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Subject: [ARMAGH] Obituary: Sir Walter MacGeough Bond (1790-1866)
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Surname: Bond, MacGeough, McGeough

The Armagh Guardian
Armagh, Northern Ireland
Friday, March 23, 1866


In our obituary columns will be found an announcement of the demise of
this gentleman, a member of one of our oldest county families. He had attained
the ripe old age of 76 years, whose retrospect reflects honour on himself
and family. He was a resident landlord; and during the last few years expended
large sums of money in the republishing and gratuitous distribution of
the works of celebrated divines. As a husband and parent, Mr. Bond bore
a high character for the affection which distinguished those important
relations of life. The remains will be interred tomorrow in the crypt of
Armagh cathedral, at half-past twelve o'clock.

The Press
(location not known)
Saturday, March 24, 1866

BOND -- Died, on March 17, at 8, Ely Place, Dublin, Walter M'Geough Bond,
Esg., of the Argory, Moy, County Armagh, in the seventy-seventh years of
his age after a painful illness.

The Armagh Guardian
Armagh, Northern Ireland
Friday, March 30, 1866

On Saturday all that was mortal of this gentleman was interred in the crypt
of Armagh Cathedral. The remains were removed from 8, Ely Place, Dublin
at 7:30 that morning, the body being enclosed in a stuffed shell, covered
with lead and oak coffins, with rich massive mounting. The plate bore the
following inscription -

Walter M'Geough Bond
of the Argory
County Armagh,
14 February, 1790,
17 March, 1866.

On arriving at the railway terminus here, a large assemblage of the gentry
of the county and city was present to pay the last tribute of respect to
the departed, and the coffin being placed in the hearse, the mournful cortage
moved in the following order:

Pall bearers
Lord Lurgan
Sir Capal Molyneux
Captain Saville
Joseph Atkinson, Esq.
Sir James Stronge
Maxwell Close, Esq.
William Tisdall, Esq.

J. W. McGeough Bond, Esq.
William Bond, Esq.
Robert Bond, Esq.
Edward Bond, Esq.
Robert Smith, Esq.
Robert Staples, Esq.
Robert Dames, Esq.

Medical gentlemen
Clergy of Established Churches
Roman Catholic
Members of the legal profession.
The magistry, gentry, merchants, and people of the city and neighbourhood.
The assemblage of carriages was very large.

When the procession reached the Cathedral gate, the remains were met by
Rev. J. Chomley Loughall, and Rev. J. W. M. Strangways, Vicar-Choral, and
conducted to the nave of the church, and placed on a dias. The Very Rev.
the Dean of Armagh, the Chancellor of the diocese, the Precentor, and Prebendary
of Loughall, joined by the choir of the Cathedral, formed around the bier,
and the Dean, assisted by Mr. Strangways, went through the funeral service
in a most impressive manner. This done, the remains were borne from the
church to their last resting place in the crypt of St. Patrick's, where
interment is restricted to a few families.

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