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From: Trevor Edwards <>
Subject: [NIR-DOWN] Down people married in Belfast 1852-1857
Date: Tue, 13 May 2003 08:18:24 +0100 (BST)

Marriages in Linenhall Presbyterian Church, Belfast.
All are of full age, Bachelor or Spinster unless it
says otherwise. A lot of text was illegible and where
there is a “?” it indicates that it was my
interpretation of the text. When Robert Knox was the
minister the text became very difficult to read.
* = not legible.

I could not remember if Lisburn was in Down or Antrim,
so I included it anyway, the same for a couple of
townlands, I thought it better to put them in than
ignore them.

9 Jan 1852, William Mullan, Craigantlet, father
William a soldier, married Agnes McGra, Craigantlet
Dundonald, father James.

30 Jan 1852, John Bouden, farmer, Craigantlet,
Dundonald, father William a farmer, married Jane
Moore, Craigantlet, Dundonald, father John a farmer.

16 Feb 1852, Samuel Smith, 27 years, Seaman, Mount
Street, Donaghadee, father Hugh a stone mason, married
Jane Smith, 21 years, Prulleh? Street, Donaghadee,
father Robert a Farmer.

1 Mar 1852, John Shields, labourer, Ballybeen, father
John a labourer, married Mary McClure, Ballyoran,
father James a Sayer?

18 Jun 1852, John Hughes, Mariner, Ardglass? Father
Bernard, Harbour Master, married Sarah Ford, father
John a carpenter.

22 Oct 1852, Robert Ballagh, farmer, Dunlady, father
John a farmer, married Margaret Lindsay, Dunlady,
father Thomas a farmer.

12 Nov 1852, William Fullerton, labourer of Carnagh?
Father William a farmer, married Eliza Jane Scott 18
years, Ballyregan, father Robert.

26 Feb 1852, Donald Walker, shoemaker, of Donaghadee,
father James a shoemaker, married Jane Matterson?, of
Donaghadee, father James a labourer.

13 Oct 1853, Joseph Orr, farmer, Saintfield, father
James a farmer, married Jane Wilson, Saintfield,
father Samuel a farmer.

13 Oct 1853, Hugh Young a coachman, Belfast, father
Hugh a labourer, married Hannah Rea, 20 years,
Dundonald, father James a farmer.

10 Jan 1854, James Scott, labourer, father Robert a
farmer, married Elizabeth Carter, Ballymenoch, father
James a farmer.

4 Jan 1854, Joseph Purdy, clerk, Newtownards, father
*, occupation: * manufacturer, married Jane
Kirkpatrick, Ballymacarrett, father James.

6 May 1854, Henry Carlisle, carpenter, Ballymacarrett,
father Robert a brick layer, married Mary Nelson,
Newtownards, father James a carpenter.

7 Jun 1854, Samuel Martin, Kilkeel father Alex? A
farmer, married Sarah Gilbert, Belfast, father William
a Jeweller.

12 Jun 1854, John McEwen, labourer, Donaghadee, father
Robert a labourer married Jane McMurray, Donaghadee,
father Robert a labourer.

19 Jul 1854, John Smyth, labourer, Ballymiscon? Father
Robert a carpenter married Martha Jeffrey, 19 years,
Ballykeel, father Joc* a labourer.

5 Oct 1854, Robert McGimpsey, farmer, Loughuilown?
father John a farmer, married Eliza Barley, widow,
Newtownards, father Donald Glover, a farmer.

27 Oct 1854, David Kane, Dundonald, father Robert,
married Hannah McDowell, Dundonald, father Robert a

8 Dec 1854, John Gibson, Donaghadee, father William a
farmer, married Eliza McAdam, Donaghadee, father
William a labourer?

26 Dec 1854, Robert McIntosh, land Steward, of Mul**,
Father Robert a Steward, married Mary Walker of
Ballymenoch, father Thomas.

2 Jan 1855, John MaCready, Saintfield, father William
a farmer, married Sarah Pilk? Or Puic? Or Pink? a
widow, father John Robinson a merchant.

2 Feb 1855, James Alexander, Ballybeen, father James a
labourer married Ellen Boyd, 17 years, of Church *,
father James a labourer.

27 Apr 1855, David Kennedy, farmer, Bally*, father
William a farmer, married Nancy Morrow, Ballybeen,
father William a farmer.

24 Jul 1855, James Rea, Newtownards, father James a
labourer, married Ann Patton, Newtownards, father John
a labourer.

22 Nov 1855, Donald McMillan, widower, Coast Guard,
Cultra, father Duncan a farmer, married Isabella
Cowan, Cultra, father James a labourer.

18 Jan 1856, James Bewden, farmer, Craigantlet, farmer
William a farmer, married Anne Jane Moore,
Craigantlet, father Samuel a farmer.

25 Apr 1856, H* Moore, Donaghadee, father Hugh a
farmer, married Charlotte McMekin, Donaghadee, father
James a farmer.

2 Aug 1856, John Smyth, Bally*, father Hugh, married
Mary Ann Corry, of Belfast, father Owen a labourer.

25 Sep 1856, William McClelland, labourer, Cotton,
father John a labourer, married Alice? or Alex?
Findlay, Cotton, father John a labourer.

1 Oct 1856, William Anderson, clerk, Portaferry,
father William, married Anne Jane Thompson,
Crawfordsburn, father John.

27 Oct 1856, James Haisley, Seaman, Donaghadee, father
Alex, a Seaman, married Martha Pink, 20 years,
Donaghadee, father John a farmer.

9 Dec 1856, James Hawthorne, Dromore, father Francis,
a farmer married Elizabeth McKee, Belfast, father John
a Dentist.

13 Feb 1857, Hugh Graham McKnight, grocer, Lisburn,
father Daniel a farmer, married Anne Cochrane,
Lisburn, father Hugh a Watchmaker.

20 Apr 1857, Thomas Mulliken, Saintfield, father James
a farmer, married Isabella Wilson, Clones, father
James a printer.

3 June 1857, James Fielding Smith, Belfast, father
John a farmer, married *illment? Baumer, Killinchy,
father William.

10 Oct 1857, Alex Murphy, widower, Dundonald, father
William a farmer, married Ellen Allen, widow,
Dundonald, father Alex Farnan?

26 Oct 1857, Samuel McGee, 24 years, Bally*, father *
a weaver, married Mary McGee, Newtownards, father W* a

19 Nov 1857, John Alexander, Ballyrobert, father,
James a farmer, married Mary Arnott, Belfast father
William a merchant.

25 Nov 1857, Samuel F?u*in, Saintfield, father Samuel
a farmer, married Jane Eliza Wilson, Saintfield,
father James a printer.


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