference Goal: To enhance the strengths
of the African American extended family. Location: Hilton Atlanta
Hotel 255 Courtland Street, NE Atlanta, Georgia, 1-877-667-7210. Who
Should Attend: Family reunion organizers, committee members, family
members or anyone contemplating starting a reunion or wanting to renew
or gain new ideas; everyone who likes learning about history, culture
and/or social issues as they relate to the family; everyone and who
just loves the family! To receive final brochure contact Sylvia Ford-
George, Portfolio Associates, Inc., 215-627-3660 or
. For updates and printed
registration form go to

27-30 May 2005
HAUSER Family Reunion - The Hauser/Hooser/Houser/Hoosier family
will hold its second national-scale gathering 27-30 May 2005 at the Shaker
Village at Pleasant Hill, between Lexington and Harrodsburg, Kentucky.
Family members descend from Martin, Sr. and Maria Margaretha (Schäfer)
Haúßer who emigrated from Alsace to Philadelphia in 1727. Friends,
namesakes, and other interested parties are welcome to attend.
Thousands of descendants have relocated from the family's 1750s
settlements near Winston-Salem, NC, and live today throughout the U.
S. and Canada. At least 13 descendants lived in this beautiful Shaker
community between 1807 and 1884. For pre-registration materials, write
Hauser/Hooser Reunion, P. O. Box 5405, Huntsville, AL 35814; or send
an e-mail to .

27-30 May 2005
The 2005 BOBO Family Reunion will be 27-30 May in Tuscaloosa and
nearby Fayette, AL, on 27-30 May. Cousins are expected from 12 states.
Honored guest will be Jeanie NEWELL, who, with her late husband Herb,
researched and produced the book, "BOBO...Cousins by the Dozens," more
than 50 years ago. Accommodations and meetings will be in Tuscaloosa,
with trips to Fayette to visit cemeteries and points of interest. For
more information, contact: Charles H. (Chuck) Bobo, Coordinator, The
BOBO Family Assn., 3101 Thurman Rd., No. H-22, Huntsville, AL 35805,

5-7 June 2005
The DUGGER Reunion 2005 will be held on June 5-7 in Franklin,
Tennessee. Baymont Inn will serve as registration headquarters.
For more information, contact Carol V. Dugger -
or Margaret Hougland -

16-18 June 2005
OWSLEY Annual Meeting
Bledsoe - Middleton -Owsley - Housley - Ousley - Ouseley -
Howsley - Poyntz
Meeting at the Ramada Conference Center at 2143 North
Broadway in Lexington, Kentucky 40505. Contact: Homer "Andy"
Anderson, 220 West Glenwood Ave., Knoxville, TN 37917,
or Shelia Patterson, P. O. Box 10959,
Eugene, OR 97440,

9 July 2005
MORGAN, Jacob, Albert C., and Frank all originally from Delaware Cty.,
Ohio will be held July 9 in St. Croix Falls, Wisconsin at the Lions
Park on the north end of town. Contact

28-30 July 2005
PENNINGTON Research Association, Inc.
The 2005 PRA Reunion and Meeting will be held in Portland,
Oregon, July 28-30, 2005 at the Shilo Inns Suites Hotel,
Portland Airport. For more information, go to
Contact: Alice Sanders (),
(360) 423-6844.


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