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From: Alison Causton <>
Subject: [ARMAGH] NEWS: Loughgall & Richhill Dispensary - Meeting of Subscribers - Jan 1845
Date: Sun, 31 Mar 2002 10:42:12 -0500

The following general-interest news article has been transcribed from
The Armagh Guardian (7 January 1845; microform), by permission of The
British Library. This reprint is intended SOLELY for the non-commercial
use of family historians, with the sincere hope that a Lister may find
the content useful.

I am not descended from the person(s) mentioned herein.

** Please refer any questions arising from this article to the general
readership of the NIR-ARMAGH mailing list. **

and RICHHILL DISPENSARY, held in the 2d
January, 1845,
SIR GEO. MOLYNEUX, Bart., in the Chair,
Robert W.C. Cope, Esq.Rev. Henry Cobb
Rev. J. Jones,Joseph Nicholson, Esq.
Hon. and Rev. F. Clements,J. Hardy, Esq.
Rev. Frederick Lloyd,Mr. John Cardwell.
--- James Disney,

Robert W. Cope, Esq., having made a statement, now in the
hands of the Rev. S. Hall, Treasurer, respecting the state of the
Funds of the Loughgall and Richhill Dispensary, it appears
that there is a deficiency of £61 14s. 11d.
Resolved--"That in consequence of this deficiency, and
there being no funds whatever to carry on the Institution, it is
deemed advisable to break it up as soon as possible."
Resolved--"That a subscription be entered into for the purpose
of liquidating the above-mentioned debt of £61 14s. 11d.,
which it is proposed to accomplish by a per Centage of 50 per
Cent. on the subscriptions of the last year."
Resolved--"That a Meeting be held on the 16th instant, at
12 o'clock, for the purpose of considering the expediency of
forming a new Dispensary."
Resolved--"That a copy of the foregoing Resolutions shall
be forwarded to each subscriber, calling their particular attention
to the second Resolution, and requesting an answer with
as delay as possible [sic]."
Resolved--"That the Treasurer be requested to inform the
Medical Officers of the proceedings of this day."

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