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Subject: Re: [NIR-ARMAGH] Baptismal and Marriage RecordsofUpperandLowerKillevy
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Hi again,

Here are the marriage records from Lower Killevy, 1835 - 1848 in text format.
The best way to read them in text format is to go into page layout and set
the paper to landscape. Then, most of each individual entry will appear on
one line. You might have to do a little word processing to get the columns
to line up, but you can probably read them as it is anyway.


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8-Feb Edward Mooney Margaret Martin Thomas =
Martin Margaret Connell
14-Feb Bernard Kelly Mary McVey Owen =
McVey Peter Murphy

5-Mar Michael Malone Ann Hanlon Edward =
Malone John Hanlon

24-Apr Patrick Murphy Laragh Doran Patrick =
Boyle James Kelly?

6-Jun Robert Williamson Mary Ann Hanlon John =
Gavin Mary Marks

28-Sep Bernard McCaherty Rose Polin? Felix =
Burns Pat McCaherty

16-Oct Michael O'Hare Bridget Burns Richard =
Burns Edwin O'Hare
24-Oct Peter O'Neill Ann McDermott Owen =
Sharky Laragh Lynes

6-Nov Thomas Collins Mary Burns James =
Burns Patrick Collins


9-Feb Bernard O'Hanlon Laragh O'Hare Stephen =
O'Hare Bernard O'Hanlon
16-Feb Michael Hanlon Elizabeth Bennett James =
Bennet Owen Hanlon

4-Mar John O'Hanlon Bridget Malone John =
Malone Michael McParlan

14-Apr John McAvoy Elizabeth Burns Patrick =
Morgan Patrick Brady

15-May Owen Rice Mary Owens John =
Owens Elizabeth Owens
17-May Michael Burns Mary O'Hare Edward =
O'Hare Peter Karney
20-May John Rooney Mary Moran Bernard =
Moran Hugh Rooney
23-May Peter Quin Susanna Rice Michael =
Quin John Rice

8-Nov James Daly Bridget Rice Mary =
Rice John Rice
18-Nov Hugh Burns Rose Jennings Francis =
Jennings Patrick Burns
20-Nov John Maguire Rose Rice Charles =
Rice John Rice

25-Dec Edward McShane Mary Rice Hugh =
McShane Mrs. Rice


26-Jan Daniel Fitzpatrick Mary Toole Edward =
Fitzpatrick Mary Toole
31-Jan James Delinany? Ann Kelly Edward =
Morgan Mary Faliny?
31-Jan James Rice Ann Lowe Patrick =
Lowe Patrick Cregan

16-Mar Peter O'Hanlon Mary Morgan Edward =
Morgan Margaret Hanlon

2-Apr Patrick McKeone Ann O'Hanlin John =
Hughes John McKeone

15-Jun Patrick O'Neile Cicily Rice John =
Boyle Patrick Rice
27-Jun Arthur Hughes Ellen rourke John =
McAvoy Margaret White
25-Jun John Hanlon Catharine Rice John =
Rice Patrick Tagart

16-Sep Peter O'Hare Rose McNulty Daniel =
MuNulty Henry White

29-Oct Edward Kelly Elizabeth Fegan Martin =
Gallagher Mick? Berry

2-Nov Hugh Hanlon Catharine Murphy Bernard =
Hanlon James Rice

17-Dec Hugh Burns Elizabeth Griffin James =
Macken Patrick Mooney
24-Dec Patrick Rice Mary Fearon Thomas =
Fearon Jas Hanlon


7-Jan James Tranor Mary Tool? Daniel =
Fitzpatrick Mark Toal

8-Feb Felix Hanlon Mary Hanlon Patrick =
Hanlon Peter Sloan

20-Jun John Murphy Catharine Hanlon Owen =
Goodfellow Cath Fearon
27-Jun Patrick Gallagher Margaret Larey? Ellen =
Conway James Hanlon

4-Jul William Hagan Mary Cassidy Hugh =
Hanlon Hugh Hagan
8-Jul Samuel McGurgin? Catharine Boyle John =
Burns Patrick Boyle

19-Sep Nicholas McKenna Laragh Fitzpatrick William =
Conaghy Francis McElhern
4-Oct Redmond Hanlon Mary Collins John =
Drumgoole Patrick Hanlon

12-Nov John Burns Bridget Murphy Patrick =
Burns Bridget Doran

30-Dec Arthur McCourt Rose McElhern John =
McElhern James Rice


12-Feb Owen Kelly Bridget Henry Michael =
Kelly Thomas Henry

16-Apr Terence O'Hanlon Alice McGloughan John =
Traynor Ann Hanlon
21-Apr Patrick Burns Bridget Mooney Edward =
Mooney Edward Burns
26-Apr Bernard Burns Catharine Rodgers Peter =
Burns Patrick Rodgers

9-Jun James Kelly Mary Smythe Patrick =
McShane Neal McShane

6-Dec Hugh O'Neile Mary Hunson? Colin =
Hunson Margaret O'Neile
8-Dec Edward Torley Bridget O'Neile Hugh =
Torley Owen O'Neile
18-Dec John Hanlon Jane Drumgoole Hugh =
Hanlon John Drumgoole


26-Jan Michael Doyle Ann McCoy Henry =
Doyle Hugh O'Neile

6-Feb James Rice Mary Savage David =
Rice William Savage
21-Feb John Lynch Elizabeth Lennon Rose Ann =
Boyle James Hanlon dispensation in 3 to 3 grad: cons: bring? O=

3-Mar Peter McGivergan? Cath Larkin Catharine =
McKeon James Hanlon

25-Oct Arthur Tagart Elizabeth Campbell William =
Campbell John Hanlon

4-Nov Bernard Connelly Jane Byrnes Jas =
Connelly Jas Burns
17-Nov Terence Hollywood Elizabeth Flynn Dominick =
McChane Dan Fitzpatrick


21-Feb John McGinnis Alice O'Hanlon Hugh =
Hanlon John McGinniss

22-Mar Bernard Reace? Mary A. Falcons? John =
Reace? Laragh Reace

2-May Daniel Fitzpatrick Alice Hollywood Daniel =
Larkin Patrick Rice
14-May Hugh Curran Rose O'Neile James =
Harris Mich Curran p. 27
30-May Hames Brennan Patrick Boyle John =
Brennan Patrick Boyle

17-Jun John Donnelly Bridget Doran Francis =
Donnelly Felix Doran

18-Jul Patrick Rice Mary McConville Catharine =
McKeon Mary Read?

28-Oct John Boyle ? Ann Foal? Michael =
Foal? Patrick Boyle


2-Jan Henry McQuaide? Rose Sharky James =
McQuade Dan McGinniss
22-Jan Mimus? Magherite Mary Rice John =
Rice Patrick Magherite

8-Mar Hugh Donlan Rose Byrnes Thomas =
Byrnes Michl McConlan?

10-Apr John Rice Margaret Grant John =
Hanlon Cath McKeon

8-May Patrick McShane Alice O'Neile Anthony =
Bennett pat McParlan

12-Jun Felix McCrusk? Mary Kelly Terence =
McParlanand James McParlan

30-Dec Michael McGuigan bridget McGinniss Daniel =
Burns Ellin McGinniss


15-Jan Patrick McGinniss Mary Hanlon Bernard =
Larkin John Hanlon
31-Jan Patrick Garry Laphy? Barry Charles =
Barrly Michl Kelly

9-Feb Edward McGrath Mary Rice Peter =
Karney John Rice

26-Mar Michael Toal? Elizabeth Fitzpatrick John =
Toal? Patrick Fitzpatricdisp. 3rd & 4th gen cou.

17-Apr Daniel McNulty Cathatine Burns Dominick =
Daley Catharine McKeon

22-Oct James Blacken? Ann McParlan Patrick =
Burns John Lamile?
26-Oct John McAmley? Margaret Burns Michl =
Burns Michl McAmley?

5-Nov Patrick mcKent? Elizabeth McGlade Michl =
Gollogly Peter Hanlon
24-Nov Patrick Rodgers Bridget Mooney Bernard =
Burns John Mooney
26-Nov Robert Rice Elizabeth White John =
Rice Edward McGlade
28-Nov James Bennet Catharine Johnston Jas =
Burns Michl Bennet


15-Feb James McKeone Ann Burns Patrick =
Burns Michl McKeone

11-Mar Daniel Burns mary Bennet Francis =
Burns Cath Bennet

14-May Thomas McKeon Catharine Burns Peter =
McNulty Antony Bennet

11-Jun Richard Lyons Agnes McGalery? Peter =
Tameny Peter Fegan

8-Sep James Kearns Hanna Macken John =
Kenny Thos Martin

24-Oct Patrick Fearon Catharine Burns Thos =
Burns Andrew Fearon

17-Nov Peter McConnell Catharine Rice Mrs =
Rice James O'Hare
17-Nov Patrick Boyle Cecily Ravey? James =
McQuade Jane Doran
22-Nov Mathew McParlan Mary Malone John =
Hanlon John McPhillips

15-Dec Michael Devlin Agnes Janlon Hugh =
Murphy Henry Devlin
29-Dec Patrick Boyle Bridget McElenan? Peter =
Karney Michl McElena?


16-Feb Patrick Savage Ellin Rice James =
Rice John Paterson 42

14-Apr James McGlade Ellen Kelly John =
McGlade Judith McCann disp. 4th, 4th

20-Jul Bernard Kane Mary Murphy Peter =
Hanlon rose Hanlon or Smith

5-Sep William Costello Elizabeth Duffy Daniel =
Rice Francis Reilly
20-Sep John Morgan rose McCourt Anthony =
Magrath Daniel Byrne

6-Oct Laughlin Tomin Mary White Laurence =
Magurk Stephen White

18-Nov John Boyel Elizabeth Toale Terence =
Boyle Patk Kerney a dispensation in 2ndo et 3 tio affinitatis=
grad: having been obtained
29-Nov John Cavanagh Sarah Burns Bernard =
Burns Michl Burns
28-Dec Owen Hanlon Bridget Murphy John =
hanlon Anne Murphy


6-Jun Hugh Fitzpatrick Margt Hillon Mary =
Hanlon Bridget McGivern

18-Jul James Burns Alice Morgan Colon =
Crilly Michl Campbell
24-Jul Richard McSherry Jame O'Hanlon Nicholas =
Bennett Thos McSherry

21-Aug Charles Burns Anne Bone? James =
McCann Michl Kearney
25-Aug John McKenna Margt Madden Arthur =
Kelly Alice Hanratty

6-Oct Daniel Magusson Briget Burns Peter =
Burns Bernard Burns
16-Oct Thomas Martin Margt Jane Gallery Thomas =
Mackin Jane Martin

10-Nov Michl Owens Mary Rooney Bernard =
Rooney Joseph Murphy

13-Dec Nicholas Bennett Mary Burns John =
Hanlon Peter Burns disp. 3rd/4th


29-Jan Bernard Calahan Deby Cartmill? Michl =
Martin John Cartmill

12-Feb Laughlin O'Hanlon Margaret Mcglade Edward =
Wmith John Maglade

21-Sep Arthur O'Hear Rose Burns Patt =
Mooney Charles Murphy

27-Oct Stephen Garvy Catherine McParlan Michl =
Kelly James Kelly disp. 4th/4th

20-Nov Bernard Calahan Mkary Anne Crilly William =
Kelly Michl Calahan


4-Jan James Doran Cathrine Rice Owen =
Doran Patrick Calahan

11-Jun Felix Hanlon Mary Clarke John =
Maglade Patt Maglade
20-Jun John Malone Bridget Hanlon Thomas =
Malone Michl Malone

11-Aug Daniel Fitzpatrick Elizth McConin Michl =
McEleenon Dominick McShane p. 55
(end of 1848)


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