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The British American Journal

Tues 8 Apr 1834


In Stamford, on 1st inst., Mrs. R. T. Gilchrist, of a daughter.


In this village on 17th ult., Mary w/o John Martell, Esq.

In Niagara, on 24th ult., Dr. James Muirhead, for many years Chairman of
the Quarter Sessions of this district, aged 69.

Same day and place, Patrick McArdle, aged 47.

On the 23rd ult., in the vicinity of that town, Mary McFarland, in the
prime of her life.

At York on 16th Feb last, Charlotte Ann, w/o Rev. Dr. Harris, Principal
of the U. C. College, aged 26.

At Toronto on 29th ult., Charles R. Heward, Esq. Barrister & Attorney at

Tues 15 April 1834


In Beamsville, by Rev. Thos. Hill, Mark Overholt to Catharine Gillmore,
all of that village

By the Rev. James Clark, on 3rd inst., Stephen Reed to Elenor Macdonald,
all of Grantham.


In Clinton on 6th inst., Conrad Tufford, aged 73.

In Grimsby on 8th inst., Mrs. Terryberry, w/o Morris Terryberry.

In Clinton on 9th inst., Mrs. Emily Hayer.

At his residence in Clinton on the 6th inst., Peter Hare, Sen. late Col.
of the 4th Reg't, Lincoln Militia. Col. Hare was born on 17 May 1848
(note: 1848 are the numbers typed in, but they do not match with the
date of 1834, should most likely be 1748) near the Mohawk River, where
he principally resided until the commencement of the American
Revolution, at which time he was presented with a Capt. Commission in
Butler's Rangers; he served in that corps during the whole of that
memorable struggle, and like his fellow soldiers, suffered much
hardship. At the conclusion of trhe war he repaired to the Niagara
Frontier, from whence, after a short stay he removed to his late
residence, at that time almost an entire wilderness, where for many
years past, he has lived a quiet retired life, till at last nature being
exhasted, he departed with perfect resignation, after an illness of
three weeks, much lamented by a numerous connexion and amid sympathetic
feelings of many friends, by whom he was much respected.

Tues 6 May 1834


At Kingston, on 23rd April, H. C. Thomson, Esq. M.M.P. Editor &
Proprietor of the Upper Canada Herald.

Tues 20 May 1834


In Beamsville, on 15th inst., Mrs. Dinah Bingham, of twin daughters


At Ridgeway, N.Y. by Rev. Weaver, on Friday 9th inst., John W. Downs,
merchant, of Hamilton, U. C. to Maria Louisa, eldest d/o of Richard
Wilkins, Esq. of the former place

In Crowland, by Rev. A.K. Buell, on 13th inst., Noah Keeler, of St.
Catharines to Mary Anne Young of the former place.

In Grantham by Rev. James Evans, on 1st inst., James Gilleland to
Charlotte Beamer, both of that township.

In Grimsby, by Rev.Wm. Griffis, on 6th inst., Sayers Hager of Thorld
[Thorold ?] to Harriet Matthews of the former place.

In Pelham by Rev. J. W. Goodell, on 29th ult., William Swick, innkeeper,
of Gainsborough to Harriet Carpenter, of that former place.

In Barton, on 5th inst., John Smith, Esq. of Paris to Mary d/o Wm. B.
Sheldon, of the former place.

At the city of Toronto, by Rev. J. Harris, on 1st inst., Jesse Ketchum,
Esq. M.P.P. to Mary Ann Rubergall, sister-in-law of James H. Price, Esq.
all of that city.

At Oswego, N.Y. by Rev R. W. Condit, on 22nd ult., James MacFarlane,
Esq. Porprietor of the Chronicle, Kingston, U. C. to Isura, d/o E.
Carrington, Esq. of Oswego.

At Binghampton, N.Y. on Sunday evening 20th inst., by Rev. Adams, Abial
C. Canoll, Esq. Senior Editor of the Broome Republican, to Maria Tupper.

At Waterloo, N.Y. by Rev. A. D. Lane, on 5th inst., Joseph Salter, of
Buffalo, to Lucinda, d/o the late Gen. Isaac Maltby.


At Port Colborne (Gravelly Bay) on 2nd inst., after only a week's
illness, Robert Randall, Esq. M.P.P. at an advanced age.

In Grantham, on ? ult., Margaret, w/o John Clendennen.

At Long Point Bay on 11th March last, Elizabeth Barnum, only sister of
the Rev. Henry Wilkinson, formerly of this village, aged 24 years. She
left a babe a few days old at the time of her death, to buffet its
motherless way through the boisterous waves of life; also a kind husband
to whom she had been united not a year.

At New York on 20th ult., of consumption, John Quilliam, printer, 38th
year of his age.

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