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From: Lawrence Boyd <>
Subject: [NIAGARA] 1,300 Records of BOYDS in Northern Ireland 1700-1900!
Date: Sun, 18 Jun 2000 21:25:30 -0700

Attention fellow BOYD Researchers,
I would like to invite fellow listers to use a database of birth, death,
marriage, emigration, census, last wills, land records, & other records
of BOYDS in Northern Ireland 1650 to 1900 that I compiled over the last
several years while trying to find our Boyds – unfortunately, without
success. This file is a bit rough, but it may help you find the people
and information that you have been looking for. In return, we hope that
one of you will just happen to have that precious bit of information
that will connect us to our ancestors in Ireland. As someone once said
“Hope Springs Eternal.” You can access this file at For details, see below. This Web
page also has Family Tree Maker pedigree files for several Boyd families
in Northern Ireland, including Poyntzpass Boyds, Keady Boyds, & Richhill
Boyds in County Armagh, and Causeway Boyds and Templepatrick Boyds in
County Antrim. You are welcome to browse and search these files, as
Thanks for your attention and your assistance,
Larry Boyd
Tempe, Arizona

There are more than 1,300 BOYDs, 400 MCCLELLANDs, and 100 WARNOCKs in
this database. Secondary sources, include several excellent
genealogists from Ireland, Canada, and the U.S, our family research,
and generous information from fellow listers and researchers. Primary
sources include the Tithe Applotment Books, Griffith's Valuation, Irish
Flax Growers, estate surveys, International Genealogical Index, census
records, land records, church records, Wills, Paterson Papers, Bradshaw
Directory, ship lists, family pedigrees, personal interviews, and many

You can access this file at Near
the bottom of the page is the IrelandBoydDatabase html file. It is a
fairly large file and may take a couple of minutes to download. Many of
the items in this file were transcribed from handwritten notes and other
difficult to read sources and it has NOT been thoroughly edited.
Inevitably, there are errors, so please use this information with
caution. If you would like a copy of the original MS Word file, you
can download a zip file at the link below the html file link.

In the future, we hope to edit the Ireland Boyd data file and convert it
to a standard database format for future Boyd researchers. In the
meantime, you can browse it by locality or use your FIND capability to
search the data. To go to a particular County, Parish, or Townland
precede the place name with a dash, as in –Armagh County, or –Ballymore
Parish, or -Demone. We made an effort to write out the full first and
last names of the people mentioned in the records, so you can step
though the file looking for example, for “James Boyd,” and be fairly
confident that you will see every occurrence of that name combination.

There has been some really fine research on Boyds, particularly Boyds
who settled in the United States. We are making a special point of
asking family researchers both in Ireland and the United States if they
have heard of any Boyds who found their way to Canada in the early
1820’s. While we are at it, we would like to mention that we have
offered a £200.00 token of our appreciation for information that leads
to the birthplace and parents’ names in Ireland of our Irish/Canadian
ancestors, Robert BOYD (b. 1795), David BOYD (b. 1797), and James BOYD
(b. 1798). Our Canadian cousins and Boyd relatives in the United States
have been looking for this information without success for over twenty
years! We would dearly love to pass this information on to our children
and grandchildren.

While you are at it, you might take the opportunity to browse our
Canadian/American (Muskoka) Boyd family tree near the top of the page.
It contains several hundred Boyd surnames and hundreds of other surnames
related to our Boyds in Canada and the United States. It is available
in the Boyd family page as a GEDCOM file. You might wish to search it
for possible connections to your families. You also can search this
family tree at the RootsWeb World Connect Project at

We speculate that our BOYD family, Robert, David, and James BOYD
emigrated from Northern Ireland between 1820-1825. We think they were
from County Armagh, but this is not at all certain. The three brothers
may have spent some time in the United States or elsewhere in Canada,
and then settled in Trafalgar Township, Halton County, of Upper Canada
(Ontario). From Halton County, many migrated to Haldimand County and
the Muskoka District. Later still, some found their way to the United
States and Western Canada. Robert Boyd (b. 1795) married Elizabeth
Miles in Canada, died a young man, and had no children. David Boyd (b.
1797) married Susannah (probably in Ireland) and had 10 children. James
Boyd (b. 1798), my great-great grandfather, married Rosannah (probably
in Ireland) and had 6 children. The most common names in the early
generations of our Boyds are Robert, James, David, John, Andrew, Hugh,
Joseph, and William, Catherine, Eliza, Jane, Lucinda, Mary Ann, Melissa,
Sarah, & Susannah

Here is an outline of the first two generations of our Boyds in Ontario,
Unknown Ancestor
Robert Boyd b: Abt. 1791 Co. Armagh, Northern Ireland d: June 01, 1839
Trafalgar Twp, Halton Co., Upper Canada b: Trafalgar Twp, Halton Co.,
Upper Canada
+Elizabeth Myles b: 1791 Ireland m: March 20, 1838 St. Peter's,
Erindale, Toronto Twp, Toronto d: July 24, 1875 Toronto Twp, Peel Co.,
Ontario, Canada b: St. Peter's Church, Erindale, Toronto, Ontario,
David Boyd b: 1797 Co. Armagh, Northern Ireland d: May 14, 1870 Died
of heart disease, Jarvis, Haldimand Co., Ontario b: Walpole Twp,
Haldimand Co., Ontario, Canada
.+Susannah b: Abt. 1800 m: Abt. 1825 d: Unknown Ontario?, Canada b:
Ontario?, Canada
Robert Boyd b: 1826 Trafalgar Twp, Upper Canada d: March 25, 1892
Milton, Trafalgar Township, Halton County, Ontario b: Hornby
Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Esquesing Twp, Halton County
+Mary Patterson b: 1841 m: 1860 Canada West d: June 25, 1915 Hornby,
Seneca Twp, Haldimand County, Ontario b: Hornby Presbyterian Church
Cemetery, Esquesing Twp, Halton County
David A. Boyd b: 1830 Trafalgar Twp, Halton, Upper Canada d: 1907
Jarvis, Walpole Township, Norfolk, Ontario b: Jarvis, Walpole Twp,
Ontario, Canada
+Sarah Ann Roulston b: 1845 Trafalgar Township, Halton County, Ontario
m: November 11, 1869 Hartford, Ontario, Canada d: November 26, 1918
Jarvis, Walpole Township, Halidmand County, Ontario b: Jarvis, Walpole
Township, Haldimand County, Ontario
Nelson Boyd b: 1832 Trafalgar Twp, Upper Canada d: September 23, 1894b:
Jarvis, Walpole Twp, Haldimand County, Ontario, Canada
+Catherine Brock b: 1840 Ireland m: May 27, 1858 Norfolk County, Canada
West d: 1898 b: St. Paul's Anglican Church, Jarvis, Walpole Township,
Halidmand County
Susannah Boyd b: 1833 Trafalgar Twp, Upper Canada
Eliza Boyd b: 1834 Trafalgar Twp, Upper Canada d: 1878 Morrison Twp,
Muskoka, Ontario b: Bethel Cemetery, Morrison Twp., Muskoka, Ontario
+William Robinson b: 1830 m: January 01, 1856 Talbot, Canada West d:
Lucinda Boyd b: 1836 Trafalgar Twp, Upper Canada
+George Smith b: Unknown m: January 06, 1859 Hartford, Canada West
Sarah Catherine Boyd b: 1837 Trafalgar Twp, Upper Canada
............................ +Switzer
Joseph Boyd b: 1839 Trafalgar Twp, Upper Canada
Mary Ann Boyd b: 1842 Trafalgar Twp, Upper Canada d: Unknown
............................ +Davis
Melissa A. Boyd b: 1845 Trafalgar Twp, Canada West
+Jacob Upper b: Bet. 1836 - 1846 m: December 25, 1866 Brantford,
Ontario, Canada
James Boyd b: 1798 Co. Armagh, Northern Ireland
+Rosanna b: Abt. 1796 m: Abt. 1825
John Boyd b: July 12, 1826 Hornby, Trafalgar Twp, Halton Co., Upper
Canada d: January 11, 1895 Bracebridge, Monck, Ontario b: Bethel Cem,
Morrison Twp, Ontario
+Anne McClelland b: 1829 County Armagh, Ireland m: February 26, 1847
York, Seneca Twp, Haldimand Co. d: September 12, 1880 Morrison Twp,
Muskoka, Ontario b: Bethel Cem, Morrison Twp, Muskoka, Ontario, Canada
A Male Boyd b: 1829 Hornby, Trafalgar Twp, Halton Co, Upper Canada d:
Unknown Canada
James Bucky Boyd b: April 09, 1831 Hornby, Trafalgar Twp, Halton Co.,
Upper Canada d: May 05, 1899 Toronto, Ontario, Canada - (Etobicoke Twp,
County York) b: Bethel Cem., Morrison Twp, Muskoka, Ontario, Canada
+Eliza McClelland b: 1835 County Armagh, Ireland m: May 23, 1855
Dunnville, Seneca Twp, Haldimand Co. d: August 08, 1884 Morrison Twp,
Muskoka, Ontario, Canada b: Bethel Cem. Morrison Twp, Muskoka, Ontario,
*2nd Wife of James Bucky Boyd:
+Hannah Burns b: Abt. 1832 Ireland m: June 19, 1886 Gravenhurst,
Ontario, Canadad: Unknown
Joseph Boyd b: September 04, 1832 Hornby, EsquesingTwp, Upper Canada d:
Andrew C. Boyd b: March 07, 1836 Hornby, Trafalgar Twp, Upper Canada d:
May 30, 1904 Morrison Twp, Muskoka, Ontario, Canada b: Bethel Cem,
Morrison Twp, Muskoka, Ontario, Canada
+Annette Inman b: January 06, 1845 N.Gwillimbury, Twp, York Co, Ontario,
Canada m: October 27, 1876 N. Orillia, Simcoe Co, Ontario, Canada d:
1927 b: Bethel Cem, Morrison Twp, Muskoka, Ontario, Canada
Jane Boyd b: 1837 Hornby, Trafalgar Twp, Upper Canada d: Unknown

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