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From: Trevor Edwards <>
Subject: [NIR-DOWN] Down people married in Belfast 1868- 1870 and a few more in 1874-1876
Date: Sat, 17 May 2003 15:36:35 +0100 (BST)

Marriages in Linenhall Presbyterian Church, Belfast.
All are of full age, Bachelor or Spinster unless it
says otherwise. A lot of text was illegible and where
there is a “?” it indicates that it was my
interpretation of the text. * = not legible.

I have again recorded townlands I wasn’t sure of,
rather than ignore them.

4 Feb 1868, John Moore, widower, Sergeant,
Newtownards, father Hugh, a labourer, married Margaret
Caughley, Newtownards, father John, a merchant.

29 Apr 1868, John McCall, shopkeeper, Holywood, father
Archibald, labourer, married, Mary Ann Long, servant,
Holywood, father John, a carpenter.

5 May 1868, Robert Rea, shoemaker, Tullywest, father
Samuel, a farmer, married Eliza Wallace, 20 years,
Springfield, father William, a carpenter.

14 May 1868, Hugh Hill, farmer, Ballykeil, father
James, farmer, married, Sarah Meharg, Ballymenoch,
father James, a farmer.

21 May 1868, Hugh Barr, widower, Bangor, fishmonger,
father a farmer, married, Martha Warden? Cottown,
father William, a farmer.

5 Nov 1868, Samuel Bailee, farmer, Leggygowan, father
Samuel, farmer, married, Jane Peak, Leggygowan, father
William, a farmer.

13 Nov 1868, Hugh Innis, farmer, Drumbo, father, James
a farmer, married, Elinor Walsh, dressmaker,
CargyCroy, father John a farmer.

10 Dec 1868, William John Young, farmer, Ballymiscaw,
father, John Farmer, married, Isabella Flood,
Castlehill, father John, a farmer.

25 Dec 1868, Andrew McMillen, carpenter,
Holywood,father, Robert, a Farmer, married Jane
Thompson, Holywood, father, John, a farmer.

1 Jan 1869, Alex Brody, labourer, Holywood, father
John, a labourer, married, Mary Ann *, 20 years,
Holywood, father James, labourer. (This certificate
was almost impossible to read.)

6 Jul 1969, William Wallace, widower, boot & shoe
merchant, Rochdale, England, father John, dead, a
farmer, married, Margaret McKee, widow Montgomery,
father, David Montgomery, a Pawnbroker.

23 Jul 1869, Alex Thompson, Belfast, father Alex, mill
wright, married, Jane Kennedy, Rathfriland, father
James, a farmer.

6 Jul 1870, Thomas McClung or McClurg? Carnalea,
father Thomas, labourer, married Rose *, ***ghill,
father John. (This certificate was also almost
impossible to read.)

3 Feb 1870, Stewart Aicken, widower, farmer,
Ballymaconnell, Bangor, father, Thomas, a farmer,
married Mary Aicken, Ballymaconnell, father, Michel
Aicken, farmer.

16 Jun 1870, John Boal, carpenter, Bangor, married
James, tailor, married, Eliza Ann Boyd, Bangor, father
James, a labourer.

21 Jun 1870, James Cochrane, carpenter, Belfast,
father John, a labourer, married Mary Slanfield,
Hillsboro, father, Richard, farmer.

31 Oct 1870, Joseph Maybin? Father a farmer, married,
Jane Hollinger, Carnalea, father John, a farmer.

I had access to a stronger lens today and found that
the entry for 14 Aug 1874, should read:

14 Aug 1874, John Barry Gallaher, a widower, Land
Steward of Craigavad, father Thomas, Sergeant in
Army, married Mary Elizabeth Purdy of Ballymenoch,
father Hugh a farmer.

1874 contd.
30 Sep 1874, George McClelland, Bleacher, Hyde Park,
Robert, grocer, married, Hanna Parker, Hyde Park,
David, driver.

23 Sep 1874, John Russell, Contractor, Belfast, father
Hugh, Grocer, married, Ann McCleary Martin, Newcastle,
father, Henry.

2 Dec 1874, Joshua Chambers, Grocer, Newtownards,
father, Joseph, Farmer married, Mary McBride?
Newtownards, father, a Merchant.

16 Feb 1875, John Maxwell, Belfast, father, John,
Cloth Dyer, married, Jane Boyd, Belfast, father, John,

15 Feb 1875, George Wallace, Sailor, Bangor, father
William, Mariner, married, Ellen Moore, Bangor,

29 May 1875, James Verner, Porter, Belfast, father
James, Labourer, married, Ann McSpadden, Newtownbreda,
father, Samuel, farmer.

24 Dec 1875, William Henry Luin? Smyth, Ship? Builder,
Ballymacarrett, father, Joseph, married, Isabella
Kingham, Saintfield, father John, Farmer.

24 Dec 1875, David Sewell, Flax *uster, Lisburn,
father Alex? Labourer, married, Caroline Lamont,
Belfast, father Auneo?, plasterer.

8 Jan 1876, John Williamson, labourer, Ballysalligh,
father Francis, married, Eliza Kennedy, Ballysalligh,
father, William, farmer.

2 May 1876, Alexander McKibben, 35 years, farmer,
Greengraves? Father, James, farmer, married, Elizabeth
Kennedy, teacher, father, Robert, deceased.

18 May 1876, William Crawford Yeates, baker,
Newtownards, father, John, farmer, married, Mary Ann
Cleland, widower, Belfast, father, John L Brown,

8 Jul 1876, Alexander Gray, Linen finisher, Dunadry,
father, John, married, Eliza Cully, Holywood, father
Michael, labourer.

30 Jul 1876, Samuel McMurray, teacher, Gil St** Cou**
Dough eha**, father, Andrew, farmer, married, Jane
Patterson, Newtownbreda, father, John, farmer.

6 Nov 1876, George McMullan, mason, Bangor, father
James, spinner, married, Margaret McFerran, Bangor,
father, John, Mason.

7 Dec 1876, John Ringland, widower, baker, Portaferry,
father, John, deceased, married, Mary Ann Davidson,
Francis Street, Newtownards, father, James, deceased,


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