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Subject: Re: [NHHILLSB] Phineas Campbell, 1793, Bedford, NH
Date: Sun, 12 Sep 2004 10:08:53 -0400 (GMT-04:00)

I found the following reference to Phineas Campbell in Bedford, but there are no other references in the same book to him, either in the genealogies or the biographies.

SOURCE: History of Bedford, New-Hampshire : being statistics, by Peter B. Woodbury; Boston: Printed by A. Mudge, 1851, 371 pgs.

Found on page 361

"Page 181. Under the head of Casulaties, it should be stated that three men have been killed in this town by the fall of a tree. Mr. Cochran, many years ago, in the north part of the town; Mr Phineas Campbell, in 1845, and Capt. John Patten, Jan. 31, 1851."

page 181 refers to an addition to

Hope this helps.

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Subject: Re: [NHHILLSB] Phineas Campbell, 1793, Bedford, NH

Bedford History (1737 - 1971) has lots of Campbells mentioned but no Phineas
and no James.

The Merrimack History has the following:

James, m. June 13, 1786, Elizabeth Burns, Dau of John and Anna of Bedford,
NH: b. Feb 19, 1759: children:

Then it lists all the children. If you want the children let me know.

Jo Kilbourn
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Subject: [NHHILLSB] Phineas Campbell, 1793, Bedford, NH

> Hi,
> I'm researching a Phineas Campbell, b. 16 Mar, 1793, Bedford, NH to
> James and Elizabeth (Burnes) Campbell.
> I have found a Phineas, d. 1833, Lunenburg, MA, at age 40. He married
> in 1817 Laura Brown in Sterling. The marriage information states he
> was from Sterling, his oldest son, in the 1880 census, states his
> father was born in MA, but another son states he was born in NH.
> I have nothing to prove (and please don't quote any genealogy links or
> LDS material - the only thing on the web or with LDS is material I have
> researched and others have erroneously used and matched - there are no
> death records, private papers or other documentation that in any way
> link the two) the two are the same. But just in case, I'm looking at
> both in the event I find documentation.
> Any more information is appreciated!
> Pax,
> Len
> Leonard Campbell
> Center Harbor, NH
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