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I did find the info about Fily family, from the book "Wisconsin Creoles" by
Rentmeester. Michael Fily de Kerrigou settled in Montreal. His son
Constant, traded on the Mississippi and in Iowa. He married Angelique
Metivier, the sister of Mrs. Laurent Ducharme at Mackinac. Their son Laurant
Constant was bapt. there on Sept. 13, 1764. It says Laurent was the grandson
of Glory of the Morning, who had married DeCaris. It apprears that Laurnets
mother was the sister of DeCaris. Laurent married his granddaughter. L.
FIly was a witness in 1794 to a land sale at GB and later clerked for Jean
L'Ecuyer at Portage. He later operated Augustin Grignon's farm at Portage
then moved to Kaukauna where he died in 1846.
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Subject: [NISHNAWBE] Detroit Exterior Book & Laurent Feley = Fily

> First, as a new list subscriber, I have to say hello and how glad I am to
> have found such a group of caring, knowledgeable people!
> Now, a bit of information about the Laurent Fily who baptized Antoine
> (there seemed to be a question about his identity), and a request for
> information about his wife.
> I believe this man was the Laurent Fily who was an associate of the
> during the mid-1800s. If so, his grandfather was Michel Fily de Kerrigou,
> sergeant in the French army who hailed from Brittany.
> His father was Constant Kerigoufili (b 1710 Montreal) and his mother Oak
> Decorah, daughter of Joseph Sabrevoir DescarrIes and Wahopoekau (Glory of
> Morning). Laurent also worked for Jean l'Ecuyer, who married
> or Therese Decorah, daughter of chief ChouKeKa/Ladle Decorah (also son of
> Joseph Descarries and Wahopoehau and brother to Oak Leaf) and Flight of
> Geese.
> I am told that Laurent also married into the Decorah/Dekaury line of
> Winnebago chieftains, but I do not know how.
> Does anyone know who she is and how she relates to Joseph and Wahopoekau?
> Madeleine
> [Currently researching my ancestors whose names include Decorah
> Bourassa (Citizen Potawatomi); Leduc/Souligny; Laframboise; Caron
> (Menominee/Abenaki); Langlade; Grignon; and Mackinac's Jean-Baptiste
> Chevalier. Eager to share/exchange information and experiences with others
> doing the same.]
> Lorraine,
> >
> > I only found two Boucher's listed in the Detroit Exterior Book
> >
> > 1.) Emelie, daughter of Joseph Boucher and of Emelie Bosiclair born the
> > 14th of April, baptised the 20th of the same month @ La Croix.
> > Godparents; Joseph Boisclair and Marguerite Soulier - Father present -
> > Signed Manguent [pg. 13 - Year 1837]
> >
> > 2.) Antoine Boucher, born the 14th day of July 1823 of Joseph Boucher &
> > Charlotte, married by a magistrat, conditionally baptised by Laurent
> > Feley (?) and received the solemn ceremony of baptism by us the
> > undersigned priest the 10th day of June 1825. Godparents; Jacques
> > & Julie Paul - Signed Badin -priest. [ pg. 25 - Year 1825 - Parish -
> > Francois Xavier @ La Baie Verte]
> >
> > Jan

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