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From: Alison Causton <>
Subject: [ARMAGH] NEWS: Wm MORROW, Drumkerrin - Cattle-keeper - Dec 1844
Date: Wed, 06 Mar 2002 19:24:02 -0500

- The following general-interest news article has been transcribed from
The Armagh Guardian (17 December 1844; microform), by permission of The
British Library.
- This reprint is intended SOLELY for the non-commercial use of family
historians, with the sincere hope that a Lister may find the content useful.
- Please refer any questions arising from this article to the general readership
of the NIR-ARMAGH mailing list.
- I am not descended from the person(s) mentioned herein.
- Readers are advised not to apply the 166-year-old advice contained
herein!! :-)

valuable cow the property of Mr. William MORROW, of Drumkerrin,
near this city, died in consequence of being over-fed with
frosted turnips, and after being turned out drinking copiously
of cold water. It is asserted, by practical farmers and
veterinarians that the essential oil of turpentine in doses of two fluid
ounces or a common wineglass full, adminstered in any mild
fluid, acts as a specific in all such cases, and we would strongly
advise all our readers who may be concerned in the management
of cattle, to keep a quantity of the valuable medicine on
hand, as in case of any of their cattle taking too much green
food, fatal consequences might ensue before it could be procured
even from the nearest druggist.

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