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From: Trevor Edwards <>
Subject: [NIR-DOWN] Down people married in Belfast 1864 - 1867 inclusive
Date: Fri, 16 May 2003 09:10:07 +0100 (BST)

Some one commented on the possibility of a father
having two of his sons married in the same church. The
residence of the sons were in different areas and no
father's residence unfortunately, is shown. My great
grandparents were married in this church and I know
they lived local to it, 800 yards away. My
grandparents were married elsewhere, as were my great
great grandparents and the other children of my great
grandparents. On the other hand the cousin of my great
grandfather had all his children married in this
church. I can discern no pattern and concluded that in
the 19th century a lot of people moved around a lot.
Not very helpful, but the transcripts are as accurate
as I can be.

Marriages in Linenhall Presbyterian Church, Belfast.
All are of full age, Bachelor or Spinster unless it
says otherwise. A lot of text was illegible and where
there is a “?” it indicates that it was my
interpretation of the text. When Robert Knox was the
minister the text became very difficult to read. * =
not legible.

I have again recorded townlands I wasn’t sure of,
rather than ignore them.

2 Mar 1864, Robert Sloan, Bangor, shot worker? Married
Mary F****d or A****d, of Sydenham.

26 Apr 1864, Charles McConnell, watchman, Belfast,
father James, a blacksmith, married Mary Jane
Mullholland, Holywood, father A*ch? Mullholland.

16 May 1864, Hugh Connor, widower, Cumber, father
Richard, married Elizabeth Chirter/Churtu? Widow of
Belfast, father Thomas Fleming, farmer.

26 Jul 1864, James Thompson, draper, Saintfield,
father James, a draper, married Mary McClure,
Saintfield, father James, a farmer.

15 Aug 1864, Richard Wilson, farmer, Lisnastrain,
father Carlisle Wilson, farmer, married Elanor
Allister, Deneight, father Samuel, farmer. On this
certificate were the names of another bride and groom
scratched out, they were Edward Bloomfield and Jane

8 Sep 1864, James Kennedy, widower, farmer, Tullywest,
father William Bennett! Farmer, married Sarah Orr,
widow, Dunlady, father John Bennett, a farmer!

7 Mar 1865, Charles Nelson, widower, tailor, Regent
Street, Newtownards, father James, deceased soldier,
married Ellenor McKee, nee Beck, widow, Innkeeper,
Conway Square, Newtownards, father David, deceased

21 Mar 1865, Rofs/Naps? Claney, farmer, Ballygrainey,
father Rofs/Naps? A farmer, married Jane Pollock,
Bangor, father James, a farmer.

1 May 1865, John Ashcroft, printer, Belfast, * father
a labourer, married Jane White, 20 years, Porto****,
father Thomas, a carter.

11 May 1865, Henry Miskelly, farmer, Ballygrainey,
father William a farmer, married Jane Scott, Cotton,
father Hugh, a farmer.

11 May 1865, John Boyd, * keeper, Wood***, father John
a * mill, married Elizabeth Emily Beale, Wood***,
father George, a farmer.

18 May 1865, James Christy, Belfast, father Stewart, a
farmer, married Agnes McKeown, Drumbo, father John, a

30 Jun 1865, Charles Smith, taylor, Donaghadee, father
Jas? a taylor, married Isabella McKay, dressmaker,
Donaghadee, father Ebe*, Coastguard.

27 Jul 1865, Robert Davidson, chandler? Newtownards,
father James, a chandler? Married Sarah Isabella
Bullard, Ballywalter, father Robert, a grocer.

10 Aug 1865, William Johnston, mariner, Bangor, father
John, a mariner, married Jane Pollock, Bangor, father

23 Sep 1865, Henry Montgomery, labourer, widower,
Holywood, father James, a labourer, married Eliza
McDonald, widow, Holywood, father John MaCourly? a

19 Oct 1865, John Bennett, clerk, Lisburn, father
Samuel a carpenter, married Margaret Crawford,
Lisburn, father James, a chandler.

5 Nov 1865, Davidson? MaWhinney, 25 years, farmer,
Islandhill, Cumbria or Cumber or Crumlin? father
Kenneth, a farmer, married Sarah Boyd, Ballylisbredan,
father William a farmer. (sorry could not make this at
all, it looked more Cumbria than anything else!)

28 Nov 1865, John Foster, hair dresser, Belfast,
father John a porter, married Ellen McKibben,
Holywood, father Connor McKibben? Farmer.

9 Mar 1866, James Smyth, farmer, Ballyaughly, father
Andrew, a farmer, married Mary Shanks, Gilnahirk,
father Robert a farmer.

16 Aug 1866, Robert Shields, grocer, Newtownards,
father Robert a draper, married Eliza Ann Kerr,
Newtownards, 20 years, father a farmer.

7 Jun 1866, James Alex? Brown, draper, Newtownards,
father Thomas, married Mary Ann Walters, father James
a farmer.

15 Aug 1866, William McWilliams, widower, Nor***,
father David a farmer, married Jane Shepherd,
Saintfield, father Francis a farmer.

11 Sep 1866, William John McGihon, labourer, Belfast,
father James, a soldier, married Margaret Boyd,
reeler? Belfast, father James, a labourer. (I can’t
remember why I noted this now!)

14 Nov 1866, Henry Brown, Physician, Belfast, father
James, a Gentleman, married Jane Thompson, Saintfield,
father James, a merchant.


1 Jan 1867, William John McDowell, farmer, Ballyullen,
father James, a farmer, married Anna McCann,
Ballyullen, father John a farmer.

28 Jan 1867, William James Waugh, farmer, Cross****,
father James, a farmer, married Sarah Hawkin,

31 Jan 1867, John Dunbar, carpenter, Bangor, father
William, a labourer, married Mary Aisken, Bangor,
widow, father William Agnew, farmer.

26 Mar 1867, William John McKee, clerk, Lisburn,
father John, married Mary Findlay, Hillhall, father
Russell, carpenter.

30 Apr 1867, William Shaw, 32 years, book keeper, High
St, Newtownards, father Robert, deceased, book keeper,
married Mary? McKee, 20 years, Conway Square,
Newtownards, father John, deceased, saddler.

14 Aug 1867, William Patton, Gardner, Holywood, father
William, labourer, married Eliza Steel, servant,
Holywood, father James a coachman.

15 Aug 1867, Samuel Morrow, farmer, Holywood, father
David, a farmer, married Catherine Lyle, Carnmoney,
father James a farmer.

21 Aug 1867, John Drysdale, widower, Dundonald, father
John a farmer, married Agnes Harper, Ballykel?, father
William a farmer.

29 Jan 1867, Robert Jeffrey, gardener, Craigavad,
father James a labourer, married Mary Nicholson,
Dundonald, father James, labourer.

15 Nov 1867, Samuel Fulton, Duncady, father William,
married Elizabeth Smyth, Carnough, father John.


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