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Subject: Re: [NISHNAWBE] Oka, Quebec records
Date: Fri, 4 Jan 2002 12:10:49 EST

Hi everyone;
I got a CD on the records from Oka Quebec and have found a few tid-bits that
I thought might be of interest. Please forgive me if I get these out of order
or repeat myself. I went through the thing 3 times and so may have repeated
some records and they are certainly not in order anymore, but I will try to
keep them that way.

pg. 104 1793
20 Jan. baptism of Elizabeth age 30 yrs, Saulteaux. Sponcers Vital Bertrand
and Angelique Sequin

pg. 155 1797
16 Aug. baptism of Cecile Pakitini8ek8e age about 20 yrs. of Michililmacinak.
Sponcers: Antoine Panikeassang and Marie Josette Andek

pg. 156 1798
27 Aug. baptism of Joseph, age 8 days, son of Charles Label and Marguerite
Valianteourt of the Bay of Carillon; sponcers Joseph Menard and Marie Luoise
Spenard ( I am including these Spenard records as some I belong to a group
who is tracing this family)

pg. 159 1797
8 Oct. baptism of Catherine Messinabik8e of Michillimackinac aged abt. 30
yrs.; sponcers Paul Pat8ois and Catherine Papanitchi8anok8e.

20 Oct. baptism of Leandre bn. yesterday of the marriage of Paul Andre dit
St. Amard and Genevieve Rocbruin of Eboullies; Sproncers Michel LeClerc and
Marie Louise Spenard

pg. 192 1800
18 Jul. Burial in this mission cemetery, Simon Duplanty Kitanon, blacksmith
of the Lac, who died yesterday age 63yrs. Present Jacques Amik8abe; Amable
Pak8ak8na, & Amable Spenard.

pg. 192 1801
26 Jan. baptism of Marie Josette Abitakikok8e of the Saulteaux nation of Lake
superior abt. 30 yrs old. Sponcers Nicholas Oniarogehte & Ann Satioken

27 Jan. after the publication of 1 bann and the disperation of the other 2,
marriage of Gabriel Guilbau, voyageur and Marie Josette Abitakijiko8e of
Saulteaux. Present Nicholas Oniaregete, Iroquois, godfather of the bride,
Jacques Kanirote, also a Iroquios of this mission. The children born before
the marriage and now recogized as legitimate, Gabriel Guilbau age 10 yrs., 6
mos.; Angelique Guilbau age 8 yrs.; Joseph Guilbau age 4 yrs. and Francois
Guilbau age 17 mos.

pg 201 1801
29 Jul. baptism of Marie Magdeleine Ne8tijikikok8e, Indian of Lake Nippising,
age 40 yrs and her 2 daughters with Denys DeLaronde, trader. Marie Magdeleine
Mokotse age 17 yrs and Elizabeth Taiantjioke age 12 yrs, 8 mos. Sproncers for
Ne8tijiko8e: Suier Ignus Pillet and Magdeleine Gastonguez; sponcers of
Mokotse: Eustache DeLaronde, the illiterate brother & Dlle. Clotilde St.
Germaine; sponcers for Elizabeth
were Francois Xavier St. Germain and Marianne Lasarre

pg. 207 1802
12 Jul after the publications of 1 bann and the dispensation of the other 2,
marriage of Pierre Lepine, voyaguer, adult son the Pierre Lepine, farmer of
St, Cutbert, who gives his consent and Marguerite Teion8ertsiarihta Iroquis
of the mission. Present: Ignace Sahanentien, Francois Ron8chninon and Charles

pg. 208 1802
31 Aug. Ceremony of baptism of Francois 8cha8en age 4 yrs, son of Labichigan,
Ottawa of Michilmackinac but reared by his grandparents, Onacon and
Ki8egaba8ik8e, privately baptised when in the danger of death. Sponcers
Francois Enoassin & Marie Madeleine Maya8a8atchi8nok8e

pg. 203 1803
7 Jan. baptism of Marie Louise age 17 yrs., natual daughter of Sasawanik,
Indian woman of Grand Portage; sponcers Vital Bertrand and Luois Spenard

pg. 220 1803
24 Apr. baptism of Luois Jean Baptiste age 2 yrs., 3 mos. so of Jean Baptiste
Cadot merchant of Sault Ste. Marie and Jeanne Piquet Sponcers: Francios
LaCombe and Dlle. Louise Beaubien

Apr. 30 baptism of Marie Anchange, age 6 yrs. and 11 mos. dau. of Jean
Baptiste Cadot merchant of Sault Ste. Marie and Janne Pequett; sponcers
Ignace Pilette, merchant and Marie Louise Sequin.

7 June Condtional baptism of Leandre 15 mos. & Dorothee age 5 yrs. and 3 mos,
children of Denys de Laronde, absent merchant & Nep8tchikijkok8e, Indian of
Lape Nipissing. Sponcers for Leandre: Rene Lacombe and Josette Narbonn;
sponcers for Dorthee: Francois Enoassin & Susana Tepatchimokok8e

pg. 235 1807
31 Jan. burial in the churchof this mission of Charlotte, who died yesterday
age 1 yr, 1/2 month, daughter of Jean Baptisite Cadott, bougeois, and Jeanne
Piquet. present Marin Kanentsienhare & Benjamin Bertrand

pg. 238 1807
20 Nov. Baptism of Francios age 1 yrs., son of Gaspard Brousse, voyageur, and
Marguerite Lanoneitinetrants sponcers Simon Merceau and Louise Spenard

pg. 239 1807
13 Dec. baptism of Marie Angelique born today of the marriage of Jean
Baptiste Cadotte, bourgeois and Jeanne Piquette, living at this mission.
Sponcers: Dominique Charlebois and Marie Angelique Gastorguez.

pg, 239 1808
22 Feb. after the publication of 3 banns, the marriage of Amable Spenard,
adult son of the late Jacques Amable Spenard and Marie Louise Lacompte and
Marie Susanne Bertrand, adult daughter of the late Vital Bertrand and Marie
Angelique Seguin, all farmers: present Francois Lacombe, squire and godfather
of the bride, Louise Spenard, sister of the groom, Marie Amable Spenard,
uncle to the groom.

pg. 241 1808
15 June Nuptual blessings for Jean Baptiste Cadotte, warehouseman and
interreter of the King at Fort St. Joseph, and Marie Jeanne Piquet after the
renewal of their promise originally made before the justice of the peace at
Sault Ste. Marie: present;
M. Francois Lacombe and Dominique Charlebois.

pg. 238 1807
23 Oct. burial of Francois Charron, son of Wabinagan and Dlle. Migisikwe,
Ottawa of Crooked Tree (Michilimackinac) who died the day before yesterday
age 9 yrs. present" Francois Benjamin Bertrand and Hyacinthe Assenabe'.

pg 246 1808
12 Jul. Conditional batism of Augustin age 3 1/2; and Angelique bn, Feb. 19,
1808, children of Sissingok and Kakepkikok8e, Ottawas of St. Ignace of
Michilimackinac. Sponcers Augustine: Octave Am8et and Marie Josette
Pitanak8atok8e; sponcers of Angelique: Dlle. Clotilda St. Germain

12 Jul. baptism of Marguerite age abt. 4 yrs. and Jean Baptiste age 17 mos.
children of Michabose and Otisk8agamik8e, Ottawas of Pointe St. Ignace of
Michilimackinac. Sponcers for Marguerite: Magdeleine Onipikinam and sponcer
for Jean Baptiste: Simon Iki8enz

page 261 1812
6 Jun. baptism of Simon Ki8endjikitasso (de Langlade) Ottawa, aged 23 yrs.
Sponcers Simon Ikiwenzi and Therese Mikisik8e

pg. 267 1813
28 Apr. Burial Vincent who died 2 months ago, age 6yrs, son of Antoine
Achawadjiwassa and Susanna, his wife, Nippisings of this mission, present
were Paul Wabiss and Louise Langlade

pg. 272 1814
9 Jan. baptism for Basile William Mary (later spelled Merry) aged 14 1/2 yrs.
of Michilimackinac. sponcers Hyacynth Charlebois and Dlle Adelaide

That's all for now. I will enter more later. I have to go to work. Will try
to finish up next time.

Cindy Leutz

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