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From: Alison Causton <>
Subject: [ARMAGH] NEWS: Armagh city - Mrs. McLOUGHLIN & Head constable LODGE - Dec 1844
Date: Tue, 05 Mar 2002 21:41:28 -0500

- The following general-interest news article has been transcribed from
The Armagh
Guardian (3 December 1844; microform), by permission of The British Library.
- This reprint is intended SOLELY for the non-commercial use of family
historians, with the sincere hope that a Lister may find the content useful.
- Please refer any questions arising from this article to the general readership
of the NIR-ARMAGH mailing list.
- I am not descended from the person(s) mentioned herein.


DARING OUTRAGE.--About half-past nine o'clock on Thurs-
day last, two ruffians, (one of them dressed in a taglioni
coat,) entered the shop of Mrs. McLoughlin, No. 2, College-
street, and whilst one of them forcibly kept the door of the
room where that lady was sitting, the other jumped over the
counter and took up a roll of tobacco which was lying in the
window, and decamped. Mrs. McLoughlin immediately gave the
alarm, and head constable Lodge, with a party of police and
watchmen, were on the spot in a few minutes. Notwithstand-
ing the most diligent search, we regret to say, that nothing has
as yet transpired that might lead to the recovery of the stolen
property, or the detection of the thieves.

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