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Subject: [ARMAGH] Armagh Guardian: Rev. EDWARD M. TAYLOR; Thomas WALKER - Richhill - Feb 1845
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Armagh Guardian: Rev. EDWARD M. TAYLOR; Thomas WALKER - Richhill - Feb 1845
The following article was transcribed from The Armagh Guardian (18
Feb 1845; microfilm), by permission of The British Library.

>From the Members of the Established Church and other Friends
at Richhill, to the Rev. EDWARD MONTGOMERY
TAYLOR, on the occasion of his promotion and departure
from amongst them.

REVEREND AND DEAR SIR,--On the occasion of your departure
from this parish, we sincerely congratulate you on your
promotion to a more important position in the Church.
At the same time we beg to express our deep regret for the
loss, which, in your departure, we sustain. For many years
you have been a faithful instructor in the House of God--a
comforter in seasons of sickness and sorrow--an assiduous watcher
over the education of the young, and the zealous and untiring
friend of the poor.
We also gratefully bear testimony to the uniform kindness
and courtesy of your demeanour, which not merely endeared
you to the members of your own church, but also secured the
respect and esteem of the members of every other religious
On your departure from Richhill permit us, in conjunction
with friends of other religious communities, to present to you
these pieces of Plate, as a testimonial of our high appreciation of
your manifold and valuable ministerial labours among us, and
of our great regard and esteem for yourself and your excellent
In fine, we entertain the hope that though separated, we may
still cherish a kindly and prayerful recollection of each other.
Our sincere wishes for your welfare will accompany you to
your future home; and our earnest prayer to Almighty God is,
that His blessing may rest upon you, and that through His
guidance and strength, you may be a blessing unto those over
whom you are now appointed.
Signed on behalf of the members of the Established Church at
Richhill, and other friends.
Richhill, 15th February, 1845.
MY DEAR FRIENDS,--I receive with sincere satisfaction your
truly affectionate and feeling Address--much of the praise
which your kind partiality leads you to bestow upon me, I feel to
be quite beyond my actual deserts, but I can, with sincerity say,
that it even falls short of what I desired to be among you.
It was my wish to preach faithfully the Gospel of Christ, to
excite or confirm in you a spirit of true Christian piety, and to
lay deep foundations of the same spirit in the early religious
instruction of your children; and though I cannot appropriate
the large measure of success which your friendly estimate of
my ministry induces you to ascribe to my efforts, it is still
very gratifying to find that my motives and intentions were so
fully appreciated.
In one respect I can indeed honestly accept your commenda-
tions. My desire ever has been to obey the apostolic precept.
"If it be possible as much as lieth in you, live peaceable with all
men," and the cordial unanimity which so many classes of religionists
have joined the members of the Church in this parting manifes-
tation of affectionate regard assures me, that in this respect at
least, my "labour has not been in vain in the Lord." This
testimony I the more highly value, because I would fain hope
that I never purchased it by any unworthy compromise.
Most gratefully do I accept your very handsome present,
which costly though it be, possesses in my eyes, as a tribute of
your regard, a worth far exceeding its intrinsic value.
The share you desire in my prayers you may rely upon
always having, and I trust your intercessions in my behalf to
the Throne of Grace, may be answered by as full a measure of
success in my new sphere of duty, as I would gladly believe, on
your testimony was vouchsafed to me amongst yourselves.
I am, my dear friends,
Yours faithfully and affectionately,
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useful. I am not descended from the person(s) mentioned herein.
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