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From: Alison Causton <>
Subject: [ARMAGH] NEWS: Armagh Quarter Sessions - January, 1845
Date: Mon, 11 Mar 2002 21:39:43 -0500

- The following article has been transcribed from The Armagh Guardian
(31 December 1844; microform), by permission of The British Library.
- This reprint is intended SOLELY for the non-commercial use of family
historians, with the sincere hope that a Lister may find the content useful.
- Please refer any questions arising from this article to the general readership
of the NIR-ARMAGH mailing list.
- I am not descended from the person(s) mentioned herein.

The Sessions for this division commenced on Wednesday the
1st instant. The following Magistrates, besides the Assistant
Barrister, Edward Tickle, Esq., Q.C., were on the bench:--
The Right Hon. the Earl of Gosford, Colonel Close, William
Blacker, James Harden, Barnett M'Kee, and Peter Quin,
The following was the Grand Jury:--
Charles M'Anally, Esq., foreman; Messrs. William Gillis,
George Scott, Archibald Armstrong, Gilbert Marshall, Wm.
Martin, Mathew Ocheltree, William Ferguson, John Maginnis,
Thomas M'Creery, David Ocheltree, John Clements, James
Black, Alexander Small, John Scott, John Acheson, and
Ankrim Marshall.
There were 5 Crown cases entered for trial, 28 Ejectments,
332 Civil Bills. The criminal cases were not of any importance,
and the sessions terminated on Friday evening.
These Sessions commenced on the 4th inst. The following
Magistrates were present:--Edward Tickle, Esq., Q.C., Assistant
Barrister, William Paton, Thomas J. Tennison, Edward
W. Bond, J.P. Harris, William Irwin, Francis Stringer,
Maxwell Cross, Robert W. Cope, George Robinson, and Lee
M'Kinstry, Esqrs.
The following Grand Jury was sworn:--
George Cochran, Esq., foreman; Messrs. George Armstrong,
John Simpson, R. C. Vogan, Joseph Mathews, James Bennett,
Thomas Craig, Robert M'Endow, Hugh Trainor, Stephenson
Riggs, William Boyd, Sinclair Carrol, John Corry, John C.
Adams, John Corrigan, Philip Neenan, Robert Fulton, Henry
Savage, and William H. Leathem.
There are 26 Criminal cases entered for trial, 25 Ejectments,
and 504 Civil Bills, 2 Appeals, 7 Spirit Notices, and 12
Registry of Arms. It is expected the Sessions will not terminate till

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