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Subject: Re: [NISHNAWBE-L] Chippewa/Ojibwe surnames
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Hi there

I spoke to a Chippewan elder who lives on Georgina Island in Georgina
township, Ontario, Canada.
I was talking to her regarding a name; she felt that the name I was
asking about was Ojibwe, not Chippewa - I had understood that Ojibwe
and Chippewa were of the same ancestry?
Please excuse any ignorance on my part; I am still trying to learn !
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Date: Friday, July 02, 1999 5:57 PM
Subject: RE: [NISHNAWBE-L] Chippewa/Ojibwe surnames

>and a ton in Canada, particularly Ojibwe, all the way west into
>Only in the US are we called Chippewa I believe.
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>> basically it is native Americans from Michigan, Ohio and Indiana
which is
>> chippewa
>> ojibwe, odowa or Ottawa and potiwatami. i have been learning the
>> fires,
>> teachings and this is what i was told, so if anybody knows anything
>> let
>> me know.
>> bama,jaqitia
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