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Subject: [ARMAGH] Re: BESTs in Armagh...Best/Mcwaters
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I think I have your Mary Jane Best, married to a McWaters. I enclose a
report in Ahnentafel (ancestor ordered) format. If you want more of this
tree, just email and tell me what format or file type. I'd be interested in
anything you might have. Can you verify the dates?


Tim Geary

Best, Close, Crosland, Geary, Moore,
McCormick, McConnell, Calleja, Clarke

Ancestors of Mary Jane Best

Generation No. 1
1. Mary Jane Best She was the daughter of 2. John Best and 3. Mary E.
McCleneghan. She married (1) ? McWatters.
Generation No. 2
2. John Best, born Abt. 1805 in Jockey's Brae. He was the son of 4. Solomon
Best and 5. Elizabeth Henning. He married 3. Mary E. McCleneghan.

More About John Best:
Occupation 2: Grocer and Spirit merchant in Sugar Island, Newry
Children of John Best and Mary McCleneghan are:
i. Edward Best
ii. John Best, married Elizabeth.
iii. Isobel Best, married ? Pringle.
1 iv. Mary Jane Best, married ? McWatters.
v. Robert Best
vi. Sarah Best
vii. Anna Elizabeth Best, married ? McBride.

Generation No. 3
4. Solomon Best, born Abt. 1775 in Newry. He married 5. Elizabeth Henning.
5. Elizabeth Henning, died Abt. 1850. She was the daughter of 10. John
Henning and 11. Margaret Lockhart.
Notes for Solomon Best:
There is a field between Cloughenny and Jerrettspass known as "Solomon's
Place" and this may have been where he lived.

"The Irish Bests came from Kent and settling in Leinster in the seventeenth
century, became prominent in Carlow and adjacent counties. The name is now
mainly found in Counties Antrim, Armagh and Tyrone due to more recent
immigration from England." (McLysalght,E.1978)

"It is a tradition of the Best family descended from Robert Best b ca1695 of
Lisburn, that three brothers Best came to Ulster. One came to help on the
Conway estate and told his brothers that other estates could use some help
on their property as well. Two came, John to Richill and ??? to Poyntzpass
or the Newry area." (Will duBourdieu Best 1989)

More About Solomon Best:
Occupation 2: Farmer at Jockey's Brae, (near Jerrettspass)

Notes for Elizabeth Henning:
Her will dated 5th December 1850 is in PRONI, signed with "her mark"

Children of Solomon Best and Elizabeth Henning are:
i. Robert Best, born Abt. 1805; died 1867 in Cloughinney; married Sarah Ann
Thompson Abt. 1835; born Abt. 1815; died 1869.
More About Robert Best:
Occupation 2: Farmer at Cloughinney Corner

2 ii. John Best, born Abt. 1805 in Jockey's Brae; married Mary E.
iii. Solomon Best, born Abt. 1805 in Jockey's Brae; died Abt. 1875; married
Isobel Henning Abt. 1835.

Notes for Solomon Best:
Appears to have gone to Cork and then emigrated to Canada.
Jean Best Elliott recalls "My father used to tell us about a Solomon Best
who lived at the top of Jockey's Brae and who went to Cork and then
emigrated; his only possession was a white horse"

More About Solomon Best:
Occupation 2: Farmer, Jockey's Brae, Jerrettspass.

Notes for Isobel Henning:
Went to Canada

iv. Thomas Best, born Abt. 1805 in ? Newry.

Notes for Thomas Best:
He made chairs for seven of his grandchildren. One is still in the
possession of great-granddaughters Jessie and Elizabeth Maddock of
Motherwell, Scotland.
When his son George and wife Jessie married at 8am on a working day, the
bride returned to work immediately afterwards.
Thomas went to his daughter-in -law's place of work and demanded she be let
come home with him. (Elizabeth Maddock)

More About Thomas Best:
Occupation 2: Cabinet maker

Generation No. 4
10. John Henning He married 11. Margaret Lockhart.
11. Margaret Lockhart

Children of John Henning and Margaret Lockhart are:
5 i. Elizabeth Henning, died Abt. 1850; married Solomon Best.

ii. Absalom Henning
More About Absalom Henning:
Occupation 2: Farmed near Warrenpoint
iii. another Henning

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> Trying to trace family background to MARY JANE BEST b.7.7.1846 d.19.4.1932
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