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From: Alison Causton <>
Subject: [ARMAGH] Portadown Directory - Bassett's _Book of County Armagh_ (1888)
Date: Tue, 26 Feb 2002 16:22:24 -0500

This transcription was posted originally about two or so months ago.
It is being re-posted as part of ARMAGH Listers' current (renewed?)
efforts to contribute Co Armagh family history & socio-economic data online.
Please remember to cite the bibliographic reference given at the end of
this posting, in any subsequent usage of this information. Transcribed
by Alison Causton, Kingsville, Ontario, Canada, and intended SOLELY for
non-commercial, private research.

[Arranged Alphabetically. Institutions, etc., not mentioned here
should be sought in the Portadown Alphabetical Directory, and in the
County Directory, page 53]
Chapman, Robert, William st
Cooper, Joseph, Woodhouse st
Fordyce, James, Thomas st
Locke, George A., Woodhouse st
Pentland, J. S., West st
Brown, Mrs., Woodhouse st
Dickson, Mrs., Market st
Maconachie, Mrs. M., Bridge st
Sinnamon, Mrs. M., High st
Wortley, Thos., Woodhouse st
Anderson, Walter, Mandeville st
Courtney, Clement, West st
Grimason, S., Lurgan rd
M'Kell, James, Market st
McShane, Patrick, Bridge st
Mitchell, Wm., High st
Redmond, William J., Church st
Stanley Brothers, High st
Wright, Robert, West st
Bank of Ireland, High st., T. D. Atkinson, agent; A. S. Gore, sub-
agent; J. J. Loughlin, cashier
Belfast Bank, High st., George Kinkead, mgr.; Edward Harpur, cashier;
James Malseed, act
Ulster Bank, High st., Hugh Anderson, mgr.; D. T. Gillespie, cashier;
Jas. Harper, acct.
Major, M. T., Woodhouse st
See also Coachbuilders.
Gallagher, Charles, Railway st
Montgomery, James. Edgarstown
Mooney, Edward, Obins st
Sherman, Thomas, Bridge st
who have shops.
Donaghy, Patrick, High st
Hoy, Joseph, High st
Jeffers, John, Market st
Jenkinson, Wm. J., West st
McConville, John, Bridge st
Pentland, Edward, High d
Stanley, Wellington, High st
Tate, John, liigh st
Trimble, Mrs. S., West st
Bright Brothers, Bridge st
Collen Brothers, Hanover st
Cullen, Robert, Hanover st
Lutton, Richard, Carlton st
Reid, Wm., Edward st
Whitten. Wm., William st
Office, Hanover street, Wm. J. Paul, J.P. chairman; R. J. Grimeson,
Drumcree, Church of Ireland, Drumcree ; R. C. Church-yard,
Mullavilly old Church-yd.; Seagoe Church-yard
Benson, John, Scotch st
Harvey, J. and J., Mahon cottage
Wallace, Hugh, Woodhouse st
Wright Joseph, Woodhouse st
Acheson, J. and J., Castle street
Bright Brothers, Bridge street
Caddell, Samuel, Francis street
McClatchey, Robert
Monaghan, Laurence, Castle st
Robb, Benj. and Hamilton, jun.
(carrying Co.), Edenderry
Robb, Seth, Woodside Shillington. T. A. & Son, Castle st
Wright, Joseph, Woodhouse st
Richardson Brothers, High st
Shillington, Henry, Bridge street
Christians-Victoria hall, David street
Church of Ireland--St. Mark's, Rev. Augustine Fitzgerald, D.D.;
Rev. Robert McCracken, Curate
Methodist--Thomas street, Rev. Andrew Armstrong, Rev. Robert
Jamison, Rev. Randall C. Phillips
Methodist (Primitive)--Mary st, Rev. John Taylor
Presbyterian, 1st, Edenderry--Rev. W. J. Macaulay; Armagh road,
Rev. Robert Jeffrey
Roman Catholic--Willlam st-Very Rev. Laurence Byrne, D.D.; Rev. P.
Slevin, C.C.
Salvation Army--Edward st
Donaghy, Patrick, High street
Scarborough, W. L.. Woodhouse st
Trimble, Mrs. S., West street
CLOTHIERS (Old and New).
Cooney, John, West street
Rafferty, F., Woodhouse street
Woods, John, Woodhouse street
CLUBS, &c.
(See Portadown Descriptive.)
Atkinson, Jolln, Mary st
Locke, Wm. I., Woodhouse st
McConnell, James, William st
Bright Bros., Bridge street
Robb, Seth, Castle street
Shillington, T. A. & Son, Castle st
The Portadown Carrying Co
Atkinson, Miss, Market street
Rodgers, Woodhouse street
William street, Mrs. Harbison, Superioress
Anchor, Bridge street, John Mulholland, manager
Carleton street, Dr. William Stewart, J.P., Medical Officer.
Attendance--Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
Committee--Thos. Shillington, J.P.; Thomas Armstrong, J.P.;
Averell Shillington, J.P.; ]oseph Acheson, J.P.; Charles Johnston,
J.P.; John C. Fulton, J.P.; John Collen, J.P.; William J. Paul, J.P.;
John Macoun, William Hall, Wm. Orr, John Malcolmson, James Maginnis,
David Ruddell, John McNally, Richmond Pepper, Wm. John Calvert, John
Lutton, Robt. White, Watson Walker, William Robinson, Samuel Carrick
Committee meets on the first Monday in every month at 11 o'c

Anderson, Robert, Church street
Burnett, A. J., 43 High street
Corbett, Kobert, Market street
Dickson, Mrs. Wm., 23 Market st
Douglas,Joseph, 36 High street
Fleming, Joseph, High street
Hosey, John, 28 Market street
Peel, Wm. & Son, 46 & 48 High st
Richardson Brothers, 2 Market st
Acheson, J. & J., Market st
Peel, Josiah, High st
Richardson Bros., High st
Alexandria -- High st., Miss Mary A. W. Kinkead
Convent -- William st., Mrs. Harbison
-----------Miss Stewart
Armagh rd. -- J. Omelvena. B.A.
Church st. (Duke's) -- Willianr Doherty, B.A, Miss Major
Curran st. -- Chas. McDermott
Edenderry -- John Bell, M.A.
Montague st -- Mrs. Mullan
Thomas st. -- Jas. N.Jamison
Union st. – Miss E.J. Flavell
William st Convent -- Mrs. Harbison
Boyle, James, Meadow lane
Cooper, Joseph, Woodhouse st
Pearon, John, Woodhouse st
Grew, John, High st
Livingston, John O., Bridge st
Locke, George A., Woodhouse st
Pentland, John S., West st
Walker, John, Castle st
Agent: Captain O'Brien, J.P., Tandragee
Agent: Claude Brownlow, J.P., Lurgan
Engine house,William st.--Thos. Shillington, Secundus, Captain;
John Acheson, Lieutenant
Works, Lurgan Road.
George Kinkead, Secretary
James Nisbet. Manager
Hegan & Co., Mandeville st
Livingston, Henry, West st
Livingston, John, G., Bridge st
McBroom, Isaac, High st
Rountree, John, High st
Ý Seed.
Clow, James & Co., Castle st
ÝGrew, Jarurs Sr Co., Bridge st
Johnston, James, Edenderry
ÝLoughran, Patrick. Mary st
ÝMcConville John, West st
ÝRobb, Benjamin, Thomas st
ÝShillington. T. A. & Son, Castle st
Connolly, Peter, West st
Downey, Wm., West st
Hanratty, Mrs. M., William st
Loney, Mrs. A., William st
McKnight, Christy, William st
Marked thus (*) retail spirits, (Ý) seed merchants
ÝAcheson, J. & J., Market st
Anderson, George, West st
Alexander, John, Woodhouse st
Anderson, Robert, Market sy
Baxter, W., Castle st
Courtney, Clement, West st
Craig, Henry, Chin st
Devers, Wm. J., 24 High st
*Doogan, Thomas, Woodhouse st
Frizelle, William, 6 West st
Fulton, John & Sons, Church st
Gardiner, Thomas,Bridge st
Gibson, John & Co., 29 Market st
Ý*Grew, M., High st
Guinness, George, 8 West st
ÝHewitt, Wm., 29 West st
Ý*Jeffers, I. & J., Market st
Joyce, Mrs. J. E., West st
Kernaghan, Thos., Woodhouse st
Levingston, Henry, West st
Livingston Bros., Bridge st
Locke, George, 12 Woodhouse st
London & Co's. Tea Co., High st
ÝMcBroom, Isaac, High st
McIlveen, Wm J., 18 High st
McKell, James, Market st
*Matchett, Benjamin, Edgarstown
Miller, Robert, Obins st
Milligan, Edward, 10 West st
Mitchell, Wm., 3 High st
*Morgan, L. J., 3 West st
Morrison, Robert, Woodhouse st
ÝMorrison, Thomas, 12 Market st
ÝPeel Josiah, 2 High st
Preston, Francis W., Church st
Redmond, William J., Church st
Reynolds, A., Bridge st
Richardson Bros., 17 High st
*Ripley, Mrs. My., Clounagh
Rountree, John, High st
Ruddell, Henry, West st
Ý*Sheil, P. J., Woodhouse st
Stanley Bros., 27 High st
ÝThornton, A., Thomas st (wholesale only)
Thornton, David, 42 High st
Walker, John, Castle st
Watson, James, Devon lodge
Wilson, Samuel Bridge st
Bright Brothers, Bridge st
Carrick, Samuel, West st
Collen Bros., Hanover st
Davidson, John, Woodhouse st
Hegan & Co., Mandeville st
Paul, Robert, Market st
Shillington. T. A. & Son, Castle st
Walker, John, Castle st
WALLACE, HUGH, Woodhouse st
Coburn, J. and Son, Edenderry
Cosgrove, IIugh, William st
Frizelle, Renry, Woodhouse st
McCahey, Joseph, Woodhouse st
Temperance. (*)
*Albert, Castle st
*Frazer's, Church st
*Hall’s, Woodhouse st
QUEEN’S, High st
Bright Brothers, Bridge st
Hegan & Co., Mandeville st
Hoy, Joseph, High st
Rigby, Fredk. & Co., West st
Tate, John, High st
The Portadown Discount Co., Ltd., Meadow lane. Wm. Paul, John C.
Fulton, J.P., directors; W. H. Atkinson, solicitor; James Boyle,
The Portadown Loan Co., Woodhouse st., Thomas Shillington, J.P.,
chairman; George Kinkead, secretary; James Wightman, manager
Linen, Cambric, &c.
Cowdy, Wm., Thomas st
Dawson, Thomas, Corcrain ho
Gilbert, John, Seagoe
Lutton, A. J. and Son, Edenderry
Malcolmson, John, Windsor ter
Monypeny & Watson, Cornascrebe
Reid, Robert & Son, Tarson ho
Robb, Hamilton, Edenderry
Spence, Bryson & Co., Meadow le
Wilson, Samuel, Alma ter
Cowdy Wm., Thomas st
Dawson, Thomas, Corcrain ho
Gilbert, John, Seagoe
Lutton, A. J. and Son, Edenderry
Monypeny & Watson, Cornascrebe
Spence, Bryson & Co., Meadow le
Bleachers. (*)
Acheson, J. & J. and Co., Castle st
Annett, Jas. Irvine. Riverside
Carter, Thomas, Derryall
Grimshaw & McFadden, Armagh rd
Kernaghan, Thos., Woodhouse st
Lutton, A. J. Sr Son, Edenderry
Montgomery, Jn. & Sons, Derryvore
Reid, Robert and Son, Tarson
Robb, Hamilton, Edenderry
Stewart, K. and W. & Co., Bridge st
The Castleisland Linen Co.
Watson, Armstrong & Co. R'way st
Graham, David and Co, Castle st
Bond, James, Obin st
McGuigan, Stephen, Obin st
General market, Saturday; straw and hay, Wednesday; grain,
Wednesday and Saturday; flax, Tuesday; fowl, eggs, butter and pork,
Saturday; grass-seed, Wednesday
Mandeville st., Market st., William st and Woodhouse st
See also Drapers.
Ross, J. H., 24 Market st
Clew, James Sr Co.. Castle st
See Stationers.
Portadown and Lurgan News and Tenant Farmers' Gazette, Thomas st.,
Saturday, 1d., S. Farrell.
The Advertiser, Mandeville st: Thursday, gratis, Wm. Reid
McGredy, Saml. & Son, Woodside
Walsh James, Drumcree
Lamb, John, Castle st
Magee, James, West st
Wright, Joseph, Woodehouse st
Gardiner, Thomas, West st
Hazelton, Charles, Woodhouse st
Hewitt, Holt M., West st
Hunter, William, Bridge st
2nd and 4th Mondays every month, J. Searight Atkinson,L.L..D,.,
Murray, J., Woodhouse st
Clarke, George, Bridge street
Dougan, George, Millicent ter
Hadden, Wm. H., Thomas street
Heron, Samuel, Bridge street
Stewart, Wm., Alten place
Cochrane, William, Thomas street
Cooper, William, Bridge street
McCammon and Sprott, Castle st
Shemeld, A. & Co., West street
Thompson, A. G., Market slrret
Annesley, J., Chapel street
Burns, Hugh, Woodhouse strect
Burns, Jno., Woodhouse st
Dickson, James, Castle street
Grew, M., Queen's Hotel
Locke, George, Woodhouse st
Lutton, John, Baltylum
Sinnamon, D., Woodhouse st
Wilson, Mrs., Bridge street
Wilson, Samuel, Bridge street
Wortley, Thomas, Woodhouse st
Wright, Joseph, Woodhouse st
Market street
Frank I. O’Hanlon, J.P., Post Master; Joseph Williams, supervising
Edenderry Receiving Office, Robt. McKeown. P.M.
Flavell, Thomas, William street
Scott, John, William street
Allen, Kichard, Castle street
Conn, Thomas, Obins street
Cosgrove. Hugh, William street
Frizelle, Henry, Water street
Grew, James and Co., Bridge st
Honeyford, James. Woodhouse st
Corr, George, William street
McCourt, P, Obins street
Acheson, J and J., Market st
See Newspapers.
John Lecky, William J. Cooke
See Pork Curers.
See Grocers.
Entrances: Castle street, Obin street, and The Walk.
Trustees: A. Shillington, J.P.; Thomas Shillington, J.P.; Thos.
Shillington; Chas. Johnston, J.P.; Jos. Acheson, J.P.; Geo. Kinkead,
Benj. Robb, John Grew. James Boyle, Secretary; Robert Bullock, Keeper.
T. Johnston, Toll Collector
S. Mears, goods agent
Boyd, James, David street
McKinley, Mrs. S., Carrickblacker road
Neill, Robert, Bridge street
Neill, Wm., Edenderry
Wallace, John, Bridge street
Logan, Henry & Son, Carrickblacker road
Barracks, Bridge street, Edenderry, Obins street, Edward street
James Bonis, D.I.
Patrick McBrien, H.C.
Bell, John, Market street
Dickson, Wm., Market street
Ferris, Joseph, Woodhouse street
Balfour, Henry, Clounagh
Bright Brothers, Castle st
Collen Brothers, Hanover st
Shillington, T. A. & Son, Castle st
See also Grain merchants Grocers
McCammon and Sprott, Castle st
Peel, Josiah, High st
Atkinson. W. H. (E. D. Atkinson and Son,) Coroner for North Armagh,
Commissioner for taking acknowledgment of deeds by married women for
county Armagh. Agent for the Scottish Widows', the British Empire Life
Assurance Co., the Railway Passengers Accidental Insurance Co., and the
Phoenix Fire office, Solicitor for the Portadown Building and Investment
Co., Ltd., and the Portadown Discount Co., Ltd., Thomas st
Carleton, Atkjnson and Sloan, Church st
Harris, Henry J., Church st
Farrell, Arthur T., Thomas st
Thompson, James, agent for the Scottish Provincial Assurance Co.,
Fire and Life, William st
Wright, Wm. H., High st
See also Grocers. (*)
Aldred, Mrs. Mary, Woodhouse st
Berwick, Jas., Obins st
Brankin, John, Obins st
Byrne, Charles. Market st
Byrne, John, Woodhouse st
Byrne, Joseph, Market st
Grew, John, High st
Hendron, Mrs. E., Woodhouse st
Johnson, Thomas, Railway Station
Joyce, Mrs. Jane E, West st
Kelly, Mrs. Margt., Woodhouse st
McClatchy, Mrs. A., Bridge st
McConville, Henty, West st
McConville, John, West st
McCorry, Hugh, Market st
McKinley, Archbd., Bridge st
Mulligan, Timothy, High st
O'Hanlon,Felix, High st
Robinson, Jos., Drumnahuncheon
Slowey, Patrick, West st
Stevenson, Thomas. Woodhouse st
Thornton, Arthur, High st
Woodhouse, Wm.. Woodhouse st
Wright John, High st
Frank I. O'Hanlon, J.P., Postmaster
(Ý) Newsagent only.
Allen, Mrs. E., High st
ÝHoey, Joseph, High st
Wallace, Hugh, Woodhouse st
Waugh, D. W., High st
Bright, Brothers, Bridge st
Collen Bros., Hanover st
Shillington, T. A. & Son, Castle st
Portadown and Lurgan.
J. Watson, chairman
William Hall, chairman; Dr. George Dougan, ex-chairman; Wm. John
Paul, J.P.; Arthur Thornton, John Rountree, John Geo. Livingston, James
Grew, Archibald McKinley, John Lutton, John Richardson, Wm. Mitchell,
Wm. Henry Atkinson, solicitor; Samuel Carrick, Wm. John Locke, Joseph
Robert McClatchey, town clerk and executive sanitary officer; Dr.
Wm. Stewart, J.P., consulting sanitary officer; Henry Grimason, Town
Constable and Sanitary sub-officer; Edward Dougan, weighmaster,
Shambles; Thomas Russell, weighmaster, general market
Douglas, Joseph. High st
Grew, M., High st
Wilson, Mrs. E., Bridge st
Wright, Joseph, Woodhouse st
Campbell, John, Market st
Foy, Robert, Woodhouse st
Hughes, Charles, Market st
Hughes, Edward, Market st
Loughran, Edward, Woodlhouse st
McCorry, Hugh, Market st
Totton, James, Market st
Totton, Mrs., Market st
Carrick, Samuel, West st
Gray, David, West st
WALLACE, HUGH, Woodhouse st
Edward st., John Acheson, chairman; Wm. Weir, secretary
Reading-room, library, &c., Wm. Hunter, librarian; James McKell,
hon. secretary
Capper, Adam, Bridge st
Roman Catholic, Wm. st., ]ames Grew, president; D. Fitzpatrick,
treasurer; John Reynolds, secretary; Charles McShane, caretaker
John Bell, chairman; T. D. Gillespie, secretary; Hugh Hegan, treasurer

For names not found here, see Portadown Business Branches, &c., and
Portadown Sub-Post Offices.
Abbreviations, Sub-Post Offices included in this list:
B’corr—Ballynacorr; B’hill—Battlehill; Crab—Crabtree lane;
D’ville—Derryanville; D.C.—Derryhale Corner; Mul—Mullantine; S’st—Scotch st.
Acheson, Geo., Church st
Acheson, John, Dunavon
Acheson, Rev. J., Windsor ter
Alexander, T., Artabracka, Mul
Allen, Rd., Ballybegan
Anderson, Abm., Cornascrebe
Anderson, James, Derryhale c
Annesley, Gee., Ballinteggart
Annesley, G., Fortmore st
Armstrong, John, Eden hall
Armstrong, T. (J.P.), Eden hall
Armstrong, Thos., jun., Eden hall
Armstrong, Wtn. F., Eden hall
Atkinson, E., Derryanville
Atkinson, James. Seagoe 1r
Atkinson, John U., Church st
Atkinson, Miss. Millicent ter
Atkinson, R., Ballyfodrin, S' st
Atkinson, Wm., Derryall
Atkinson, W. (P.M.), Crabtree le
Atkinson, Wolsey K., Eden villa
Bailey, Mrs., Hanover st
Beattie, James, Cornascrehe
Bell, David F., Mandeville st
Benson, George. Farra, S' st
Benson, John, Ballynagone
Benson, T., Drumhariff S' st
Best, John, Balteagh
Best, Robert, Killycomain
Black, G., Drumard P, B’hill
Black, H., Drumard P, B'hill
Blacker, V., Drumnevin, S' st
Boyce, I., T’lasson, C’roll
Boyce, James, Bocambra
Boyd, Edward, Battlehill
Boyd Mrs., Carleton st
Boyle, James, Drumcree
Bradshaw, James, Breagh
Brankin, Felix, Selshion
Brankin, Michael, Derrycaw
Rready, Miss, Church st
Bredon, Mrs., Millicent ter
Brogan, J., Drumnasoo, Mul
Brown, Wm. (P.M.), Ballynacorr
Brownlee, T., Drumnasoo, Mul
Bright,Geo., Bridge st
Bright, W. H., Bridge st
Bryson, John B., Carleton st
Bullick, Ralph, Mountain view
Bullick, Samuel, Drumnagoon
Bullick, Thomas, Drumnagoon
Burrell, T., Artabracka, Mul
Byrne, James, Woodhouse st
Byme, Rev. F.,: Selsion
Caddell, W. J., Ballynacorr
Calvert, George, Breagh
Calvert, James, Drumnacanvey
Calvert, Wm. J., Ballymacrandle
Campbell, George, Breagh
Campbell, William, Annagh
Campbell, William, Ballyworkan
Carleton, Miss, Church st
Carr, Joseph, Baltylum
Carrick, J., Richmount, S' st
Carrick, Thos., Richmount, S'st
Carrick, Wm., Derryanville
Carter, George, I)erryall. Crab
Carter, John, Derryall, Crab
Carter, T., Derryall, Crab
Chapman, D., B’teggart, B’hill
Chapman, Eliza, Battlehill
Chapman, J., Battlehill
Chapman, J., Mulladry, Mul
Chapman, J. (P.M.), Battlehill
Chapman, Mrs., D’huncheon, B’hill
Chapman, Mrs. A., C’root, B’hill
Chapman, Robert, Ballinteggart
Chapman, Thomas, Battlehill
Cheetham, George, Edward st
Church, Wm. J., Ballyworkan
Cinnamon, George, Kilmagamish
Clayton, Charles, Clounagh
Clayton, Edward, Clounagh
Clayton, Thomas, Derryanville
Clayton, Thomas, Drumnakelly
Clow, Wm. M., Carleton st
Cochrane, Robert, Cornascrebe
Collen, John (J.P.), Killicomain ho
Collen, Jos., Ashton villa
Collen, Richard, Oakfield
Collins, John, Seagoe up
Conn, F., Ballymacgeown, S' st
Conn, Rt, Kilmoriarty, Muli
Conn, T., Farra, S' st
Conn, Thos., Breagh
Conn, William, Drumnakelly
Conn, Wm., jun., Baltylum
Conn, Wm., jun., Drumnakelly
Cook, John, Concullentrabeg
Cook, John, Levaghery
Corbett, Rev. E. St. J., Mulladry, Mullantine
Costello, James, Ballynacorr
Coulter, Samuel, Tarsan, B’corr
Coultcr, William, Tarsan, B’corr
Courtney, Archibd., Ballinteggart
Courtney, John, Selshion
Courtney, John, Ballynagowan
Cox, John, Derryhale corner
Cox, Mrs. M., Fruithill, D c
Cranston, Wm., Drumnasoo, Mul
Cregan, Arthur, Corcullentramore
Cregan, Wm., Ballinteggart, B’hill
Crockett, John, Legany, S' st
Crockett, Thos., Diviney, S' st
Croshie, Wm.J., Drumnakelly
Crosby, Wm.J., Mahon
Crummie, J., Artabracka, Mul
Cullen, James, Ballyworkan
Curry, Ceorge, Clonroot, B'hill
Curry, Robt., Clonroot, B’hill
Davidson, Alex., Ballygargan
Davison, Henry, Ballygargan
Davison, JopI,h, Ballygargan
Dawson, Rev. Abhrm., Seagoe, L
Dawson, Thomas, Corcrain ho
Dawson, William J., Corcrain ho
Devlin, Bernard, Derrymattry
Devlin, Etlward, Muckery
Devlin, Henry, Muckery, Crab
Devlin, John, Ballynagowan
Devlin, John, Derrycaw
Dickson, J., T’lasson, Clenroll
Dickson, J. (P.M.) Mullantine
Dickson, Mrs. Margt., Clenroll
Dickson, Mrs., Lisnisky, Clenroll
Dillon, Samuel, Canagolabeg, S' st
Dilworlh, Robert, Lisnisky
Dixon, James, Mullantine
Dixon, John, Artabracka
Dixon, John, Tamnifiglasson
Dixon, Samuel, Ballygargan
Dobson, G., Ballinteggart, B'hill
Doherty, Wm., Kilmoriarty, Mul
Doyle, John, Kingarve, S' st
Doyle, Richard, Derryhale, Mul
Doyle, William, Kingarve, S' st
Dugan, David, Derryvane
Duke, Thos., Drumnasoo, Mul
Dunbar, Ruth, Crabtree lane
Dynes, Samuel, Derrymattry
England, Henry, Knocknamuckly
England, Thos., Knocknamuckly
Fearon, James, Artabracka Mul
Fergus, Mrs., Bridge st
Ferguson, D, Bridge st
Ferguson,John, Clounagh
Ferguson, John, jun., Clounagh
Ferran, Bernard, Mulladry, D c
Ferrin, John, Cornascrebe
Fforde, John, jun., Mullantine
Flavell, James, Corbrackey, D'ville
Fleming, Miss M., Battlehill
Forbes, John, Crabtree lane
Forbes, Robert, Drumnakelly
Ford, James, Mullantine
Ford, William, Mullantine
Forde, David, Mullantine
Forsythe, George, Kilmagamish
Forsythe, John H., Ballintaggart
Forsythe, Rev.J.H.,Vinnecash,Mul
Forsythe, Robert, Derrymattry
Forsythe, William, Derrymattry
Foy, Rev. Edward, Drumcree
Frackleton, William, Clenroll
Fulton, J. C. (J.P.) Church st
Furphy, Mary, Derryanville
Garvey, Joseph, Coharra, S' st
Garvey, Patrick, Annagora, S' st
Gennett, Robert, Ballintaggart
Geough, John, Mulladry, Mul
Gibson, James, Crabtree lane
Gibsan, Miss S., William st
Gibson, Richard, Lylo
Gibson, T. D., Res. Magistrate
Gibson, William, Ballyworkan
Gilbert, Jthn., Ballynacorr
Gilbert, Richard, Ballynacorr
Gilbert, Stephen, Mulladry, Mul
Gilbert, William A., Seago up
Gillespie, IIenry, Derryletiff, S' st
Gillespie, William, Roughan, S' st
Gilpin, Andrew, Drumnagoon
Gilpin, John, Balteagh
Gilpin, Thomas, Clenroll
Gilpin, Wm. J., Tamnifiglasson
Glass, Samuel, Mulladry, Mul
Gough, William, Bridge st
Gracey, Robert, Balteagh
Gracey, Robert, T’lasson, C’roll
Graham, David, Castle st
Graham, Francis, Cornascrebe
Graham. John, Derryhale c
Graham, John, Cushenny, S' st
Graham, Robert, Castle st
Graham, Thomas, Derryhale c
Green, James, Banllynaghy
Greer, James, Mullalelish, D c
Greer, John, Mullalelish, D c
Greer, J. W., Church st
Greer, Thomas, Ballybreagh D c
Greer, William, Ballybreagh D c
Greer, William, 41 High st
Grew, James, Alma terrace
Grew, John, High st
Gribben, Daniel, Altahracka
Gribben, Francis, Artabracka
Gribben, James, Artabracka
Grimes, David, Drumheriff, S' st
Grimshaw, H., Kilmoriarty, Mul
Grimshaw, Wm., Kilmoriarty, MoI
Guy, Robert, Derryvore, B'corr
Guy, Mrs. M. A., Carlton st
Haddock, Mrs , Ealtea, Clenroll
Hall, C., Artabracka, Mul
Hall, Charles, Derrycorry
Hall, Jas., Clonroot, B'hill
Hall, Mrs., Hanover st
Hall, Wm. (C.T.C.) High st
Halligan, John, Derryhale c
Hamill, Thomas, Mullantine
Hamilton, William, Seagoe lower
Hampton, E., Clonroot, B’hill
Hampton, J., Drumard P. B’hill
Hampton, S., Drumard P. B’hill
Harbinson, Thomas, Cornascrebe
Harcourt, James, Ballyworkan
Hare, Moses, Derryhale c
Hare, W. J., Derryhale c
Harrison, Sl., Muckery, Crab
Harrison, S. J., Muckery
Hart, Gabriel, Ballynageown
Hart, James, Drumard Primate
Heaney, W.. Drumnacanvey
Henon, Miss I., Ballynacor
Henry, J., Carleton st
Henry, Mrs., William st
Henry, Ptk., Ballyworkan
Henry, Robt., Hanover st
Hewitt, Geo., Clonroot, B’hill
Hewitt, J., Clonroot, B'hill
Hewitt, John, Ballintaggart
Hewitt, Jthn. Clonroot, B'hill
Hewitt, J., jun.. Clonroot. B'hill
Hewitt, Mark, Battlehill
Hewitt, Mrs., Clonroot, B’hill
Hewitt, Mrs., Dromard P. B’hill
Hewitt. Rt., Clonroot, B’hill
Hewilt, R., jun., Clonroot, B’hill
Hewitt, Thos., Battlehill
Hewitt Wm., Ballintaggart
Hewitt W. J., Clonroot, B’hill
Hobson, Rt., Mullantine
Holmes, John, Killycomain
Honeyford, B. jun.,C’muckly, S'st
Honeyford, J., C’muckla, S' st
Honeyford, John, Drumgoose I
Honeyford, Rd., Ballyfodrin, S'st
Honeyrord, Rbsn., Ballintaggart
Honeyford, T. Ballyfodrin, S'st
Hopps, Robert, Clenroll
Hopps, William, Crossmacugley
Hughes, Mrs., K’mena, Clenroll
Hunniford, David, Ballintaggart
Hunter, David R., Artabracka
Hyde, Robert, Tumblekeny S'st
Hyde, Thomas, Foybeg
Ingram, Thomas, Drumgoose
Jackson, Alex., Corcullentrabeg
Jennett, George, Breagh
Johnston, Chas. (J.P.) Beechcote
Johnston, John, Woodhouse st
Johnston, Jno. (P.M.) Clenroll
Johnston, M., K'mena, Clenroll
Johnston, Mrs. L, Unshena S'st
Johnston, Samuel, Roughann S'st
Johnston, T.. Canoneill, S'st
Jones, John, Ballyworkan
Jones, John, Corbracky
Jones, Ralph, Derryvane
Jones, William, Corbrackey
Kane, Jno., Ballinarry, B'corr
Keegan, William, Timakeel, S'st
Keiron, J., Artabracka, Mul
Kelly, John, Ballynagone
Kelly, Thomas, Battlehill
Kingsboro', H., Dnlmalis, S'st
Lappin, Alex., Cornascrebe
Larmer, George, Mullantine
Leckie, John, Ballyworkan
Leckey, John, Battlehill
Leckie, Thomas, Ballyworkan
Leitch, Rev. A., Drumcree
Lindsay, William, Ballintaggart
Loughead, James, Derryhale c
Loughead, Joseph, Dcrryhale c
Loughran, Mrs., Artabracka, Mul
Love, David, (P.M.) Scotchstreet
Love, James, Timakeel, S'st
Love, John, Koughan, S'st
Love John, Timakeel, S'st
Love, Joseph, Kougllan, S'st
Love, J. G., Carnagolabeg, S'st
Love, R., Timakeel, S'st
Love, Wm., Drumheriff, S'st
Lutton, Jno., Bridge st
Lutton, Robert, Baltylum
Lutton, W. J., Breagh
Lynas, Robert, Tarsan, B'corr
Lyness, Jas., Carne, B'corr
McAdam, Joseph, Drumenagh
McAdam, Wm. J., Drumenagh
McAnally, H. Derryletiff, S'st
McAnally, J., Cullentramore
McBroom, I., D’huncheon, B’hill
McCabe, Robert, Ballynacorr
McCaghley, W., Derryvore, B’corr
McCallan, James, Cornascrebe
McCannon, Hugh W., Annagh
McCann, Eclward, Clenroll
McCann, James, Selshion
McCann, Mrs. Mj., Derrymacfall
McCann, William, Ballyhannon
McCann, W., Kingarve, S'st
McCann, Wm., Muckery
McCann, Wm., Muckery, Crab
McCarrison, Robert, Portmore st
McCleery, Amelia. B’nacorr
McClelland, Wm., Drumgoose
McConnelle, Clarke, Marlacoomore
McConnell, Richard, Selshion
McConville, Anthony, Cornascreeb
McCooe, James, Anagora, S'st
McCleery, J. G., Kilmgamish Crab
McCreery, William, Muckery Crab,
McCrory, John, Ballinacorr
McCullagh, Isaac, Timakeel, S'st
McCune, John, Ballybreagh, D. c.
McDonnell, Alexonder, Annagh
McFadden, James, Carleton street
McGeown, H., Ballinarry, B'cor
McGeown, J., Ballinarry, B'corr
McGeown, J., Drumnagoon, B'corr
McGeown, John, Tamnificarbet
McGrane, P, Artabracka, Mul
McGredy, Sl., sen., The Walk
McGredy, Sl., jun., The Walk
McIroy, Miss, Bridge street
McKenna, Ross, Anagora, S'st
McKenny, Joseph, Muckery Crab
McKenzie, Archbd., Seagoe house
McKenzie Brothers, Seagoe hoose
McKenzie, James, Bridge street
McKeown, Fr., Derryletiff, Sst
McKnight, William, Ballinacorr
McLoughlin, Mrs., Carlrton street
McMurray. Ar., Crossmacaughley
McMurray, James, Ballynaghy
McMurray, J. H., Ballynaghy
McMurray, W., Crossmacaughley
McOrmond, Miss E., Clenroll
McShane, Chas., Drumhariff S'st
McShane, Francis, Ballynagowan
McShane, Patrick, Anoagora, S'st
McSherry, John, Ballygargan
Magee, William, Breagh
Meginnis, James, Ballymacrandle
Magown, William, Artabracka
Maitland, James, Lisnamintry
Major, John, Church street
Mallow, A., Kilmoriarty, Mul
Mallagh, Benjn., Corcullentrabeg
Marlay, Miss, Bridge street
Marlay, Thomas, Castle street
Marley, Thomas, Castle street
Matchett, Francis, Derrycaw
Matchett, James, Derryanville
Matchett, James, Drumcree
Matchett, John, Derryanville
Matchett, Richard, Derryall, Crab
Mathers, David, Derrycorey
Mathers, Frances, D’ nesliin, Crab
Mathers, Joseph, D’neskin, Crab
Mathers, Richard, Muckery
Maxwell, William, Derryhale c
Maze, James, Levaghery
Maze, S., Knocknamuckly
Metcalf, William, Seagoe L
Milsop, William, Teague
Mitchell, J., Drumard P., B’hill
Mitchell, W., Drumnasoo, Mul
Monroe, Henry, Levaghery
Montgomery, J.. Derryvore, B'corr
Montgomery, John, Seagoe upper
Montgomery, Mrs., Clonroot, B’hill
Montgomery, Mrs., Curglass, S'st
Montgomery, Robert, Annagh
Montgomery, Stewart, Lylo
Montgomery, Thomas, Derrycorey
Montgomery, Thos., Derryanville
Montgomery, W., Ballynagowan
Montgomery, W., Battlehill
Montgomery, William, Seagoe lr
Morgan, James, Castle street
Morris, Henry, Ballynagowan
Morris, James, Ballynagowan
Morrison, Thomas, Derryhale c
Merrow, George, Ballyworkan
Morrow, Isaac, Ballyworkan
Morrow, Richard, Canoneil, S'st
Morrow, Thomas, Canoneil, S'st
Mulholland, Edward, Coharra, S'st
Mulholland, Henry, Richmount
Mulholland, John, Ballynageown
Mulholland, P., jun., Coharra, S'st
Mullan, K., Drumheriff, S'st
Mullin, H., Drumheriff, S'st
Murphy, Daniel, Ballyworkan
Murphy, Patrick, Mahon
Murray, David, Drumnakelly
Murray, J., Ballinarry, B'corr
Murray, M., Drumnasoo, Mul
Nelson, George, Ballyhannon
O'Connor, Patrick, The Rockery
O'Hanlon, F. I. (J.P.) Market st
Orr, William, Church street
Parker, W., Artabracka, Mul
Patterson, David, Drumnakelly
Patterson, John, Cornascrebe
Paul, David G., Erindale
Paul, W., High street
Paul, W. J. (H.P.), High street
Pentland, D., Durmnkelly
Pentland, John, Drumnakelly
Pentland, Thomas, Ballyworkan
Pentland, William, Drumnakelly
Pepper, Richmond, Ballyworkan
Porter, David, Seagoe lr
Porter, George, Seagoe lr
Porter, Henry, Seagoe lr
Portwr, John, Ballymagowan
Porter, John, Seagoe lr
Porter, Thomas, Corbrackey
Porter, Thomas, Derryanville
Preston, J J., Clonroot, B'hill
Ramsey, James, Drumnagoon
Rea, Thomas, Clenroll
Reeves, William, Battlehill
Reid, Capel W., Tarson ho., B'corr
Reid, Geo., Derrykeeran, D’ville
Reid, John, Seagoe lower
Reid, J. F., Imperial hotel
Rice, Arthur, Artabracka
Richardson, Henry, Market st
Richardson, John, High st
Richardson, Thomas, Derrymattry
Ripley, Thomas A., Clounagh
Robb, Hamilton, Edenderry ho
Robb, H. jun., Edenderry ho
Robb, Seth, Woodside ho
Robb, Wm., Derybroughas, D'ville
Robinson, David, Drumheriff, S' st
Robinson, Dawson, Tamnificarbet
Rohinson, George, Cushenny S' st
Robinson, George, Devinney, S' st
Rabinson, John, Ballyhannon
Robinson, John, West st
Robinson, Joseph Annakerra, S' st
Robinson, Robert, Divinney S' st
Robinson, Samuel, Roughan, S' st
Robinson, Thomas, Devinney, S' st
Robinson, Thomas, Scotch st
Robinson, T., T’lasson, C’roll
Robinson, Thos., Tamnifiglasson
Robinson, William, Artabrackagh
Robinson, William, Ballyhannon
Robinson, William, Lisnamintry
Robinson, William, Lylo
Rountree, Charles, Derryhale c
Rountree, Jones, Mulladry, D c
Rountree, Robert, Mulladry, D c
Rowland, B. G., Ballynacorr
Ruddell, David, Ballynacorr R
Ruddell, George, Tamnifiglasson
Ruddell, Henry, Ballinteggart
Ruddell, John, Ballinteggart
Ruddell, H., Ballinteggart, B’hill
Ruddell, John, Battlehill
Ruddell, John, Clonroot, B’hill
Ruddell, John, B’teggart, B’hill
Ruddell, Mrs., L’nisky, Clenroll
Ruddock, K., Divinney, S' st
Russell, John, Ballynagowan
Russell, Robert, Crossmacaughley
Russell, Samuel, Farra, S' st
Russell, Thomas, Bridge st
Russell, William J., Farra, S' st
Rutledge, James, Drumlisnagrilly
Savage, Roland, Clonmartin
Scott, Charles, Scotch st
Shillington, A. (J.P.) Alta villa
Shillington, T. (J.P.) Tavanagh ho
Shillington, Thomas, Alta villa
Sinnamon, John, Derryanville
Sinnamon, Mrs. K., Wentworth ho
Sinton, B., Ballinteggart, B’hill
Sinton, Jacob, Annagh
Sloan, A. G., Solicitor, Alma ter
Sloan, H, Corbrackey, D'ville
Sloan, James, Mahon
Smith, James, Baltylum
Smith, John M., Baltylum
Smith, M.. Artabracka, Mul
Sommerville, Simon, Ballyhanon
Spears, Henry, Derrybroughas
Spence, John, Hacknahay
Spence, L., Drumnagoon, B'corr
Spence, Thomas, Hacknahay
Spence, Thos. H., Bridge st
Sprott, Saml., Carleton st
Stanley, Chas., Derryhale c
Stanley, John, Derryhale c
Stanley, John, Annagh ter
Stanley, J., Edgarstown
Stanley, J., Mulladry, Mul
Stanley, Mrs., B’teggart, B'hill
Steen, Leo James, West st
Steen, Rt., Corcullentragh
Stevenson, I., Derryhale c
Stevenson, Thos., Selshion
Stewart, Wm., Artabracka
Stothers, J., Roughan, S'st
Stothers, J., Derryletiff, S'st
Stothers, W., C’golabeg, S'st
Sturgeon, A., D'huncheon, B’hi1
Symington, Wm., Glenroll
Taggart, D., Ballybreagh, D c
Tate, Dawson, jun., Drumcree
Tate, Dorothy, Crabtree lane
Tate, Samuel, Derryall
Taylor, James, Derryvane
Taylor, John, Tamnificarbet
Taylor, J, D'macfall, D'ville
Taylor, Rd., D'macCall, D'ville
Taylor, Rt., D'macfall, D'ville
Taylor, Thomas, Derrycorry
Taylor, W. A. (A. Mus.), Millicent terrace
Thompson, John, Cornascreeb
Thompson, Robert, Ballinteggart
Thompson, R. (P.M.), Deryanvill
Thornton, James, Foybeg
Tiffany, James, Scotch st
Tiffany, J., Timakeel, S'st
Todd, Sl., Derryletiff, S'st
Todd, Thos., Roughan, Sst
Totton, Mrs., Carleton st
Trevors, John, Ballymagowan
Trotter, Miss, Hanover st
Trouton, Robert, Bocombra
Troughton, Thos., Corbrackey
Trouton, W., Anakera, D'ville
Tuft, James, Drumagoon
Tudor, W., Derryhale c
Twinem, C., Derryvore, B'corr
Twinem, Chas., Tarson, B’corr
Twinem, Jas., Ballynacorr
Twinem, Leonard, Ballyhannon
Twinem, Mrs., K'mena, Clenroll
Twinem, Robert, Knockmenagh
Twinem, T., Moyraverty, C’roll
Twinem, Wm., Lylo
Twinem, Wm., Ballyhannon
Twyble, M'm., Tamnificarbet
Uprey, James, Ballyhannon
Vaughan, Jas., West st
Von Stieglitz, Baroness, Carricklacker
Wakefield, C. F., Corcrean villa
Wakefield, E. T., Cloncore ho
Walker, John, Seago, l
Walker, Watson, Seagoe up
Warnock, Samuel, Derrycorey
Walker, Samuel, Levaghery
Watson, Alex., Cornascreeb
Watson, James, Devon lodge
Watson, John, Killycomain
Watson, W. J., Edenderry
Waugh, Jos., Selshion, S'st
Webb, James, Clenroll
Weir, Joseph, Ballynaghy
Weir, W., Kilmoriarty, Mul
Wetherall, H., C’braky, D'ville
White, F., Ballybreagh, D c
White, J., B'breagh, D c
White, Robert, Bocombra
Whittle, Adam, Scotch st
Whitley, J., D'huncheon, Mul
Whitley, Mrs, W., Curglas, S'st
Whitten, James, Drumnamather
Willis, George, Drumnamather
Willis, S. W., Victoria ter
Wilson, James, Ballymacrandle
Wilson, James, Lisnisky
Wilson, John, D'neskin, Crab
Wilson, I., Lisnisky, Clenroll
Wilson, Moses, Derryvane
Wilson, Samuel, Edenderry
Wilson, Thomas, Seagoe upper
Wilson, W., Mulladry, Dc
Woolsey, B., Kilmoriarty, Mul
Woodhouse, S., Drumlellum, S'st
Woodhouse, A., Drumlellum, S'st
Woods, Stewart, Derrybroughas
Workman, J., Kichm., S'st
Workman, Miss E., Scotch st
Wright, Francis, Maghon
Wright, James, Artabrackagh
Wright, Jas., Clenroll ho
Wright, James, Drumnakelly
Wright, Jas, Derryhale c
Wright, J., jun., Mulladry, Mul
Wright, John, Artabrackagh
Wright, John, Baltylum
Wright, Joseph, Artabrackagh
Wright, Mrs. M., Battlehill
Wright, Sl., Drumnakelly
Wright, Thos., Ballyworkan
Wright, W., Corbrackey
Wright, W., sen., Artabracka, Mu1
Wright, W., jun., Artabracka, Mul
Young, Mrs., Parkmount

LETTERS addressed to residents of a sub-postal district should bear the
name of the head office, thus: Diamond, Portadown. The names of the
principal farmers and residents of the rural post office districts of
Ballynacorr, Battlehill, Clenroll, Crabtree Lane, Derryanville,
Derryhale Corner, and Scotch-street are included in the alphabetical
list of Farmers and Residents of Portadown. The object of this
consolidation is to prevent, as far as possible, the confusion which
might arise by reason of the fact that delivery is made direct front
Portadown by rural carriers on the way to the several places mentioned.
Ballynacorr is 4 miles from Portadown, Battlehill 2-1/2 miles, Clenroll
2-1/2 miles, Crabtree Lane 3 miles, Derryanville 3-1/4 miles, Derryhale
Corner 4 miles, Mullantine 2 miles, and Scotchstreet 3 miles.

Source: The Book of County Armagh, by George Henry Bassett. Dublin:
Sealy, Bryers & Walker; 1888.

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