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From: Trevor Edwards <>
Subject: [NIR-DOWN] Down people married in Belfast 1895 - 1908 inclusive
Date: Tue, 27 May 2003 15:48:33 +0100 (BST)

Marriages in Linenhall Presbyterian Church, Belfast.
All are of full age, Bachelor or Spinster unless it
says otherwise. A lot of text was illegible and where
there is a “?” it indicates that it was my
interpretation of the text. * = not legible. Linenhall
closed in 1893 and a new church The Crescent opened, I
think this was in University Street, Belfast.

I have again recorded townlands I wasn’t sure of,
rather than ignore them.

Thank you to all those who sent me messages of
support. This is the last of the marriages in
Linenhall Street. There are more after 1908 but I
wondered if they were worth continuing with? I will
start tomorrow to list people born outside of
Holywood, who married there as Presbyterians.

15 Jul 1895, Joseph McMuin, Labourer, Newry, John,
Stonecutter, Sarah Watson, Belfast, John, Labourer.
16 Mar 1896. James Weir. Blacksmith. Carryduff.
William. Linen Lapper. Mary Jane Dunwooody, 18 years,
Robert, Carryduff, Dealer.
18 May 1896, Andrew Richmond, Plumber, Belfast,
Charles, Plumber, Eliza Jane McKibben, Annalong,
Charles, Sailor.
21 Jul 1896, David Stevenson, widower, Farmer,
Mealough Ballylesson, Andrew, Deceased, Emily Sloan,
Ballynure, Fisher Sloan, Farmer.
11 Apr 1898, Joseph Graham, Farmer, Lisdoonan,
Carryduff, Thomas, Farmer, Deceased,Anne Lizzie
Massey, Oughley, Carryduff, Mathew, Farmer.
26 Aug 1898, William Hawthorne, Manufacturer, Belfast,
William, Farmer, Emma Neill, Bangor, John, Deceased.
31 Aug 1898, George Thompson, Farmer, Mealough, John,
Farmer, Mary Johnston,Carryduff, George, Farmer.
21 Jun 1899, John Alexander Harvey, Farmer, Mealough,
Alexander, Farmer, Hester Mary James, Carryduff,
Edward, Sea Captain.
11 Aug 1899, James Morrison, Labourer, Knockbracken,
George, Labourer, Lucy Boyd, Ballycoan, David,
20 Dec 1899, John Dobbin McDowell, Farmer,
Clontoncally, Drumbo, John, Farmer, Sarah
Browne,Carryduff,William James, Farmer.
26 Dec 1899, Samuel Blakely, Merchant, Lisburn,
Samuel, Deceased, Margaret Craig, Belfast, Coachman.
19-Mar-00, Herbert Haslett, Druggist, Belfast, John,
Druggist, Eva Livingston, Miner, Belfast, Samuel,
14-Nov-00, Hugh Hobson, Traveller, Bangor, Hugh,
Traveller, Annie Isabel Watson, Belfast, John.
16-Apr-00, Arthur Clarke, Farmer, Carryduff, Alex,
Farmer, Agnes Douglas,****nacally? James, Farmer.
25-Dec-00, Hugh Shannon,****** driver, Newtownards,
William, Deceased, Minnie Tweedie, Belfast, John,
23-Sep-01, William Fisher, Stone mason, Oughley,
David, Farmer, Margaret Jane Sloan, Killynure, Robert,
8-Apr-02, John McGarry, Dealer, Donaghadee, James,
Deceased, Sarah Ann Morrow, Belfast, Alexander,
21-May-02, William Bell, Carpenter, Belfast, John,
Farmer, Hannah James, Annalong, Edward, Sea Captain.
24-Dec-02, Fred Davison, Farmer, Clontoncally, Drumbo,
Thomas, Farmer, Jane Magowan, Thomas, Ballycowan,
23-Apr-03, Thomas Hooks, Guard, Belfast, James,
Labourer, Jeannie Gribben, Cultra, Edward, Contractor.
13-Apr-03, Samuel, Johnston Shaw, Carryduff, David,
Deceased, Lizzie Scott, Carryduff, James, Deceased.
26-Dec-05, John MaCaulay, Clerk, Ballyroney, Down,
Alex, Deceased, Mary Elizabeth Stirling,widow Belfast,
David Long,Deceased.
17-Sep-07, Ernest Victor Page, Clerk,Holywood, James,
Linen Warehouseman, Elizabeth Brownlee, Belfast,
10-Sep-08, Alexander Pollock Edgar, Clergyman,
Ardglass, McCeyne? Edgar, Clergyman, Emma Parke,
widow, Donacloney, Joseph Beatty, Farmer.


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