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From: Christopher Brooks <>
Date: Sun, 25 Jan 2009 19:30:50 -0500
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Steve Gauss wrote:

|| The towns were supposed to forward their records to the
|| vital records bureau in Concord when they started a
|| central records office. Some did, some didn't.

When you visit the Vital Records Bureau in Concord, the
volunteers who staff it tell a story to the effect that sometime
around 1900, the NH Legislature offered town clerks a "bounty" of
a nickel a card for each vital record they copied from the
original books and submitted on a preprinted card to Concord.
Some clerks wanted the money, some didn't need it, and so the
state copies are incomplete.

Try the town first. If they haven't got it, they'll know who
does. And see


Bethlehem, Grafton, NH

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