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From: Pat Poupore <>
Date: Thu, 31 Aug 2000 23:27:51 -0400


Went on a search to Vilas County Courthouse in Eagle River, WI Aug 30,2000.
Below is a compilation of what I found minus some of the details which I
would be glad to send to anyone who like them. I would like to get some
corrections and additions and especially some connections.

Samuel Poupart
+ Mary Dranyiokwe(sp ?) Chippewa Indian b abt 1846 in Wis do was Bois
se ca ke gon b in Wis and Netumgekidokwe b in Wis; d may 4, 1930 Lac du
Flambeau, Vilas Cty, WI age 86 of cerebral Embolism and fractured left
femur accident
1. Charles Poupart; b abt 1868 in Lac du Flambeau;
Indian ; guide d Feb 15, 1933 age 65 of lumbar pneumonia(informant was Alex
+Marie Amover
i. Alex Poupart; b Feb 1, 1881
Indian;carpenter in Lac du Flambeau d Jan 10, 1976 Oneida Cty age 94
of Arterial
Thromboisis (informant mabel laBelle) bur Memorial Cemetery, Lac du
+Margaret St-Germaine
I. Thomas Poupart , b
Sept 21, 1910 LdF, WI Ind, laborer and guide, d

April 25,1957 Dane cty, Madison Wis, age 46 bur St. Anthony's Lac du
ii. Paul John Poupart b Oct 7, 1901 AM
Indian Chippewa (mother listed as Mary Allen) , fishing Guide
of LdF d June 29, 1988 age 87 in Woodruff, Oneida Cty, WI of
pneumonia and
Bur Memorial Cem LdF (parents listed as Charley Poupart and
+Marie Caroline Kolson, b abt
1905 Butternut, WI Am Indian (do David Kalson and
Fischer) waitress,d Feb 28, 1986 81 years old in Oneida of
failure bur Brainard Crematory, Wausau
I. Jeraldine
Louise Poupart b may 19, 1928 delivered by Field nurse Anna C Phillips
II. Paul Lydell
Crystal Elizabeth Dowd

(1)Paula Jean Poupart

(2) Renee Elizabeth Poupart

(3) Marsha Lynn Poupart

+James Jerald Plasky so LeRoy Edward Plasky and Carol
Faye Williams
III. Karen
Elenar Poupart
IV. David Gary
V. Helen
Noralee Poupart
VI. Margaret
Agnes Poupart

Charles Poupart
+ Louise Beson b abt 1884 in Wis d Aug 22, 1929 age 45, Ashland
of pneumonia, ½ Indian do John Beson
1. William Poupart b Mar 28, 1914 in Woodruff, Oneida Cty, WI;
Am Ind ;d July 2, 1981 age 67
bur Memorial Cemetery, Lac du
+Helen Chapman b abt 1914 Lac du Flambeau;
i. Anna Louise Pauport
ii.William Poupart Jr. b Dec 26, 1935 LdF,Vilas
County, WI, Indian, general laborer d
June 14, 1964 Vilas Cty, LdF, age 28 of
burns generalized extreme 3rd
degree bur Lac du Flambeau

Benjamin Joseph Poupart b July 18, 1895 in Lac du Flambeau, ¾ Chippewa,
served WWI Ifishing guide in
Ben Poupart gets land under the Wis
Indian allotment.; d mar 28, 1966 Vilas, LdF age 70
, bur Community Cemetery, Lac du
Flambeau, WI
+Josephine Cobe b April 30,1903 in Wis (do Joseph Cobe and
Chiakeasenoquee), 4/4 Chippewa Indian, d Nov 18, 1978,
age 75 Woodruff, Oneida Cty, WI bur Memorial Cem Lac du
Flambeau, WI
1. Susanne Mary Poupart
2. Benjamin Joseph Poupart Fr. b 1931 Am Indian
Chippewa, d Jun 15, 1990 Marshfield, age 59 of

cardiac Arrythmia, bur memorial Cem LdF
+Mildred LaBarge, b July 24, 1941 Indian,(do
James LaBarge and Marguarite Megazine) d Apr 9,
1978 age
3 6 of pneumonia bur Memorial Cem LdF
++2nd ma Carole Leona Johnson
i. Sherry Kay Poupart b Aug 24, 1956 d Sept
2, 1956 Rhinelander, bur Lac du flambeau Cem
ii. Susan Ruth Poupart b Nov 12, 1960
resident of LdF AI-Chippewa, laborer, 2 yrs of college
found dead Nov 22, 1990 in
Price Cty , homicide, bur Memorial Cem LdF
iii., Robert Mark Poupart
iv. Michael William Poupart
3. Eugene Marvin Poupart b Flambeau , Chippewa
laborer in Factory d May 11, 1958
Vilas Cty, rural Lac du Flambeau, age 25 of accidental drowning bur

Lac du Flambeau Cemetery
+Dorothy Daniels
i.Janet Lee Garcia Poupart
+ John Fitzgerald Christ ,so of
Donald Mitchell Christ and Anna Mae Martin
4. Georgia Ann Poupart b April 12, 1949 Ind, d Nov
19, 1950 at Hayward Indian Hosp, Hayward, Sawyer cty, WI of
acute diarrhea age
5. Maxine Marie Poupart
6. Joseph Poupart

Charles Poupart, Am.Indian b abt 1925
+Betty Mae Whitefish
1.Della Ann Poupart b Feb 8, 1949 in Tomahawk, WI d
Mar 20, 1953,age 4 in rural Lac du Flambeau,
Vilas Cty, Indian , burned to death
when home burned down, buried Presbyterian
Cemetery, Flambeau, WI
2.Mary Elizabeth Poupart

Thomas Owen Poupart b Hayward, WI, Ind
+LaVerne Elizabeth Smith
1. Donald D. Poupart b Aug 26, 1963 Lac du Flambeau,
Vilas Cty ; Carpenter d Oct 12, 1985 in car accident, bur
memorial Cem LdF
2. Scott Lee Poupart
+Kimberly Jo LaBarge do Roland Thomas
laBarge and Charlotte Joyce Austin
3. Linda Kay Poupart
4. Pamela Sue Poupart ma Nov 19, 1988 in Lac du
+Darwin Francis Waterman ,so Raymond H. Waterman
and Catherine H. Johnson
5. Donald Wayne Poupart
6. Scott lee Poupart
7. Thomas Owen Poupart Jr.
+Angel Ann Alborn
i. Lacy Ann Poupart

Peter Francis Poupart
+Camille Margaret Gravven
1. Polly Ann Poupart
+ Henry Patrick Vachon so Henry Patrick Vachon
sr and Carol Ann Matheson)
2. Arlene Dorothy Poupart
+ Jon Allen Vasseur so Lawrence Joseph and Elvena Fern
3. Theresa Poupart

Francis Poupart b abt 1905
+Elizabeth Boney b abt 1899
1 Frances Laverne Pine

Thomas Poupart of LdF b 1912 Lac du Flambeau ½ Chippewa
+Dorothy Bluejacket of LdF b 1911 in Cuapaw, OK, ¼ Shawnee
1. Edward Joseph Poupart
+Deana Elizabeth Allen
i. Natalie Jean Poupart
ii. Roxanne Poupart
iii. Nadine Lee Poupart
+Bruce Scott Bauman , so Alden B
Bauman and Beverly A. Groveen
2. Peter Francis Poupart
+Camille Margaret Gravven b abt 1943 in
i. Polly Ann Poupart
+ Henry Patrick Vachon Fr.
(so Henry Patrick Vachon sr and Carol Ann Matheson)
3. Theresa Poupart
4. Frederick Lucien Poupart
+Laurannne Kay Chapman
i. Frederick Lucien Poupart
+Wendy Sue Honnula do George
Isaac Honnula and Joanne Mae Fistlar,
ii. Stephanie Jean Poupart
+Timothy Lee Bialas so
Florien Louis Biolas and Patricia Mae Marquard
iii. Anthony Charles Poupart
+Mary Agnes Brown
Bluejacket Poupart
++2nd ma of Thomas, Rosalind Gail Allen do
Roswell Allen Sr and Loretta LaBarge

Peter Francis Poupart
+Lou Ann LaBarge
1.Arlene Dorothy Poupart
+ Jon Allen Vasseur so Lawrence Joseph and Elvena
Fern Quiring

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