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From: Harlow Chandler <>
Subject: Portsmouth burial
Date: Wed, 13 Jul 2005 21:20:12 -0400

I have an odd situation and hope someone can help me.

My great grandfather should be buried in Portsmouth. I'd like to know
when (and where) he was buried.

This is the situation.

I have a newspaper clipping which says in part,

PORTSMOUTH, N H, Oct 11-Word has been received here of the death in
Sharon, Mass, of Benjamin Plummer, 86, ex-resident of this city. Mr.
Plumer was a native of this city and in his younger days was in the
grocery business.... The body will be brought here Monday for funeral
and Interment."

The clipping does not have the year.

I have a birthdate from a family bible (I have searched the LDS films of
the records for the town of his birth without finding him) which gives a
birthdate, and that date and the age reported in the paper give me a
death year of 1928.

I have other reasons to believe he died in 1928, but recently I found
that he is listed as residing with his daughter and son-in-law in the
1930 census. And in that census his age is given as 88 (as it should be
if the bible record is correct) two years older than what the clipping
says was his age at death.

I have had the town clerk in Sharon, MA, where Benjamin resided at the
time of his death, do two searches. I have had the town clerk of
Norwood, MA do a search (if he went to a hospital it would likely have
been there), and I have had the MA state office of vital records do a
search, but only to 1930. No death record was found.

I know I need to request another search from the MA state records office
for 1930 on, but there are weighty reasons to believe Benjamin died in
1928, so I'd like to try for a cemetery record as well.

Any suggestions will be appreciated.

[I have tried looking for an obituary in Sharon, but there seems to be a
gap for those years in the collection of the local paper. ]

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