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Subject: Re: [NIR-ANTRIM] Where's Ballypriormore?
Date: Wed, 22 Jun 2011 09:45:03 -0500
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Thanks! That's the transcription of the stones in the graveyard.

Only the later Alexander, and the wife of the earlier one, but Susan is
right; since she died in 1752 aged 67, her husband was born at the right
time to be a son of Rodger the Myth, though that doesn't necessarily mean he
was a son of Rodger the Myth.

If a large McKinstry family were centered in Ballyclare, they may have
independently straggled over to Carrickfergus.

Or, Alexander Sr. may have independently rowed his boat over from Galloway;
the place he'd have headed out from is directly across teh Irish Sea.
Islandmagee would have been the first land he came to.

The 19th century McKinstry family there which used the same names held a
lease for lives. But they are too far apart for that Alexander to
necessarily be descended from whose wife is in the same graveyard, unless
the rest of the clan is buried nearby. The web page did say there were two
cemeteries near Ballyprior More.


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> This might help you
> John
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> The only hint that Google is really providing, aside from that it's a real
> place, with schools, even, and a touristry entry in Goireland, for a place
> with no identity on any map, is that it is associated with Islandmagee.
> I'm trying to pin down a cemetery record that points to "an older
> Alexander [McKinstry] whithin 4 miles of Carrickfergus - Ballypriormore -
> the right age to be Rodgers son". Not sure which Rodger, but I think
> she's talking about Legendary Rodger the Father of our Country.
> Allegedly, in McKinstry mythology, he sired ever McKinstry now living, as
> improbable as that is with McKinstry's migrating constantly over two
> centuries from Galloway, according to local historians looking for land
> and girls to marry and not religious trouble.
> I recall from yesterday that there is a McKinstry in or near Islandmagee
> in Griffith's Evaluation. That might be a little place on that long inlet
> that sets off a very long narrow peninsula northeast of Carrickfergus. At
> one point I thought it was the name of the peninsula. How would I tell
> if they lived at this Ballypriormore?
> Dora
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