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From: Dana Edgecomb <>
Subject: Re: [NHROCKIN] NH Archives
Date: Thu, 02 Jul 2009 00:08:29 -0400
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Hi Carolyn;
You can rent the film from any Family History Center for $5.50, assuming
it is before 1901. You can find the location of the nearest one at
I just came back from looking at some Ireland Parish Records. From
the above site, click on Library then Family History Library Catalog,
and you can search for what you want.
Dana Edgecomb

At 06:46 AM 7/1/2009, you wrote:

>You said:
>If anyone is planning a trip to the Vital Records Archives in
>Concord, I would like to ask a huge favor. I need a copy of a
>marriage record and, since I live in Florida, I can't get to the
>archives myself.

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