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Subject: [NICHOLSON-L] Samuel NICHOLSON of Rowan County, North Carolina
Date: Thu, 4 Sep 2003 19:00:30 EDT

Child of Samuel NICHOLSON, Jr. and Lydia DICKUS or DICKHOUSE:

Abel NICHOLSON, b: 1771, NC~ d: 1832, Wilkes County, North Carolina ~
‘Will’probated JUL 1832 ~ Married circa 1790 to ABIGAIL PHILLIPS, bc: 1774 ~
Daughter of Abner PHILLIPS, b: 14 DEC/FEB 1716/17~ d: 18 NOV 1813, Princeton, NJ who
had married his first cousin, Elizabeth PHILLIPS ~

Abner PHILLIPS, b: 14 DEC/FEB 1716/17, was a Tavern Keeper and Justice of the
Peace ~ the son of Major Phillip PHILLIPS, JR and Johanna [Elizabeth] HUNT of
Princeton, New Jersey

Major Philip PHILLIPS, JR was the son of Philip PHILLIPS, SR and Hannah
STOCKTON, of New Jersey ~ the daughter of Richard STOCKTON, SR. [1630~1707] and
Abigail UNKNOWN.

John STOCKTON, Judge, b: 08 AUG 1701, Piscataway ~ d: 20 MAY 1758, Princeton,
New Jersey ~ Son of Richard Stockton, JR and Susannah WITHAM ~ Married 21 FEB
1708/09, to ABIGAIL PHILLIPS, b: 09 AUG 1708 ~ d: 15 SEP1757, Princeton ~
Daughter of Hannah STOCKTON and Philip Phillips, SR ~ Hannah, the daughter of
Richard Stockton, SR and Abigail UNKNOWN.

John STOCKTON and Abigail PHILLIPS, were the parents of Richard STOCKTON, a
signer to our Declaration of Independence. He was also a brother of Joseph
STOCKTON who married Elizabeth DOUGHTY, and who were parents of Elizabeth
STOCKTON that married George NICHOLSON, JR., the son of George NICHOLSON, SR and
Alice LORD.

Samuel NICHOLSON, JR. of Rowan County, was the son of Samuel NICHOLSON, SR
and his first spouse Sarah BURROUGHS, and Samuel NICHOLSON, SR., was a BROTHER
to George NICHOLSON, SR. who married Alice LORD

Therefore, wasn't Samuel, NICHOLSON, JR, of Rowan County, bc: 1730, New
Jersey, a first cousin once removed [or 2nd cousin in the South] to John Stockton
NICHOLSON of Stokes County, North Carolina, b: 09 MAY 1757, New Jersey who
married Catherine ‘Caty’ STEVENSON, b: 15 SEP 1766, and son of George NICHOLSON,
JR. and Elizabeth STOCKTON. ???

It is a mistake to place Samuel NICHOLSON, JR. of Rowan County, North
Carolina as a grandson to Abel Nicholson and Mary TYLER as he was NOT their
grandson... unless that Samuel NICHOLSON Senior [and/or Junior] were in two places at
the same time. <g>

Samuel NICHOLSON, Sr., b: 10 DEC 1716 ~ [10th day 10th month 1716 ~ Quaker
Date] ~ Philanthropist ~ Son of Abel NICHOLSON and Mary TYLER ~ Married (1) 23
NOV/JAN 1742/43, Elsinboro, Salem MM, to Sarah DENNIS of Cohansey ~ They had
two children [per Thomas SHOURDS, 1876, pg 166] that survived to become adults ~

(1) Samuel, Jr. who married Hannah HALL, [daughter of Nathaniel and Mary B.
HALL of Mannington, NJ] and whose children were: John ~ Anne ~ Mary ~ Samuel
and Joshua NICHOLSON [so the marriage 'took' and Hannah lasted through at least
five children]
(2) Grace who married Andrew THOMPSON.

Then, Samuel, SR., widower of Sarah DENNIS, married (2) 05 OCT 1763,
Elsinboro, Salem Friends, to Hannah FOSTER Abbott, b: 21 OCT 1715 ~ d: 1793/94, widow
of Samuel ABBOTT, b: 20 JUN 1712 ~ Daughter of Josiah FOSTER, b: 10 APR 1682,
and Amy BORTON, b: 04 MAR1683/84 ~ No Issues.

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