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From: Trevor Edwards <>
Subject: [NIR-DOWN] Down people married in Belfast 1877 - 1895
Date: Sun, 18 May 2003 08:45:14 +0100 (BST)

This will be my last post for about one week.

The number of marriages from people outside of Belfast
each year, diminished after 1880.


Marriages in Linenhall Presbyterian Church, Belfast.
All are of full age, Bachelor or Spinster unless it
says otherwise. A lot of text was illegible and where
there is a “?” it indicates that it was my
interpretation of the text. * = not legible.

I have again recorded townlands I wasn’t sure of,
rather than ignore them.


4 Jan 1877, Thomas Warwick, widower, farmer,
Killynure, father Moses?, farmer, married, Mary Scott,
Ballymagarick, father, John, farmer.

24 Apr 1877, William Martin, 29 years, Car Proprietor,
Bangor, Co. Down, father Isaiah, married, Elizabeth
Ferguson, Ballyalton, Newtownards, father David,

30 May 1877, David Lindsay, tailor, Bangor, father
James, labourer, married, Martha Neil, Miner,
occupation not given, Belfast, father Charles,

27 Jun 1877, Robert McKenzie, 24 years, (signs name
as: Robert Seringefour? McKenzie), officer of E?*ixe,
Dublin City, father James, deceased teacher, married,
Rachel McBride, High Street, Newtownards, father,
William Henry McBride, merchant

19 Sep 1877, Mathew Forbes, drapers merchant, Belfast,
father, James, a Butler, married, Elizabeth Blayney?
Newtownards, father, a grocer.

10 Jan 1878, John Agnew, farmer, Balloo, father,
William, a farmer, married, Jane Aicken, widow,
Bangor, father, John Scott, farmer.

8 Jun 1868, William Moore, Butler, 46 Boyd Square,
father, William, labourer, married, Elizabeth Foster
Rainey, handmaid? Backleigh? Muidan? Park, father,
Henry, labourer.

3 Aug 1878, Hugh Jackson, labourer, Ballycowan?
father, John, Labourer, married, Ellen Green,
Ballycowan? father, John, labourer.

4 Oct 1878, Thomas Bell, mason, Bangor, father,
Alexander, labourer, married Mary Ann Ferguson,
(signed name as: Maggie Ann Ferguson), Belfast,
father, Hugh, Car Man.

29 Oct 1878, Samuel Kershaw, Belfast, father, Robert,
married, Sara A Gilmore, Belfast, father, Edward, a

16 Dec 1878, Robert Sloan, labourer, Killynure, father
John, a farmer, married Susanna Scot, Duenalig? Father
John, a farmer.

1 Jan 1879, David Duff, 63 Norwood, Belfast, father,
Henry, a carpenter, married Ellen Hayes, 19 years,
Holywood, father, N Hayes.

15 Aug 1879, Andrew James Ogle, Ballymenoch, father,
Thomas, labourer, married, Isabella Hoy, Ballymenoch,
father James, stone mason.

23 Aug 1879, John D P Watson, iron monger, Dundonald,
father, James, a farmer, married, Agnes Hamilton,
Ch**villa, father John, a farmer.

24 Mar 1880, James Hoy, farmer, Bally****rick, father
James, a bricklayer, married, Margaret Jane Harvey,
Mealough, father, Alex?

26 Apr 1880, Ezekeil? Hoy, Ballyn***, father, James, a
farmer, married, Mary Ann Reid, Ballayhles? Father,
William, a labourer.

28 Aug 1880, David Dunlop Kingon? Labourer, Carryduff,
father, Davidson Kingon? Married, Rachel Gilchrist,
Carryduff, father, Hugh, a labourer.

3 Sep 1880, Archibald Connery, labourer, Belfast,
father, David, flax dresser, married, Susan McDowell,
Bangor, father, a bread server.

27 Sep 1880, John Walsh, Lisburn, father, David,
labourer, married, Margaret Ann Stewart, Belfast,
father, William Joseph, tailor.

27 Oct 1880, Samuel Lawson Cochrin, grocer, Belfast,
father, John, a farmer, married, Jane Orr,
Newtownards, father, Robert, a grocer.

29 Oct 1880, Edward Cairnduff, labourer, Mealough,
father, Samuel, labourer, married, Mary McWilliams,
Carryduff, father, Hugh, labourer.

1 Aug 1881, David Milling, farmer, Drumbo, father,
James, farmer, married, Annie Bradley, C or
Glen*n*cally, father, Samuel, a farmer.

29 Sep 1882, Samuel Sloan, farmer, Ballynure, father,
John, a farmer, married, Maggie Dunn, Knock*****,
father, James, a farmer.

27 Jul 1883, James Spence, widower, farmer,
Ballycowan, Parish of Drumbo, father William, a
farmer, married, Elizabeth Hunter, minor, Ballycowan,
Parish of Drumbo, father, William, a farmer.

2 Jan 1884, James White, painter, Dublin, father,
George, a shoemaker, married Maggie Hughes, Belfast,
father, John, a brush maker.

23 May 1884, Hugh Brown Sloan, widower, Killynure,
father, Samuel, a farmer, married Eliza Kirk, father,
Hugh, a farmer.

23 Aug 1884, David Martin, linen finisher, Lisburn,
father, William, labourer, married, Sarah McDonald,
Belfast, father, John, a labourer.

27 Aug 1884, Galbraith Cochrane, grocer, Belfast,
father, John, a farmer, married, Maggie Coyne,
Newcastle, Co Down, father, Richard, a farmer.

14 Nov 1884, John Mckee, merchant, Banbridge, father,
Hugh, a merchant, married, Selina McGowan, Belfast,
father, John, a Gentleman.

Mathew McKee, fitter, Belfast, father, Robert, farmer,
married, Lizzie McGrath, (signed as: Eliza),
Edenderry, father, James, labourer.

5 Aug 1886, Roddy Magill, farm servant, Clontoncally,
Drumbo, father, Hugh, labourer, married, Martha
McWilliams, sewer, Clontoncally, Drumbo, father, Hugh,

25 Jan 1887, Mathew Anderson, widower, music master,
Belfast, father, James, Farmer, married, Jennie Agnes
Nelson, Warrenpoint, father, Robert, Farmer.

28 Jul 1887, John Hooke, Constable, Belfast, father,
Campbell, farmer, married, Maira Driscoll, Skibereen,
father, Cornelius, farmer.

13 Jul 1888, Samuel Lemon, tailor, Tullyard, Lisburn,
father, John, Farmer, married, Agnes Graham, Belfast,
father, William, farmer.

4 Feb 1889,
James McKelvey, farmer, Burren, Ballynahinch, father,
Hugh, farmer, married, Eliza Jane McCann, widow,
Belfast, father, John Groves, farmer.

22 Apr 1889, William Lockhart Culvert, labourer,
Belfast, father, John, labourer, married, Anna
Elizabeth Price, servant, Lisburn, father, George,

7 May 1889, John Currie, Iron Monger assistant,
Belfast, father, William, farmer, married, Alice Maude
Strong, 20 years, Banbridge, father, Robert, merchant.

William Robert Sloan, Manager Linen Warehouse,
Belfast, father, Edward, Farmer, married, Ellen
McKittrick, Belfast, father Archibald, farmer.

20 Jul 1890, John Dobbin McDowell, widower, **ati*al
teacher, Belfast, father, David, married, Minnie
Nelson, Levendara, Ballynahinch, father, William,

25 Nov 1891, Robert Butler, clerk, Belfast, father,
John, married, Grace Byers, Holywood, father, John,

25 Nov 1891, Alexander Andrews, Druggist, Banbridge,
father, John, farmer, married, Annie Harris, 20 years,
Belfast, father, William, deceased.

19 Jul 1892, John Frame, farmer, Ballygowan, father,
Hugh, farmer, married, Joanna Galbraith, Ballynock***,
father, Samuel, farmer.

30 Nov 1892, William John Curragh, widower, engineer,
Ballygowan, father, Robert, a farmer, married, Mary
Ann McMaster, Belfast, father, Alex, Steward.

16 Dec 1892, Thomas Dickson, plumber, Belfast, father,
Edward, millwright, married Mary Dobbin,
Newtownbreada, father, John, Labourer.

29 Mar 1893, William James Shaw, Lisburn, father
James, farmer, married, Mary Elizabeth Kirkwood,
Belfast, father, Thomas, book keeper.

22 Nov 1894, William Major, mason, Bangor, father,
James, labourer, married, Elizabeth Jane Hyburn,
Belfast, father, Robert, labourer.

2 Nov 1895, John Neill, widower, builder, Newcastle,
Co Down, father, Thomas, deceased, married, Mary Ann
McMurray, Belfast, father, Robert, deceased.

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