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Subject: [NISHNAWBE-L] Mary Martell's GAGNIER (GONYIER) History
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pg 36, Mary MARTELL's Book, "Our People - The Indians"

Claude GAGNIER, Sr., a French Canadian, married Mary Ann LaBUCHE, a
French woman. Their children are: 1. Adelaide, 2. Melanie, 3. Helen, 4.
Regis, 5. Claude, Jr., and 6. Basil.
1. Adelaide married Baptiste LEMERY, their children are: Mary Ann, Mrs.
Henry STRAM; Clarence and Monica.
2. Melanie married Hyacient St. CYR, May 9, 1824. He was a son of
Hyacient St. CYR and a Winnebago woman.
3. Helen married Francis GALLEREAU, April, 1825. He was an uncle of
Solom JUNEAU, founder of Milwaukee.
4. Regis married Theresa CAHELFAU of French-Sioux blood on November 24,
1823. Regeste, as he was called, was killed by the Indians at this home south
of Prairie du Chien on June 28, 1827. For more on this murder see
Reminiscences by Mrs. Coasn CHERRIER nee Marie Louise GAGNIER, in this book.
(Judy's note: I have already posted this information.) To this Regis GAGNIER
and Theresa CHALEFAU were born the two children, Marie Louise and Francis.
Marie Louise married first Amable MOREAUX August 20, 1843, they had ten
children, can only account for five of them, namely: Virginia, Rose, Lillian,
Ester, and David. The latter four I have no data on. Virginia MOREAUX
married Jean Baptiste DUCHARME, their children: Cecilia, Amos, Wilfred,
Johanna, Arthur, Theodore and Stella. Nothing on the former six. Stella
DUCHARME married Frank MYER, the children are: Lester, Grace, Victor,
Bernice, Cosmos ( Priest S.V.D. order now in Louisiana.) Gabriell (studying
for Priesthood), and Regina, (Sister Venard of Milwaukee). Marie Louise
GAGNIER MOREAUX second marriage was to Cosan (Count) CHERRIER, March 1, 1862,
had three children: Madaline born December 6, 1863; Felix, October 7, 1865,
and Louise, February 29, 1869. (died in infancy). Francis GAGNIER was killed
in a quarrel with a neighbor at the age of 18.
5. Claude, Jr., never married.
6. Basil married first to Ellen GRIGNON May 25, 1828 --proof at
Register of Deeds, P.D.C., Wis. Their children we have nothing on. Basil
GAGNIER's second marriage was to Mrs. Josephine (Josetta) LaROQUE. Basil died
October 15, 1878 , and his wife Josetta almost two weks later on October 29,
1878--proof for this was found in the early records at St. Gabriel's in
Prairie du Chien, Wis. Both were buried in the cemetery there. He was known
as the snake bite doctor. To this Basil and Josetta three children were born:
Pascal, Helen and Norbert. Pascal was accidentlly shot and killed at the age
of 15 years. Helen, also known as Madaline, was baptized in 1845, she married
Francis GILLIARD (GEON) (GRANT) April 28, 1863. He was a Frenchman and the
son of Charles and Jeannett GILLIARD. This marriage record was found in Vol.
3, page 30, at Register of Deeds in Prairie du Chien, Wis. They had two girls
and we think they moved to Little Rock, Ark. Norbert GAGNIER was born March
8, 1843, married twice -- first to Mary Eloise, daughter of Anthony VALLEE and
Mary MORIN, on February 4, 1862, they had Basil, Albert, Rose and Margaret.
Basil was born November 14, 1863 at Prairie, married Mary Virginia, daughter
of Alphone LARRIVIER and Sophia LaPOINTE, on September 6, 1889 at Paint Rock,
St. Joseph's Church, by Rev. Thos. KERNAN, their children are as follows:
Rose, born December, 1890, died in 1910 while single; Joseph, born February
13, 1891, died in 1927, single; Basil, Jr., born December 31, 1892, married
Myrtle OLSON, has four children, all married; Clarence, born April 11, 1894,
first married Betsy HARWICK, had four children, all married, second marriage
was to Marie ?, no children; George, born January 20, 1896, married Ethel
LOWE, had three children, one died other two are married; Cecilia, born
February 5, 1898, married Peter YARINE, had one girl, she is married; Frank,
born February 5, 1900, married Beulah BURGESS, had four children, all single
yet; Virginia, born December 1, 1901, first married Carl JOHNSON, had a girl
who is married, second to John EGAN, have no family; Sylvester, born June
1904, died in 1912; Irene, born June 9, 1905, first married Wesley BARRETT,
had three boys, all single yet, second to Glynn ADAMS, have a small daughter;
Lydia, born April 4, 1907, married Orlando WHITE, April 9, 1927, has a
daughter and a son, the girl is married. Albert GAGNIER married Maud
TRAVERSEY. Albert died a few years ago, his widow and son live at Lynxville,
they had Louise, Audrey, Gertrude and Norbert. The girls are married and the
son is single; Rose GAGNIER married James POWERS and lives at Marquette,
Iowa. Jim is now deceased, his wife lives with one of their children. They
had Louise, Mary, Rose, Catherine, Jim, Tom and Martin.. all are married;
Margaret GAGNIER first married Dave HULSE, had one boy, second Ellis, third
Alman DAVIS; Norbert GAGNIER's second marriage was to Elizabeth, daughter of
Julian LARRIVIER and Madaline LaPOINTE, this was Elizabeth's second marriage
too, she first married Nels ELLIOTT. To Norbert two daughters were born:
Isabelle and Edith GAGNIER. Norbert GAGNIER had half brothers and sisters,
namely Joe, Andrew, Madaline and Marie, they were the children of Mrs. Josette
LaROQUE before she married Basil GAGNIER. Madaline LaROQUE married an ABARE
(UBER) and lived at Red River of the North and Minnesota. Marie or Mary
LaROQUE married Pascal (Peter) MENARD, he died January 26, 1882, and his heirs
at that time were his wife Mary and the following children: Henry, age 32;
Elizabeth, age 29; Julia, age 24; Peter, age 21 and Mary Ann, age 18. This
record was taken from the Probate Court Records, Prairie du Chien, Wis. (A
note on this Henry MENARD who was born in 1850, according to his age of 31, in
1882, he was the Henry that lived in Allamakee County, Iowa, and maybe some of
you remember him.) His brother, Peter, married and had four daughters:
Elizabeth MENARD, first married Washington STRAM, had a son and daughter, the
son died young, the daughter Mammie married R. L. WESTON, second marriage was
to Fred WINNEKER, no children. Julia MENARD we have no data on. Mary Ann
MENARD married Louis HUFFMAN. Albaert GONYIER was born November 11, 1870, and
married Maud TRAVERSEY, January 20, 1896. Rose GONYIER was born May 13, 1867,
and married James POWERS October 15, 1889. Alphonse LARRIVIER married Sophia
LaPOINTE (proof that that is her name is from a baptismal record of thier son,
John, at Wexford Church) dated December 4, 1870, Vol. 1, page 91. They were
perhaps married in 1860 or 1861, to them were born Albert in 1862, Virginia in
1864, Joseph in 1870, John in 1871, Louis in 1873, Lawrence in 1876, and
Charles in 1878, these figures are according to the Iowa census taken in 1880.
Baptismal records as follows: Norbert GAGNIER, son of Bazel (Basil) GAGNIER
and Marie LAROCK, born March 8, 1843, and was baptized March 17, 1843,
sponsors were Pascal MENARD and Marie LAROCK. Marriage record: Norbert
GAGNIER, son of Basil GAGNIER and Josetta LaROCK and Marie Eloise, daughter of
Anthony VALEE and Mary MORIN, were married February 4, 1862, witnessed by
Anthony VALEE and Joseph BOISRERT (BOISERT)..
Going back a bit more on Alphonse LARRIVIER ancestors, he was a son of
Baptiste LARRIVIER and Letitia LOGATERIA, Baptiste LARRIVIER was a son of
Pierre LARRIVIER and Margaret, daughter of Pierre ANTAYA dit PELLITIER and
Catherine LaLANDER. Letitia LaGOTERIA was a daughter of Edward LaGOTERIA and
Catherine ANTAYA.
Here are the children of Mary Ann LaBUCHE-DUCHOUQUETTE-GAGNIER and
Charles MENARD: Charles, Jr., married Frances HERBERT, 1828; Louis married
Angelic COURVILLE; Pascel married Marie LaROQUE (half sister of Norbert
GAGNIER); Julia first married Alexis GUARDIPPE, 1822 second to a TURNER;
Elizabeth married Richard PRICE; Margaret married J. B. LOYER.

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