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Subject: [ARMAGH] Obituary: Anne Smyth MacGeough Bond (1804-1892)
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Surname: Bond, MacGeough, Louth

The Irish Times
(City unknown)
Thursday, January 28, 1892

BOND - January 25, at the Argory, Moy, Co. Armagh, Anne MacGeough Bond,
widow of the late Walter MacGeough Bond, of the Argory and Drumsill, in
her 87th year. The funeral will leave for the Cathedral, Armagh, on Saturday
at 10:30 a.m.

>From the
Belfast News-Letter
Belfast, N. Ireland
Wednesday, February 2, 1892


ARMAGH, MONDAY. - The funeral of the late Mrs. Anne MacGeough Bond, of
The Argory, Moy, County Armagh, took place on Saturday last. The deceased
lady was the mother of Mr. Joshua Walter MacGeough Bond, D. L., formerly
M.P for County Armagh, and was the grandmother of Lord Louth. For a period
of over sixty-two years she had been a constant resident in the county,
and during that time she was a constant friend to the poor.

The funeral left The Argory at half-past ten o'clock, and arrived at Armagh
shortly before one o'clock. The cortege was one of the largest and most
representative that has been seen in the county for a long time past. The
remains were enclosed in a suit of coffins, the inside coffin being richly
upholstered, and the outside coffin finished with massive mountings. The
brass plate bore the inscription:

Born July 17, 1805
Died January 25, 1892

Wreaths were sent by the following - Mr. Wm. Nassau Dawson and family;
Mr. W.B. Sloan, gardener, The Argory, servants; Captain Shelton, Mrs. Shelton,
Mr. and Honorable Mrs. Farrel, Mr. II A. Johnston, Mr. and Mrs. MacGeough
Bond, Mr. Justice MacGeough Bond, Captain MacGeough Bond, R.A., Madame
Recorbet, Hector Recorbet, Madame Dyet; Mr. and Mrs. Wm. MacGeough Bond,
Miss MacGeough Bond, Mr. R. J. MacGeough, Mr. and Mrs. Maxwell Blacker-Douglas,
Miss Borchard, Mr. E. Bigger, Lord and Lady Louth, Honorable E. Plunket,
Mr. H. Verner, Mr. and Mrs. Simpson, and Miss Newton.

The chief mourners were; - Mr. J. W. MacGeough Bond, Captain R. MacGeough,
B. Shelton, Mr. William MacGeough Bond, Mr. Robt. John MacGeough, Lord
Louth, Captain R. MacGeough Bond, Royal Artillery; and Mr. Maxwell Blacker-Douglas.

In the cathedral there was a full choral service, Dr. T. Osborne Marks
presiding at the organ. The lessons were read by Rev. J. M. Hobson, Moy,
and the prayers were said by Very Rev. the Dean of Armagh (Dr. Chadwick).
As the remains were being borne from the cathedral the "Dead March" from
"Saul" was played. The interment took place in the crypt of the cathedral
immediately beside the remains of the late husband of the deceased.

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